"2020" (Earth-8410)

    It is a dimension common to a number of beings. It was first seen in Machine Man II#1, but it soon came to be seen to be temporary home of Death's Head (Freelance Peacekeeping Agent), the home of Dr. Evelyn Necker (and thus Death's Head (Minion) and his prequels, sequels, etc.), and presumably of Wild Thing (Nikki Doyle). Unlike Earth-616 and its sliding timescale, the world of Earth 2020 seems to be focused around the specific era of 2020 AD, with the heroic era (equivalent to the "Modern Era" on Earth-616) having occurred @ 40 years in the past. Essentially, events in the MU occurred as they did on Earth-616 up to the stories published in the mid-1980s. After that, it's up for debate.

Acid Alice (Death's Head (FPA) character)

AIM (Advanced Idea Mechanics, Death's Head characters)

Ancient Wrecker (Midnight Wreckers)

Anton ?? (Irkutsk Liberation Front)

Astro Vid Parlor (Broadani)

Athey (Dicemen)

Bain, Sunset (Baintronics)

Bainies (Baintronics)

Baintronics (Machine Man foes)

Baintronics Security (Baintronics)

Bones (Midnight Wreckers)

Brain (Midnight Wreckers)

Brickman, Miles (Machine Man foe)

Broadani (Machine Man foe)

C-28 Death-Dealer (Baintronics)

Caesar ?? (Irkutsk Liberation Front)

Cage (alternate Death's Head (FPA) ally) possibly @ 1992

Captain America (alternate Death's Head (FPA) ally) possibly @ 1992

Chance (Dicemen)

Charnel (Death's Head foe) - by Changeling

Death Metal (Marvel UK)

Death's Head (Freelance Peacekeeping Agent) - by Changeling & Snood

Death's Head (Minion)

Death Wreck (Marvel UK)

Dicemen (Death's Head (FPA)/Iron Man foes)

Dicemen Council (Dicemen)

Dr. Cyclobe (Baintronics)

Duffy (Death Wreck ally)

Franz ?? (Irkutsk Liberation Front)

gamers (Dark Angel/Wild Thing characters)

Hassle (Midnight Wreckers)

Human Torch (alternate Death's Head (FPA) ally) possibly @ 1992

Invisible Woman (alternate Death's Head (FPA) ally) possibly @ 1992

Irkutsk Liberation Front (Iron Man 2020 foes)

Iron Bots (Iron Man)

Iron Man (Arno Stark)

IU-104/E Eliminator (Baintronics)

Jocasta (Baintronics)

Machine Man (Midnight Wreckers)

MacLain, Melodi "Micky" (Iron Man 2020's girlfriend)

Midnight Wreckers (Machine Man allies)

Mr. Fantastic (alternate Death's Head (FPA) ally) possibly @ 1992

Namor (alternate Death's Head (FPA) ally) possibly @ 1992

Necker, Dr. Evelyn Clarice (Death's Head character) - by Changeling & Snood

Nora ?? (Irkutsk Liberation Front)

Rogan, "Rabid" Elo (Death's Head (FPA) foe)

Sanctuary (Midnight Wreckers)

Sehler, Braun (Irkutsk Liberation Front)

Slick (Midnight Wreckers)

Spider-Girl (Time's Arrow novel)

Swift (Midnight Wreckers)

Thing (alternate Death's Head (FPA) ally) possibly @ 1992

Vidiots (Broadani)

War Machine (alternate Death's Head (FPA) ally) possibly @ 1992

Wellington, Marcus (Iron Man 2020 foe) - by Copeinator123

Wild Thing (Nikki Doyle, Marvel UK)

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