Real Name: Jeremy Mchele

Identity/Class: Human; Tanzanian citizen

Occupation: Gamekeeper

Group Membership: Gamekeepers of the Katavi Plain Game Reserve

Affiliations: DuBose Wilson, Eric Heller, Shanna the She-Devil, former colleagues at Katavi Plain

Enemies: Mlima, Sir Guy Cross-Wallace, "John Smuggler", "T'Munee", "Warriors from Story Times", poachers

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Katavi Plain Game Reserve in Tanzania, Africa

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents#68/2 (1991)

Powers/Abilities: None. He was an average leader and loved the nature. His knowledge about Tanzania and the surrounding lands made him a good guide. Besides that he could drive various vehicles needed in the area (boats, jeeps, etc.). He was also capable to use a pistol and other guns, but he wasn't a great marksman.



(MCP#72/2 (fb) ) - Some time ago Shanna helped Jeremy and his men battle poachers in Katavi and she became a good friend of Jeremy.

(MCP#68/2) - Jeremy and his men found a dead rhino with its horns cut-off. Shortly after their discovery they saw poachers in tribal clothing herding rhinos to take them alive. The poachers attacked Jeremy and his men with rocket launchers and machine guns, and Jeremy told his men to hide in the bush. Jeremy heard his men die while he cowered on the ground and in the end he was the only survivor.

(MCP#69/2) - Jeremy thought about the deaths of his friends and knew that he would hear their screams as long as the guns of their murderers weren't silenced forever.

(MCP#71/2) - On his search for info on the poachers, Jeremy met Eric Heller who was asking natives questions about diamond smugglers. Jeremy checked him to be sure that Eric was a reporter and then asked him if he knew about any poachers. Jeremy learned that he was just after poachers and wanted to leave, but Eric told him that probably the poachers and smugglers were connected. Jeremy told him about rumors about smugglers in a trading town in the Moyowosi Swamp. Eric offered Jeremy money to get them both there because he needed a guide and Jeremy took the offer because Eric wanted to help him afterwards to find the poachers. They drove by boat to the small trading town in the swamps and learned from the natives that the poachers (dressed like warriors) came through this place and that they gave the people diamonds to stay quiet. Jeremy and Eric were told that these men headed down the river afterwards. Before Jeremy and Eric left Jeremy's old ally Shanna landed with a hydroplane and joined them with her partner DuBose in their boat trip down the river.

(MCP#72/2) - Jeremy drove the boat down the river while Shanna talked to the others about the connection between poachers, diamonds, and dead zoo animals. He told Eric about his past with Shanna and that she was the right woman to help them. On their ride down the river Jeremy saw a dead Tanzanian Border Patrol shortly before the small river entered the Lake Tanganyika. They crossed the lake and continued their voyage on the Ruzizi River the border between Burundi and Zaire. On their way they saw many empty villages, natives running away from them and more slaughtered people. They stopped at night to eat and get some sleep at a campfire. Jeremy wanted to go after Cross-Wallace immediately, but the other thought this wasn't a smart idea to do at night. Jeremy called the others racists and went to sleep. He was still asleep when Shanna woke up because she heard some noise.

(MCP#73/2) - Jeremy was woken up by Eric, and he warned Eric to follow Shanna into the forest, but the reporter didn't listen to him. When Shanna later returned he went with her to Cross-Wallace's citadel to free Heller again. When he heard screams coming from the citadel he couldn't be held back anymore. He knocked DuBose Wilson out and ran towards the citadel. Shanna jumped him, but Jeremy accidentally shot into the air and they were discovered by Cross-Wallace's warriors.

(MCP#74/2) - The warriors shot at Jeremy and Shanna, and he shot back at them until a bullet hit him. Shanna dragged him out of reach and fled with Jeremy into the jungle. They were captured by warriors with a net trap. Jeremy was brought to Cross-Wallace, and he was disgusted when he saw Cross-Wallace drink rhino blood. Shanna told Cross-Wallace that Jeremy needed help because he was wounded, and Cross-Wallace told them that he would be taken care of after the wedding feast. When Jeremy saw that the wedding feast was none other then Eric Heller he flipped. He stabbed a warrior, took his gun and tried to kill Cross-Wallace and his warriors. Cross-Wallace got away, but some of his warriors became victims of Jeremy's rage.

(MCP#75/2) - Jeremy Mchele was shot by a couple of warriors, but his hopeless attack offered Shanna the chance to get away.

(MCP#76/2) - Jeremy's dead body was thrown into a fire as further nourishment for the Soul of Africa.

Comments: Created by Gerard Jones, Paul Gulacy & Gary Martin

At the time of publication the Democratic Republic of Congo was still known as Zaire and therefore I only mention the country as Zaire. I don't do this because I'm an ignorant, but because it is possible that the events responsible for Zaire to become D.R.C. Congo never happened on Earth-616.

Profile by Markus Raymond


Jeremy Mchele has no known connections to


Jeremy Mchele body shot: Marvel Comics Presents#69, p16, pan2

Jeremy Mchele head shot: Marvel Comics Presents#68, p11, pan4

Marvel Comics Presents#69, 71-76 (1991)

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