Real Name: Chronozone

Identity/Class: Extra-temporal (Earth-94316), unnamed extra-terrestrial race, technology user

Occupation: Ruler of a burnt out galaxy; former conqueror

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: His race (unnamed, all dead)

Enemies: Death's Head (Minion), all humanity

Known Relatives: None (all deceased)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: A spaceship in the far future

First Appearance: Death's Head III#16 (March, 1994)

Powers/Abilities: Chronozone's facial appearance was equine (like a horse). He had claws on each of his fingers, plus superhuman strength (class 100) and endurance. He wore body armour programmed to protect him from any assault with forcefields capable of repulsing at least 100 tons of force and deflecting at least two megawatt high-yield energy blasts with ease. The armour was fitted with various bladed weaponry. However, given time, Death's Head was able to countermeasure the armours various tricks.

His spaceship has a talking computer and was capable of tracking and transporting people across vast distances in time and space, though this used vast amounts of the ships power leaving it significantly drained.

History: (Death's Head III#16(fb)) - Chronozone and his race came from another galaxy, which they had lain waste to, and attacked the Milky Way. Of all the races in that galaxy only mankind had the courage to stand up to them with help from Death's Head. Chronozone's race wiped out mankind. Death's Head fought and died with the humans but they defended themselves to the last and only Chronozone survived the conflict. With the galaxy burnt out Chronozone decided to get his revenge on the humans.

(Death's Head III#16) - Chronozone retrieved Death's Head from the past in order to reprogram him and have him wipe out the human race in the late twentieth century before they could leave Earth. Death's Head refused and escaped into the corridors of Chronozone's ship. When Chronozone found him Death's Head had assimilated the memories of his future self. Using those memories Death's Head defeated Chronozone. Chronozone was then forced to return Death's Head to the past so that he could warn mankind of the invasion. The time transfer process rendered the ship helpless, leaving Chronozone alone as king of a dead galaxy for the rest of time.

Comments: Created by Dan Abnett and Henry Flint

Chronozone: If you can conceive of the year sixty thousand A.D. we are three full turns of this entire galaxy after that.

Death's Head: Oh. I'm not going to be back by suppertime.

That has to be my favourite line in that issue! I'd recommend the Restaurant At The End Of The Universe as seen in the Douglas Adams novel of the same name and the radio and tv serials Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy for anybody that far in the future wanting a bite to eat! Hey the Doctor's appeared in the MU and Douglas worked on the tv series Dr Who which obviously had an influence on his writing so why not? Seriously though while Chronozone's timeline should still exist Death's Head has plenty of time to warn mankind and prepare them, and still grab a bit of supper too! I think it would be funny to see Chronozone again, I like the idea of him being King of Nothing. It would be great to see more of the conflict between mankind and his race if Death's Head were to make a comeback.

His equine facial appearance reminded me of Dead Cert a little bit. Perhaps I've been reading too many Death's Head comics lately but I feel a conspiracy theory coming on...

Profile by Changeling 

CLARIFICATIONS: Chronozone has no known connection to:

Death's Head III#16 (March, 1994) - Dan Abnett (writer), Henry Flint (artist)

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