Real Name: DuBose Wilson

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Criminal

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Eric Heller, Jeremy Mchele, Mlima, Shanna the She-Devil

Enemies: Akulia, Mlima, nameless New Yorker gang, Sir Guy Cross-Wallace, "John Smuggler", "T'Munee", "Warriors from Story Times"

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Monsieur Kibungu

Base of Operations: Harlem, New York City

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents I#69/2 (1991)

Powers/Abilities: None. He is a troubled, jive talking New Yorker criminal with too little money, too many investments, and a cowardly nature. His weapon of choice was a revolver, but he was also willing to use more primitive weapons like clubs.


(Marvel Comics Presents I#69/2 (fb) ) - DuBose Wilson tried to get into the diamond business through Sir Guy Cross-Wallace.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#69/2) - DuBose told one of his friends in New York about Cross-Wallace's diamonds and the business he would set up with the diamonds. He talked about stopping working with crackheads when suddenly some of those crackheads he still owed money drove by and tried to shoot him. DuBose ran away and hid behind a trash can. Some time later he waited at the airport for Cross-Wallace, but Sir Guy and his diamonds didn't arrive. He told his friend to get him some African looking clothes because he now wanted to go to Tanzania and get the diamonds personally from Cross-Wallace.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#70/2) - DuBose landed on the Tanzanian island Zanzibar and took a taxi to the city although he had real trouble to get through to the natives with his jive talk. He didn't get to the city and tried to let his money talk to get more info on the whereabouts of Cross-Wallace. He got the location and when he arrived at Cross-Wallace's villa in Zanzibar City he helped Shanna by shooting two of her attackers.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#71/2) - DuBose entered the villa with Shanna. He listened to her story of why she was after Cross-Wallace and then told Shanna his own story. They further went through the villa and found Cross-Wallace's dead girlfriend Akulia, but Cross-Wallace himself was gone. They left the villa and Shanna showed DuBose travel orders for a dozen prominent Africans she found in Cross-Wallace's papers. She told DuBose to pretend that he was Monsieur Kibungu of Rwanda who could only speak French and Kinyarwandu so that she could play his dumb blonde mistress who wasn't a threat to anyone. DuBose didn't like this plan, but he played along. They got a hydroplane and flew into the Moyowosi Swamp in Tanzania with it. There they met Jeremy Mchele and Eric Heller and they joined them on their travel down the river to Cross-Wallace's citadel.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#72/2) - While traveling down the river DuBose listened to Shanna's story which connected diamond smugglers, poachers and dead zoo animals with Cross-Wallace. He didn't like the many bugs flying around and was shocked when he saw that the reason for it was a dead Tanzanian Border Patrol near Lake Tanganyika. The journey was continued across the lake and Ruzizi River, the border between Zaire and Burundi. DuBose saw empty villages, people running away and more dead people until they stopped in the evening to get a meal and some sleep. He told Eric not to ask how Shanna found some food so quickly. Shanna asked DuBose what he thought should be the time of their attack and he replied that he only wanted his stones. He was asleep when Shanna went into the jungle after she had heard some noise.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#73/2) - DuBose was woken up by Eric Heller, but Heller didn't stop him when he went into the jungle all by himself. DuBose didn't care when he was caught and only followed Shanna and Mchele to Cross-Wallace's citadel because he was afraid to be left alone. He shot wildly around when a monkey made some noise in the trees, and Shanna had to calm him down again with a kick. He tried to hold back Mchele when they heard screams from the citadel, but he was knocked out by Mchele.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#73/2 - BTS) - DuBose was brought unconscious into Cross-Wallace citadel.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#74/2) - DuBose got his hands tied behind his back and told Cross-Wallace that he only wanted the diamonds. Cross-Wallace threw the diamonds into a basket with a cobra in it and told DuBose to get them if he wanted them. He didn't do it, but he did follow Cross-Wallace his friends to the wedding feast. He was shocked when he saw that Eric Heller was the main course. Mchele flipped out, and DuBose fell to the ground when the table was pushed away.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#75/2) - DuBose hid in the shadows and didn't run away from the citadel.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#76/2) - Coming out from a basket DuBose knocked out one of Cross-Wallace's lackeys. He told Mlima that Cross-Wallace strangled her sister Akulia with the same type of necklace Mlima was wearing. He told her to stop following him and not be a fool by believing his lies. Cross-Wallace's warriors saw DuBose Wilson and arrested him.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#77/2) - Cross-Wallace beat DuBose Wilson up and wanted to sacrifice him to his guiding spirits. When Shanna arrived at the citadel DuBose knew that Mlima was lying to Cross-Wallace and he liked it. DuBose warned Shanna when one of Cross-Wallace's lackeys tried to shoot her and watched her kill Cross-Wallace. He stood silent next to Mlima when Shanna told all the rich Africans that she couldn't give answers to them.

Comments: Created by Gerard Jones, Paul Gulacy & Gary Martin

At the time of publication the Democratic Republic of Congo was still known as Zaire and therefore I only mention the country as Zaire. I don't do this because I'm an ignorant, but because it is possible that the events responsible for Zaire to become D.R.C. Congo never happened on Earth-616.

I'm not 100 percent sure, but Kinyarwandu seems to be a Swahili dialect spoken especially in Rwanda. By the way, French is the official language of Rwanda.

I don't think that DuBose stayed in Africa, but it could be that he took Mlima with him because he really seemed to like her style and in my opinion they could've become a nice couple.

Profile by Markus Raymond


DuBose Wilson has no known connections to


DuBose Wilson body shot: Marvel Comics Presents I#69, p12, pan1

DuBose Wilson head shot: Marvel Comics Presents I#71, p12, pan2

Marvel Comics Presents I#70-77 (1991) - Gerard Jones (writer), Paul Gulacy (pencils), Gary Martin (inks), Terry Kavanagh (editor)

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