Real Name: Guy Cross-Wallace

Identity/Class: Human magic user; British citizen

Occupation: Would-be leader of Africa & diamond smuggler

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Akulia, "Gentleman J. Pipe", Mlima, "John Smuggler", "T'Munee", "Warriors from Story Times"

Enemies: Akulia, Eric Heller, Jeremy Mchele, Mlima, Shanna the She-Devil, DuBose Wilson, "African Gods" (see comments), many others

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Spirit-Father

Base of Operations: Citadel near Ruzizi River in Zaire
formerly: Villa in Zanzibar, Tanzania

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents#68/2 (1991)

Powers/Abilities: He was skilled in the use of Ju-Ju rituals and tried to obtain the power of the Soul of Africa. He was a stubborn and heartless leader who killed humans and animals without mercy. He possessed vast knowledge about international economic and legal issues. He was a skilled fighter with and without weapons and mostly used knives and machine guns.



(MCP#71/2 (fb) ) - Years ago when Shanna was first in Tanzania she became the lover of Sir Guy Cross-Wallace and together they lived in his villa in Zanzibar.

(MCP#72/2 (fb) ) - Shanna observed Cross-Wallace's obsession with ancient African religions and magic.

(MCP#74/2 (fb) ) - Sir Guy Cross-Wallace felt that he was seized by the Soul of Africa to bring back the old times to the continent and turned away from his modern life and thoughts. Shanna didn't want to follow him in his mad crusade and Cross-Wallace left her.

(MCP#69/2 (fb) ) - He began to kill animals for his Ju-Ju rituals and his former love Shanna became his biggest foe.

(MCP#74/2 (fb) ) - He became the leader of his own cult, gathered many native Africans around him as his warriors, built up a small diamond smuggling business to finance his crusade, bought weapons with the money he made and built a citadel near Ruzizi River from where he planned to export his murderous version of African religion all over the continent.

(MCP#71/2 (fb) ) - Local authorities were bribed by Cross-Wallace and they never bothered him.

(MCP#72/2 (fb) ) - Cross-Wallace contacted influential Africans and invited them to come with him to his citadel near Ruzizi River where he would finally gain the power of the Soul of Africa.
Cross-Wallace used living animals to smuggle diamonds from Zairian mines to Europe by forcing the diamonds down the animals' gullets and selling them to European zoos.

(MCP#68/2 (fb) ) - The rhinos and hippos which came from Tanzania were killed in the zoos of London, Brussels and Paris. The diamond filled stomachs of all animals were removed as well as the rhinos' horns.

(MCP#68/2) - Sir Guy Cross-Wallace met in a Nightclub in Paris the antiquity seller Marcel who tried to sell him a statue, but Sir Guy wasn't interested because it wasn't from Africa and not suitable for use in Ju-Ju rituals. Sir Guy drank his elixir of rhino blood and horn and left Marcel to hit on a woman with his newfound potency of a rhino bull.

(MCP#69/2) - Cross-Wallace was in his room at the Hotel Ritz in Paris and was ready to finish a ritual wherein he had to kill a lion cub for good luck when he got a call from one of his lackeys in London who warned him that Shanna knew that Cross-Wallace was behind these murders. Shanna listened to the phone call and now knew where Cross-Wallace was. Cross-Wallace suspected this and left the hotel together with Akulia after ending the ritual with the lion cub.

(MCP#69/2 - BTS) - Cross-Wallace and Akulia flew to Zanzibar where Cross-Wallace owned a beautiful villa.

(MCP#70/2) - Cross-Wallace listened to Akulia's words that people were coming after them. Cross-Wallace wasn't as afraid as Akulia was and told her to send warriors after Shanna, but he didn't want her head on a spear because he had too many pleasant memories of that head; he wanted them to just dismember her body and get rid of it. Cross-Wallace was informed by Akulia that three of their warriors died in the attack on Shanna and that she would come after them now. Cross-Wallace was sure that her modern behavior would be her end and that his mission wasn't endangered by Shanna. He further listened to Akulia and gave the warriors instructions where Shanna would attack based on Akulia's visions, but Shanna survived because she got help from DuBose Wilson.

(MCP#70/2 - BTS) - Cross-Wallace strangled Akulia with her necklace because she had failed him. He then fled from his estate with the remaining warriors.

(MCP#71/2 (fb) ) - Cross-Wallace and his warriors went to his secret citadel not far away from the Ruzizi River. People who saw him and his warriors were paid with diamonds to stay quiet.

(MCP#72/2 (fb) ) - On their way to the citadel they slaughtered a Tanzanian Border Patrol shortly before Lake Tanganyika. Villagers next to Ruzizi River followed Cross-Wallace, ran away from him or were slaughtered except for the children which he took with him.

(MCP#72/2 - BTS) - Cross-Wallace ordered his warriors to bury a warrior next to a fire-ant nest because he had questioned him.

(MCP#73/2) - Eric Heller was brought to Cross-Wallace and Guy knew why he was there. He told Eric that he wasn't a simple smuggler or killer because in reality Cross-Wallace wanted to bring back the Soul of Africa. Cross-Wallace ordered to prepare clay when Heller questioned his violent tactics. Cross-Wallace told Heller that his new religion's citadel was already finished and he only wanted to know from Heller who his partners were, but Heller didn't talk and so Cross-Wallace cooked him to consecrate the citadel. Cross-Wallace then drank the blood of an antelope and laughed together with his men about the painful screams of Heller.

(MCP#74/2) - Cross-Wallace watched the cooking of Heller when he was suddenly told by Mlima that somebody was coming to the citadel. He wasn't happy when Mlima told him that it was Shanna, but he didn't want her dead this time and told his warriors to bring her to him alive. Jeremy Mchele and DuBose Wilson were captured as well and brought to Cross-Wallace. When he heard that DuBose only wanted his diamond Cross-Wallace threw some diamond into a basket with a cobra and told DuBose to take them. He then ordered his men to bring his bride Shanna to him. He talked about their past and told Shanna that she was lucky because his former lover betrayed him; now she would get the chance to become his wife, and he would share his power and wealth with her on his terms. Shanna told him that his plan wouldn't work because he was debasing rather than reawakening the spirit of Africa. Cross-Wallace only told her that "her spirit had to be reawakened this night" and drank his elixir of rhino blood. He assured Shanna that Mchele's wound would be taken care of after the wedding feast and told her that Heller would be with them as well. At the table he told his "guests" that in Africa it was believed that the strength and courage of an animal could be inherited by eating it and he presented to them the cooked Eric Heller. Mchele flipped and tried to kill Cross-Wallace, but he was able to jump out of the way. Shanna took the opportunity and ran away.

(MCP#75/2) - Sir Guy stopped his men when they tried to shoot Shanna and told them again to get her alive for him. He tried to explain to Mlima and his investors why he needed Shanna, but they didn't like his talk about a symbol needed for a world that would otherwise never take them seriously. Some of his investors only wanted to build up a smuggling ring, others just saw the loss of men and material the hunt for Shanna had already brought them and Mlima told him that she was bad. Cross-Wallace gave in and told the warriors to kill Shanna on sight. He located her with Mlima's help and told his warriors Shanna's location. He told the warriors to converge when Shanna's panther was killed, thinking that she would despair now.

(MCP#76/2) - Cross-Wallace drank more blood and had the fallen warriors and Jeremy Mchele be thrown into the fire because the Soul of Africa needed the blood of its children for nourishment. Cross-Wallace got mad at Mlima when she questioned him, but she yielded when he asked her if she wanted to join the enemy like her sister did. Cross-Wallace sent more warriors out and wondered if Shanna's blood would give him her courage, so he let his smuggler lackey order the warriors to bring back Shanna's blood. However, his smuggling lackey didn't tell them and instead wanted to know what the Ju-Ju and all the other stuff had to do with smuggling diamonds; Cross-Wallace mocked his small-minded western attitude, telling him that he would bring retribution to Africa, that he would bring back the old ways, and that he would become the leader of Africa with his mystic powers. Cross-Wallace left the smuggler to prepare a ritual in his hut. He again thought about Shanna's blood and hoped that it would help him because the ancient powers still eluded him. He knew that every warrior that died was one less man who could rise against him, but he still needed some of them and he needed time to raise the children to become his new warriors. Cross-Wallace put on some ritual face paint and waited.

(MCP#77/2) - DuBose Wilson was brought to Cross-Wallace, who beat him up because DuBose had tried to turn Mlima against Cross-Wallace. Guy wanted to know from Mlima where Shanna was now, and she told him that she was running up the river. Cross-Wallace sent nearly all warriors after her and his investors questioned him, but he told them that he knew what he was doing because he had the second sight. Shanna arrived at the citadel and Cross-Wallace realized that Mlima lied to him. Cross-Wallace screamed at his allies to kill her, but they wanted him to do the job because he had the power. Cross-Wallace took a gun from a warrior and missed Shanna. Shanna took Guy down and lured him to the cobra pit where she threw a cobra at him. He shot the cobra and Shanna attacked him again. He kicked her to the ground and tried to choke her with the gun, but suddenly the power of Africa empowered her instead of Cross-Wallace and she was able to stab Cross-Wallace with a piece of wood. The fight was over and Shanna left without giving any answers Cross-Wallace's wanted from her for Africa.

Comments: Created by Gerard Jones, Paul Gulacy & Gary Martin

At the time of publication the Democratic Republic of Congo was still known as Zaire and therefore I only mention the country as Zaire. I don't do this because I'm an ignorant, but because it is possible that the events responsible for Zaire to become D.R.C. Congo never happened on Earth-616.

Something that was never cleared up was the involvement of the management from Zairian diamond mines with Cross-Wallace. Did they help Cross-Wallace to get the diamonds from their mines for his smuggling business? Or did just some workers steal diamonds for him from the mines including the foreman seen in MCP#68-69.

Cross-Wallace's citadel was not far away from the Ruzizi River. With the river being the border between Burundi and Zaire (the former Zaire) it gives us two possible locations, but it is more likely that it was in Zaire than Burundi as Cross-Wallace already had good connections in Zaire.

Guy Cross-Wallace living in Zanzibar as a British Sir isn't so special because Tanzania is part of the British Commonwealth.

I placed the African Gods as Cross-Wallace's foes because somebody had to empower Shanna and give her those cat-eyes and fangs (I think it was just artistic license--Snood). After reading through their profile on the Appendix it most likely was Avlekete or Eschu who gave Shanna her special powers in this story, but this is only an assumption based on their past where they did something similar before. It could also be that some other African God was not too pleased with Cross-Wallace. In the end a godly involvement was not confirmed, but it was very likely.

Am I correct that Shanna's powers were forgotten after this story? If this is the case I would say that she just lost them because she left Africa and the gods took them away from her again.
--I'm not sure she ever had power at all--Snood.

Was Guy's wound lethal? I don't know and it wasn't cleared up in the story or anywhere else. He could still be alive.

Profile by Markus Raymond


Sir Guy Cross-Wallace has no known connections to

Akulia has no known connections to

Mlima has no known connections to

The nameless warriors and other guys with quotes next to their names have no known connection to


Akulia possessed limited powers of prophecy. She was Cross-Wallace's lover and helped him in his crusade with her powers to overcome his foes.

(MCP#69/2) - Akulia brought a lion cub for a good-luck spell, but it was a little bit too late for this because Shanna was already after them. Akulia went with Cross-Wallace from Paris to his villa in Zanzibar after this.

(MCP#70/2) - Akulia saw in her visions that Cross-Wallace's enemies were still after them, and they wanted to stop Cross-Wallace's and Akulia's holy mission. By Cross-Wallace's order Akulia sent warriors out to kill Shanna. The warriors failed, and Akulia informed Cross-Wallace that all three of them had died and that Shanna had come to the villa. When Shanna attacked the villa Akulia helped Cross-Wallace, using her powers to guide the warriors to Shanna. Cross-Wallace strangled Akulia with the necklace he had given her because she failed him.

(MCP#71/2) - Akulia's dead body was found by Shanna and DuBose and Shanna removed the necklace. Shanna realized that the Akulia's necklace was given to her so that Cross-Wallace could kill her anytime by just pulling the cord.

--Marvel Comics Presents#69/2 (70/2, 71/2

"Gentleman J. Pipe"

He was an importer for African relicts, stuffed animals and other things, but he also was part of Cross-Wallace's smuggling ring. He was responsible for the killing of the zoo animals in London and other European zoos and all diamonds were sent to him and his team. Shanna visited his shop in London and wanted to know why he killed the animals. The gentleman stopped his lady from calling the police and threatened Shanna with a revolver, but Shanna overpowered him and demanded some info about Cross-Wallace and the removal of the animals' stomachs. The gentleman didn't tell her anything and she only told him not to call Cross-Wallace as she left again. Only seconds later the gentleman told his partner to call the Hotel Ritz in Paris and Shanna heard it through the door and now she knew where Cross-Wallace was.

--Marvel Comics Presents#69/2



She was Akulia's sister and was told by Cross-Wallace that her sister betrayed them to their enemies. She had the same powers of prophecy and helped Cross-Wallace like her sister did because he brought back the old religion.

(MCP#74/2) - Mlima foresaw the coming of Shanna and her allies.

(MCP#75/2) - She didn't understand what Cross-Wallace wanted from Shanna and told him that she was bad. Convinced by Mlima's words Cross-Wallace ordered Shanna to be killed, and Mlima guided the warriors to find Shanna. She saw the death of Shanna's panther and told Cross-Wallace that Shanna was now alone.

(MCP#76/2) - Mlima wanted to know from Cross-Wallace how many more men had to die, and Cross-Wallace asked her if she wanted to turn like her sister did. Mlima yielded and told Cross-Wallace where Shanna was. Later when Mlima was alone DuBose told her the truth about her sister's death and he showed her that Cross-Wallace could kill her with the necklace he gave to her just by pulling the cord. Mlima listened to DuBose's words until he was captured again by some warriors.

(MCP#77/2) - When Cross-Wallace wanted to know again where Shanna was, Mlima told Guy that Shanna was running up the river, but instead she had returned to the citadel. Mlima lied on purpose, and DuBose liked her style. Mlima watched Guy's defeat by Shanna and saw the heroine leave without giving any answers to Africa's questions.

--Marvel Comics Presents#74/2 (75/2-77/2

"John Smuggler"

He was Cross-Wallace's partner in his smuggling business and smuggling was his only reason why he even worked together with Cross-Wallace.

(MCP#74/2) - He was present at the citadel when Cross-Wallace wanted to make Shanna his bride. He didn't like the cheap theatrics and didn't do anything when Mchele flipped out.

(MCP#75/2) - The smuggler confronted Cross-Wallace and wanted to know what the Ju-Ju and Shanna had to do with building the nerve center for a smuggling empire. Cross-Wallace wanted to know if he wanted to take his place and the smuggler stayed quiet.

(MCP#76/2) - He guided the warriors, but he didn't tell the men to bring back Shanna's blood when Cross-Wallace asked him to do so. Again he wanted to know what this had to do with smuggling and Cross-Wallace told him that the smuggler that he was small-minded western man only good enough to finance Cross-Wallace crusade. The smuggler was left by Cross-Wallace and a short time later knocked out by DuBose Wilson.

(MCP#77/2) - When he was conscious again he watched DuBose being beaten up by Cross-Wallace. He thought that it wasn't a good idea to send all warriors after Shanna when Cross-Wallace did it. When Shanna returned to the citadel the smuggler told Cross-Wallace to kill her on his own. Although he said this he tried to shoot Shanna from behind when she had Cross-Wallace on the ground. DuBose warned her and she threw her knife against the smuggler. It hit his throat and he died.

--Marvel Comics Presents#74/2 (75/2-77/2


He was one of the influential Africans who joined Cross-Wallace in his quest to become African's ruler.

(MCP#74/2) - He was present when Shanna and her allies were captured and told Cross-Wallace that they should've just killed these spies instead of giving them a feast.

(MCP#75/2) - He didn't like it when Cross-Wallace sent warriors after Shanna when she fled because going after her had already cost them time, men and material.

(MCP#77/2) - He watched the final fight between Shanna and Cross-Wallace and saw his ally being defeated by the heroine. He wanted answers for Africa from Shanna who was now empowered by the African spirits, but she told him that they had to come up with answers on their own and that she would then help them.

--Marvel Comics Presents#74/2 (75/2, 77/2

"Warriors from Story Times"

They were originally just African men, but they saw in Cross-Wallace the future leader of Africa because he brought them back their religion and promised them so much more.

(MCP#68/2) - Some warriors herded rhinos for Cross-Wallace in Tanzania's Katavi Plane Game Reserve for his smuggling business and killed Jeremy Mchele and his crew of gamekeepers with machine guns and grenade launchers.

(MCP#70/2) - Three warriors were sent out to kill Shanna when she came to Zanzibar, but she was not in her room, and they were killed by her panther. Shanna came to Cross-Wallace's villa and she fought them off. Two of them were killed by DuBose Wilson who came there to get his diamonds from Cross-Wallace.

(MCP#71/2) - The warriors followed Cross-Wallace to his citadel and paid everyone who saw them with diamonds to stay quiet.

(MCP#72/2) - On their way to the citadel they killed a Tanzanian Border Patrol near Lake Tanganyika. On their way up the Ruzizi River they brought fear to the natives and killed many people. They took children alive with them because Cross-Wallace wanted to make them his future warriors. A warrior who questioned Cross-Wallace at the citadel was buried by his fellow warriors next to a fire-ant nest.

(MCP#73/2) - The warrior at the nest told Shanna that Cross-Wallace wanted to steal the ancient powers for himself. He then asked Shanna to free him from his pain, and Shanna killed him. Eric Heller was captured by warriors and brought to Cross-Wallace. At the citadel the warriors danced around the fire. Their laughter and drums were heard all over the jungle. They drank the blood of animals and felt like in the old times. Some warriors spotted Shanna and Mchele in front of the citadel.

(MCP#74/2) - Some warriors were still dancing while others were shooting at Shanna and Mchele. The warriors captured them a short time later with a net and brought them to Cross-Wallace. All warriors gathered around for the wedding feast and when Mchele flipped one of them was stabbed by him and Mchele used the warrior's machine gun to slaughter some of them.

(MCP#75/2) - Mchele was killed by the warriors, but Shanna got away. Cross-Wallace sent many warriors after Shanna and told them to kill her. She lured them to a boat and while some were killed by her panther, another one exploded with the boat after shooting some tanks. She took his machine gun and killed the warriors. One of them killed Shanna's panther before Shanna could kill him.

(MCP#76/2) - Cross-Wallace sent more warriors after Shanna, but they were all killed by her. Meanwhile DuBose was recaptured by some warriors after he had a talk with Mlima. In the jungle warriors followed Shanna into quicksand and died.

(MCP#77/2) - Mlima lied to Cross-Wallace about Shanna's whereabouts, and he sent nearly all remaining warriors in the wrong direction. They weren't present when Cross-Wallace was defeated by Shanna.

--Marvel Comics Presents#68/2 (70/2-77/2


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Marvel Comics Presents#69-77 (1991) - Gerard Jones (writer), Paul Gulacy (pencils), Gary Martin (inks), Terry Kavanagh (editor)

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