Real Name: unrevealed;
    possibly Sunny (or Sonny) and Barbara

Identity/Class: uncertain;
    presumably human mutates or mutants

Occupation: unrevealed

Affiliations: each other (presumably boyfriend and girlfriend)

Enemies: Death's Head  (Minion)  (but only because they were entranced by the energies of the Sapphire Lotus)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
    briefly active in Paxton, Oregon

First Appearance: Death's Head III#1 (October, 1992)

Powers/Abilities: Barb can fire ferro-steel-tipped quills from her fingers, while Sunny fires scattershot photon bursts. Each can shift between normal and fighting forms.



History: The origins of Sunny and/or Barb are unknown.

(Death's Head III#1) - Like many others, Wrathchilde was drawn to Paxton, Oregon, by the seductive energies of the Sapphire Lotus.  Annoyed with all of the beings trying to force their way to Tuck and the Lotus, Death's Head smashed a whole crowd of them and then told Sunny and Barb to leave him alone. They refused and attacked him, telling him he'd need Medicare if he obstructed them. To which he responded: "I'm your basic servo-assisted combat chassis wrought from cold-smelt molybdenum, with fusion-powered motivators, multiple cerebrae input, whiskered titanium armor, and a bad attitude...who d'you think's going to win in the long run?"

    They assaulted him nonetheless, but he dropped them each with a single blow.

(Death's Head III#2) - Sunny and Barb headed off to Chicago in their car, following the Lotus, which had been taken there by Wrathchilde. As they passed Kite, Barb shouted out: See you in Chicago, loser!

(Death's Head III#3 - BTS) - Sunny and Barb presumably lost the trail of the Lotus when Wrathchilde teleported it extradimensionally. They also presumably went home and got back to their lives.


Comments: Created by Dan Abnett and Liam Sharp.

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