Real Name: Heron

Identity/Class: Extra-temporal (Lionheart 3442) Hextra-terrestrial (Catspurian) Cyborg and Technology user;
deceased see comments

Occupation: Scientist, creator of advanced machinery

Affiliations: Death's Head, Tuck; formerly Noon

Enemies: Cicatrice

Known Relatives: none, but Noon was apparently like a father to her

Aliases: the last Catspurian

Base of Operations: Garrick 6, Catspur @3442

First Appearance: Death's Head III#14/2 // Death's Head Gold#0 (January 1994)




Powers/Abilities: Heron was a cyborg, and her cybernetic circuitry enabled Death's Head to communicate with her via radio wave. Her left arm appears to be cybernetic and had superhuman human strength (Class 10). She was very agile (peak human, possibly enhanced human see comments) and also very intelligent, possessing an above average IQ and creative talents that allowed her to build many machines, including her environmental suit, though her field of expertise was cybernetics. Her suit had life support systems that enabled her to operate in hostile environments. She used advanced energy weaponry, but admitted herself she was never a fighter.



History: (Death's Head III#14/2 // Death's Head Gold#0 (fb) / Death's Head Gold#1 (fb)) - Heron and Noon where at the south pole of Catspur, @ Garrick 6, when Cicatrice unleashed an energy blast at Death's Head and Tuck's ship in an effort to cover up his involvement on Lionheart. This blast slew everyone on Catspur expect Heron and Noon. Tuck vanished, and Death's Head, assuming her to be dead,  was suffering from severe powers loss and damage to his cerebral input cortex, resulting in the inability to access many of his assimilated instincts. Using the remaining power in his multiple purpose arm, he downloaded the base computer and gained access to Garrick 6, where he found Noon and Heron. They blamed him for the deaths on their planet and swore to take vengeance on him as he collapsed from his injuries.

(Death's Head Gold #1) - Heron and Noon took advantage of his weakened state. While they blamed Death's Head for the attack on Catspur, they needed him to fetch provisions from the surface. They watched as Death's Head approached with a huge bundle of provisions. Heron was asked by Noon to prepare the generator for Death's Head. While Death's Head recharged Heron worked on a suit that would allow her to return to the surface of Catspur, planning to kill Death's Head as soon as his usefulness was over. Unbeknownst to Heron, Noon was in fact working for Cicatrice. Cicatrice's men, disguised as Temploids, infiltrated the base. Heron watched unable to help as they killed Noon and took Death's Head.

She put on the suit she had made and set out to kill the fake Temploids. She started by sabotaging their ship, but was spotted by them. As they began shooting at her, Tuck arrived and helped fight them off. Death's Head managed to drag himself off the rock only to be blasted by Heron. Death's Head hastily convinced her he wasn't responsible for the attack on Catspur. Heron fully recharged Death's Head, and they joined forces against the remaining fake Temploids. Stealing their ship, they boarded Cicatrices craft. Death's Head mortally wounded one of Cicatrices multiple bodies, but his other bodies were put in escape pods and launched into space. Heron was shot by one of Cicatrices men. As she lay dying she asked Death's Head to assimilate her instincts, which he did.

Comments: Created by Liam Sharp

I've dated events in this profile @ 3442 as the storyline is connected to events on Lionheart around the same time.
--Right, it takes place in the same alternate/potential future timeline of Lionheart 3442.

It is unclear exactly what cybernetic abilities Heron might have had apart from her left arm, but she seemed extremely agile for one who admitted she wasn't a fighter (she dodges the best part of a burst of laser fire) so I have assumed that enhanced agility and reflexes are some of her abilities. Perhaps her advanced technological skill was enhanced too. While Heron is now dead, Death's Head hoped that he would one day be able to let Heron back out again. If only that could be the case.

Heron prayed to the "Soul-ness" for revenge during the last battle on Catspur, presumably this is some Catspurian deity.

Profile by Changeling


Heron has no known connection to:


Catspur was an obscure little planet in a neutral zone. The planet is ringed with asteroids and ice, and yet there is so much sun that only the poles were inhabitable. It's small mining and cybernetics industries were of little concern to the rest of the universe. Then in the distant future, of Lionheart 3442, Cicatrice unleashed an energy blast that killed all the inhabitants bar Heron and Noon, its population reduced from some two million to just two. The planet became the centre of inter-galactic debate, caught up in an eons old war against artificial beings. Unfortunately its two remaining inhabitants were caught up in that war too and killed. The inhabitants of Catspur had pale skin with an icy blue tint, but were otherwise humanoid. Many (perhaps all) of them had cybernetic enhancements.

--Death's Head III#14/2 // Death's Head Gold#0, Death's Head Gold#1



Noon sold cybernetic parts to Cicatrice which were used in an attack on Death's Head's men on Lionheart. Realising Death's Head would come after him he convinced Heron, who was like a daughter to him, to join him at Garrick 6, the only place he thought they'd be safe. Cicatrice tried to destroy Death's Head and Noon with a blast that wiped out most of Catspur and severely weakened Death's Head. Noon and Heron used the now partially amnesiac Death's Head to fetch their supplies. While Death's Head was recharging for a mission, Noon noticed a group of what appeared to be Temploids approaching Garrick 6. He opened the airlock to let them in, realising they were Cicatrices men in disguise, and assuming they would rescue him. Instead they killed him.

Noon was a cyborg of some description, though it is unclear what abilities his cybernetics gave him. He was obviously a skilled scientist and cybernetics expert.

--Death's Head III#14/2 // Death's Head Gold#0, Death's Head Gold#1




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