hussain-yusuf-excalibur-cbmi13-15-vamp-facehussain-yusuf-excalibur-cbmi13-5-farida YUSUF HUSSAIN

Real Name: Dr. Yusuf Hussain

Identity/Class: Human vampire;

Occupation: Unrevealed;
    he considers himself a scholar

Group Membership: Vampires of Earth

AffiliationsMI13 (Black Knight/Dane Whitman, Captain Britain/Brian Braddock, Dark Angel/Shevaun Haldane, Death's Head/Minion, Digitek/Jonathan Bryant, Excalibur/Faiza Hussain, Killpower/Julian Mullarkey, Motormouth/Harley Davis, Gloriana/Meggan Puceanu, Spitfire/Jacqueline Falsworth, Tangerine, Peter Wisdom);
    indirectly Doctor Doom (Victor von Doom)

Enemies: Baron Blood (Kenneth Crichton), Captain Fate (Jebediah Fate), Dracula (Vlad Tepes Dracula), Lilith (Mother of Demons), other vampires;

Known Relatives: Farida Hussain (wife), Dr. Faiza Hussain (Excalibur, daughter)

Aliases: "Moslem, "Muslim" (both from Dracula)

Base of Operations: Chelmsford, Essex, England, United Kingdom;
    formerly Captain Fate's Serpent's Crown ship;
    formerly Dracula's moon base;

Religion: Islam, although Yusuf does not consider himself a particularly religious person

Education: Unrevealed; he is a doctor, so he certainly has graduate and post-graduate education, but whether he is type of physician or possesses a Ph.D in some non-medical field is unrevealed.

First AppearanceCaptain Britain and MI13#5 (November, 2008)hussain-yusuf-excalibur-cbmi13-14-staying

Powers/Abilities: Yusuf is a highly educated man (although his field of expertise is unrevealed), and he is exceptionally strong-willed, able to resist Dracula's mental influence even after becoming a vampire.

    As a vampire, Yusuf presumably would have had superhuman strength (typically enhanced human, generally lifting around 1000 lbs.) and required regular blood meals to survive.
    He almost certainly found a means to consume blood products without feeding on living beings.

    However, if he were to feed on a human victim, that victim would have into a vampire, depending on the extent of the feeding and other circumstances.

    When fully fed, he may have been able to heal rapidly from non-fatal wounds.

    He presumably had the standard vampire vulnerabilities, including sunlight and religious icons, as well as presumably garlic, silver, and wooden stakes through the heart.

    While he presumably tried to maintain a relatively "normal" level of human existence, he could potentially mesmerize others with a gaze, transform into a normal-sized bat and fly, transform into mist, and/or transform into a wolf.

Height: Unrevealed (approximately 5'6"; he looked a little shorter than the 5'8" Faiza)
Weight: Unrevealed (approximately 140 lbs.)
Eyes: Light red or yellow; (as human) Unrevealed (always shown wearing semi-translucent glasses; presumably brown)
Hair: Black (including mustache)

hussain-yusuf-excalibur-cbmi13-5-face-fingerpoint(Captain Britain and MI13#5 (fb) - BTS) - After Dr. Faiza Hussain was chosen by the sword Excalibur to be its bearer, her parents were frightened by the battle on Westminster Bridge. While ultimately proud of her, they were also somewhat freaked out by her powers.

    Wishing to explain the full situation to her parents but feeling somewhat overwhelmed, she asked the Black Knight (Dane Whitman), her childhood hero, her teammate in MI13, and of whom she had somewhat romantic feelings, to help her accomplish this. hussain-yusuf-excalibur-cbmi13-5-excalibur

(Captain Britain and MI13#5) - Yusuf initially expressed outrage that a hero who had a predecessor involved in the Crusades had been chosen to meet with a Muslim family, but Dane explained that he and Faiza had become close and that he wanted Faiza to be his steward. After a few awkward and amusing interactions, Yusuf told Farida that it was hard to be annoyed at Dane, which was, in itself, annoying.

    Dane then explained how MI13 was being refitted as a modern super hero intelligence strike force with a public face, although they were keeping quiet that they were hunting the monsters that had been set free as part of MI13's liberation of Merlin from the Dark Realms. Dane assured the Hussains that Faiza's defensive powers would protect her and that her identity would be kept secret to protect her and her parents. 

    Faiza then explained how the sword Excalibur had chosen her, after which she allowed Yusuf to hold it. Yusuf immediately felt that the sword was of England, which was their nation. Noting that he was not a particularly religious man, he explained that he nonetheless could sense that the sword was blessed. He told Faiza that this signified unconditional acceptance. 

    Dane and Faiza were then called away, but Yusuf told Faiza he would have made the same choice that she had, and that he was glad that Dane had felt able to be honest with them. He told Faiza to fight the monsters, to make them proud, and to be careful. hussain-yusuf-excalibur-cbmi13-10-drac

 (Captain Britain and MI13#10) - Mimicking the voice of Faiza, Dracula duped Yusuf into granting him access to his home, but not before he had Farida hit the security button that would swiftly summon MI13 agents to their house. Grabbing Yusuf by the throat, Dracula informed him that he was there to send a message to MI13...if any of them survived the night. Dracula informed his old enemy (see comments) that this was going to take a while and be an absolute pleasure.

(Captain Britain and MI13#11 (fb) - BTS) - Farida Hussain, hit the security button, and Motormouth and Killpower were teleported into the Hussein home. Motormouth escaped with Faiza, although both were seriously injured, but both Killpower and Yusuf were taken by Dracula and his forces. 

(Captain Britain and MI13#14 (fb) - BTS) - Dracula drank Yusuf and Killpower's blood. apparently fatally, and transported to his moon base (whether he drank their blood or transported them to the moon base first is unclear; I'd think the former, but it is unrevealed), after which they were placed within coffins awaiting their reviving as vampires.

Captain Britain and MI13#14 (fb) - BTS) - Immune to Dracula's power and to vampirism itself, Killpower played along as planned/instructed by Spitfire and MI13.

(Captain Britain and MI13#11 - BTS) - Motormouth related to Faiza and Peter Wisdom how Yusuf and Killpower were taken by Dracula and his forces. Blade advised Faiza that in three days, her father would likely be a vampire as well.

(Captain Britain and MI13#12 - BTS) - Despite her concerns about her father, Faiza voiced that she appreciated that the focus on stopping Dracula furthered her goals.

(Captain Britain and MI13#13 - BTS / Captain Britain and MI13#14 (fb) - BTS) - Yusuf was aboard the Serpent's Crown ship in his coffin as it departed Earth's moon.

(Captain Britain and MI13#14 (fb) - BTS) - With three days having passed since his having been bitten, Yusuf emerged from his coffin, now a vampire.hussain-yusuf-excalibur-cbmi13-14-army

(Captain Britain and MI13#14) - Dracula introduced Spitfire to his army of vampires he had recruited, with the newly born at the front: Yusuf stood next to Killpower. Dracula realized that Yusuf was still fighting his will and he considered that he must get Lilith to make some adjustment that allowed him to sense these things. 

    Struggling to speak, Yusuf stated that he would not kill in Dracula's name, but Dracula assured him he would have no choice, not now that he had his full attention. Dracula started to tell Yusuf he would kill his own daughter, but he was interrupted as Captain Britain assaulted the Serpent's Crown. 

    Captain Britain then spoke the code phrase that instructed Spitfire to reveal her true nature -- that she had been faking being under Dracula's control -- and she opened a portal that allowed the Black Knight and Excalibur to teleport aboard, after which she attacked Dracula directly.

(Captain Britain and MI13#14) - With Dracula distracted, Yusuf found himself free to move and speak, and Killpower revealed that he had been faking the whole time (although the other vampires remained still).  Killpower then instructed Yusuf to go through a portal and return home, but, after confirming that Faiza was there, Yusuf stated that he knew about vampirism and what he could expect at home -- desperation and no cure -- so he resolved to do what he could in the current battle. 

hussain-yusuf-excalibur-cbmi13-15-cb    Following the destruction of Dracula's ally Captain Fate and with Captain Britain being nearly destroyed by Lilith, the forces of MI13 fell back, departing through the portals. Locating Dr. Hussain, Dracula taunted him that he had missed his daughter, but asked how he was able to resist the will of Dracula.

    As Dracula focused his will on Yusuf to no avail, Baron Blood (Kenneth Crichton) acknowledged that there was a weakening of the "glorious unification" that Dracula was bringing them.

(Captain Britain and MI13#14 - BTS) - Dr. Doom then sent Dracula a message noting how he had placed a hostage in his brig that would give him leverage over Captain Britain. However, this hostage was Glorianna (Meggan Puceanu), who was using her powers to disrupt Dracula's influence.

(Captain Britain and MI13#15 - BTS) - After Crichton noted that Meggan was broadcasting rebellion to the vampires aboard the Serpent's Crown, the vampires sent to fly to Earth at full speed began striking and being incinerated by Quincy Harker's mystic barrier (powered by Harker's skull, a fake of which Dracula had destroyed).

(Captain Britain and MI13#15) - Captain Britain then welcomed Yusuf Hussain home, protecting him from the spell. 

(Captain Britain and MI13#15 - BTS) - Dracula had Lilith transport himself and the army back to prepared positions on the moon, where MI13 forces worked to destroy all of them (and to banish Lilith back to Hell). Faiza destroyed Dracula with the sword, Excalibur. 

(Captain Britain and MI13#15 (fb) - BTS) - Captain Britain told Yusuf of Farida's survival.

(Captain Britain and MI13#15) - Thanking Captain Britain, Yusuf noted his concern with orbital entry, but Captain Britain offered to take him back home "the pretty way." When Yusuf wondered if there was a home for him and stated that he didn't his wife and daughter to see him like this and to have to deal with it, Captain Britain reminded him that the only alternative was to give up and that while hie life from then on was going to be a series of compromises, if there was anyone who would understand all of this and want him to stay around and get through it day by day, it was Faiza. 

    Acknowledging that Captain Britain was right and that he would see this through, Yusuf further considered that he could murder a cup of tea.

Comments: Created by Paul Cornell, Pat Oliffe, and Paul Neary.

    Dracula referred to Yusuf as the old enemy, noting he was in hands at last. This seems to me to mean that he was more than just the father of one of Dracula's MI13 enemies but rather that Yusuf had opposed Dracula directly in the past, enough to be considered his old enemy.

    The timing of certain events in this series was hard for me to resolve, so I did include some things in the order they were revealed/confirmed.

Profile by Snood.

Yusuf Hussain
should be distinguished from:

images: (without ads)
Captain Britain and MI13#5, story pg. 11, panel 1 (face, pointing finger);
        pg. 16, panel 4 (holding Excalibur sword);
        pg. 18, panel 4 (full; with Farida);
    #10, last page (throttled by Dracula);
    #14, story pg. 7, panel 4 (with vampire army; next to Killpower);
        pg. 11, panel 6 (vampire form; resolving to stay and fight)

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