MEMBERSHIP: Bette Noir, Lyra/Lira, Lotun, "Token"/Lira, "Trigger", Zhan,

PURPOSE: to stop those who abuse the fourth dimension (time)

AFFILIATIONS: none known

ENEMIES: Death's Head (Minion), Tuck

BASE of OPERATIONS: Mobile through time

FIRST APPEARANCE: Death's Head II#9 (August 1993)

POWERS/ABILITIES: The lower half of the Light Brigade's bodies were cybernetic and horse-like in nature, giving them the appearance of centaurs. Their cybernetic lower limbs had superhuman strength (class 50-75) and durability. They could travel in time and some displayed other time related abilities.

HISTORY: (Death's Head II#9(fb)) - The Light Brigade banded together in the far future when centuries of ungoverned time-travel had torn the time-lines asunder.

(Death's Head II#9) - The Light Brigade attempted to stop the Death's Head/Minion cyborg from interfering with its own origins as it threatened to implode that section of the time continuum. Lotun captured Death's Head and Tuck with his stasis-lance as Bette Noir explained theirmission. Death's Head overloaded the stasis-lance and escaped. A battle followed attracting the attention of the local Police. Bette Noir disabled their plane causing it to crash. Death's Head appeared to fall to his doom and Bette Noir thought her mission over. However Death's Head reappeared and was about kill Bette Noir when she made him an offer: she would summon a time flare and send him into the past after Dr Necker.

COMMENTS: Created by Dan Abnett and Simon Coleby

When can their glory fade? O the wild charge they made! All the world wondered. Honor the charge they made, Honor the Light Brigade, Noble six hundred. Taken from The Charge of the Light Brigade, by Alfred, Lord Tennyson. Presumably Abnett and Coleby's inspiration for the name.

The Light Brigade were meant to have had their own adventures in the Ten-Sec limited series. To the best of my knowledge that series never came out.

Profile by Changeling


Bette Noire has no known connection to:

The Light Brigade have no known connection to:

Lyra has no known connection to:

Lotun has no known connection to:

Bette Noir

The leader of the group, she used guns and a huge double bladed weapon that could be thrown. She could summon time flares to send others through time.



Lyra/Lira used a hi-tech crossbow

Trigger shouts the name Lira to begin with but the other members of the Light Brigade with him are in silouette. Later he calls out to a Lyra when the lady in the picture has been attacked. I'm assuming it's two different spellings of the same characters name but there may be more members of the Light Brigade unseen. I can't make out Lyra in the group shot, however, so there could be one of each...



Lotun uses a stasis-lance that inhibits an opponents movement, a crossbow mounted on his right arm and a sword.

His skin looks to be green here and then blue in another frame. All other pics he's in silhouette. However the energy from his lance is green, and in the next frame it's overloaded by blue energy from Death's Head so I suspect he's got a normal skin tone.


Good at standing in the background.

Token (think about it) is the name I've chosen to give her though she might be Lyra (in which case she appears as a silhoutte next to Zhan). I cant make out exactly what kind of weapon it is that she's holding but it's big...


Uses an assortment of large guns, one of which (a howitzer apparently) was borrowed by Death's Head.

Trigger isn't introduced by himself or any of his team members, but this is what Death's Head appears to call him. It's as good a name as any and apt too.



He used a gun and pretty much stayed in the background.

The only picture where Zhan is referred to in name he is... in silhoutte damn it... I'm going on his build to assume he's this otherwise unnamed guy from the group shot. There could be more members of the team that didn't fit into the group shot... there's probably a really short guy at the back and maybe some of them had got their uniforms dirty ;o)

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