Real Name: Samira

Identity/Class: Human (@ 2950 BC) magic user

Occupation: Sorceress

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: The Genetix, Killpower

Enemies: Rama-Tut

Known Relatives:

Aliases: Sorceress of the Nile

Base of Operations: a pyramid in Egypt, @ 2950 BC

First Appearance: Killpower: The Early Years#1 (September, 1993)

Powers/Abilities: Samira has a number of magical abilities, including opening portals through time and space, generate magical tentacles to restrain others

History: Samira's past is mostly unknown, although she has earned the enmity of Rama-Tut, apparently by refusing to bow to his will.

(Killpower: tEY#1) - Killpower was sent back to 2950 BC by the Time Guardian, in order to locate part of the Chronifact. Rama-Tut duped Killpower into believing Samira was attacking them, and then agreed to help Killpower if he would destroy Samira. Killpower traveled to Samira's pyramid, where she detected him, ensnared him with magical tentacles, and brought him before her. Samira thought to enhance the mind of Julius (or Joo-Lee-Us) to make it the equal of his body, so that he might be the perfect consort for her. When Killpower accused her of attacking him before, she revealed that it had been a plot of Rama-Tut, and then agreed to send Killpower to punish him for his actions
(Kp:tEY#2) - Samira traveled to Rama-Tut's base to meet with the Genetix, who had been sent into the past by Oonagh Mullarkey to rescue Killpower. Killpower, having obtained the portion of the Chronifact he had originally sought, had been sent to the distant past by the Time Guardian to obtain the other part. Samira sent the Genetix to that same time to help him. She also gave them a vial containing a potion that would enhance Julius' mind. However, Vesper dropped the vial shortly after arriving in the past.
After Samira returned to her pyramid, Rama-Tut analyzed some of the energy residue left by her time portal, which apparently assisted him in repairing his own damaged time machine.
(Kp:tEY#4) - In the distant future, the Genetix found the vial that Vesper had dropped hours (or several million years) before. Samira sensed that they had found the vial and mentally contracted Julius, convincing him to drink the fluid. After drinking it, Julius finally managed to tap into his mecha-psychometry, which allowed him to instantly understand and work with or build almost any type of machinery. Utilizing this ability, Julius built a weapon that turned the mutates, that had been attacking him and his allies, into immaterial wraiths. Now safe from the wraiths, the Time Guardian was able marshal his powers and to return to his realm, and then return Killpower and the Genetix to their own time as well.
When Killpower arrived back in Dr. Mullarkey's lab, Samira told him that his whole memory had been restored, but recommended he keep their meeting a secret.


Comments: Created by Mike Barr and John Ross.


Killpower: The Early Years#1-2 (September-October, 1993) - Mike W. Barr (writer), John Ross (pencils), Martin Griffith (inks)
Killpower: The Early Years#4 (December, 1993) - Mike W. Barr (writer), John Ross (pencils), Martin Griffith (inks)

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