Real Name: Professor Daniel Jones

Identity/Class: Human mutate;
    citizen of the United Kingdom

Occupation: Physicist (space-time continuum)

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Die-Cut, Peter Hunter (Albion), Time Guardian
    formerly Mys-Tech and the Warheads

Enemies: Activator, Cyberdrones (Matt Travers, others), Primary Artifact

Known RelativesMargaret (first wife), Una (ex-wife), Anna (daughter)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Currently unknown;
    last seen in "Universe G";
    formerly the United Kingdom

First Appearance: Die-Cut vs G-Force#1 (November, 1993)



Powers/Abilities: G-Force can affect gravitational forces, making himself extremely dense and resistant to being moved, generating waves of force to attract or repel others, forming bubbles of force, and projecting destructive energy. He can fly and survive in the vacuum of space unaided.

G-Force's powers are linked to his emotional state. he needs to concentrate to use them, but it also means that if he is scared, or reacting instinctively, or perhaps even having a dream, his control over gravity and his power becomes erratic and a danger to those around him. (If the character had continued, he would have tried to find ways to control his powers both through science and mysticism/meditation)




(Die-Cut vs G-Force#2 (fb) - BTS) - Professor Jones was a dedicated but lonely scientist who turned his back on love, denying himself almost all true feelings.

(Die-Cut vs G-Force#1 - BTS) - Professor Jones became estranged from his daughter, Anna.

(Die-Cut vs G-Force#1 (fb) - BTS) - Jones received a job offer from Mys-Tech, exploring the space-time continuum.

(Die-Cut vs G-Force#1) - Jones spoke with his friend Peter Hunter (Albion of the Knights of Pendragon and Dark Guard) about the job. While Hunter cautioned Jones about taking the job, Hunter's advisor, the Time Guardian insisted that he take the job, believing that something Jones would discover might help ultimately destroy Mys-Tech. Reluctantly allowing Jones to take the job, Hunter gave him a trans-warp communicator so he could reach him for support if needed.

(Die-Cut vs G-Force#1) - Three months later, working under Mys-Tech's Rathcoole, Jones traveled to San Francisco's South Central Bank, accessing a wormhole located there alongside Warheads Bina Troop members Col. Matt Travers and Diana Rogers. Wearing Mys-Tech's triple polymer-coated exo-skeleton, complete with miniature power dampeners and anti-gravity circuits, Jones accessed the "Superstring", the space-time corridor connecting wormholes. However, shortly after he arrived, he was assaulted by Die-Cut, who had come under the control of the Cyberdrones' Activator, which saw Jones as a threat to Die-Cut's location of the Primary Artifact, with which they could conquer whole planets. Unable to resist the Activator's commands, Die-Cut sliced a whole in the Supersting and hurled Jones into the void.
    Having created a new universe as the wormhole was used (allegedly this occurs every time a wormhole is used), G-Force found himself there, his mind providing the source for the physical laws that would govern that realm. In return, the realm transformed Professor Jones, enabling his survival and granting him vast power. Perhaps as a result of his recent changes, Jones found himself enraged like never before and returned to the Superstring to gain vengeance on Die-Cut for risking his life. As they fought, Jones began to realize his new power. Die-Cut rent another whole in the Superstring, correctly gambling that the result threat to their existence would distract the Activator, which he then convinced Jones to repel from Die-Cut, freeing him from its control. Die-Cut thanked his new ally, calling him G-Force, at which point the damaged Superstring unraveled, casting both Die-Cut and G-Force into the the same reality from which G-Force had returned: "Universe G."
    However, also sent there were the Cyberdrones and Warheads Bina Troop, who had fallen under the control of the Primary Artifact.

(Die-Cut vs G-Force#2) - Die-Cut and G-Force defeated their attackers, and Diana Rogers used her psychic powers to free herself from the Artifact's control, after which she explained how the Primary Artifact could be used with the Activator to vastly amplify the Cyberdrones' power to enable them to conquer any world. However, the Artifact-controlled Travers then arrived and slew Rogers, while the Cyberdrones reactivated and attacked anew. Blasted far from the battle, G-Force was approached by the Time Guardian, who convinced him that he must accept his new role as a warrior to save Earth. G-Force joined Die-Cut against the Cyberdrones, making good progress until the Cyberdrones, apparently having finished testing the heroes, paralyzed them and began the process of assimilation. However, G-Force and Die-Cut managed to combine their wills, perhaps assisted by G-Force's connection to "Universe G," and they briefly incapacitated the Cyberdrones.
    Just then a portal to Earth opened and the Warheads still loyal to Mys-Tech instructed the two heroes to accompany them back home. The Cyberdrones revived again and attacked, and G-Force realized that someone would have to stay on the other side of the wormhole to prevent the Cyberdrones' entry. G-Force blocked the portal, even when the Cyberdrones began to torture him. When the wormhole collapsed, G-Force directed the explosion back into "Universe G," destroying the Cyberdrones, devastating the landscape of Universe G, and leaving G-Force to heal on a floating asteroid. His wounds gave focus to his new powers.

G-Force -- Don't miss his next exciting appearance!

(Civil War: Battle Damage Report) - Tony Stark listed G-Force as a foreign national, who had made his presence known in the United States.

Comments: Created by Liam Sharp, with the series being written by John Freeman, drawn by John Royle, and inked by Tim Perkins, under the Marvel UK imprint.

    John Freeman has told me that he had another proposed G-Force series. He's working on sending me the info, which I'll happily include here! He also added some info to the powers and history.

Blimey, it was a convoluted story wasn't it? Reading the story back now, I think that my understanding of  "superstring" was limited at best despite much reading on the subject at the time.

You might want to direct people to this great site on the subject for the current understanding of the theory: http://superstringtheory.com. If you want your head to explode, try: http://www.theory.caltech.edu/people/jhs/strings/index.html which outlines the "Second Superstring Revolution" (hmm, maybe I shouldn't worry about it). However, the basic idea of the warheads traveling along some kind of inter-dimensional "tunnel" to get for A to B still holds and it's one Stargate has used very effectively for the past nine years!

Thanks for the interest. I've just taken on the editing of STAR TREK MAGAZINE ( http://www.tiatnmagazines.com/ukstartrek.html ) here in the UK.

Best wishes
John Freeman

Profile by Snood.

No known connection to:

G-Force's family

Margaret, his first wife;
Una, who recently divorced him;
His estranged daughter Anna (Were they trying to make him the father of Jubilee or something?)
Anna was never intended to be Jubilee--John Freeman.

(Anna pictured)--Die-Cut vs. G-Force#1
(Margaret and Una pictured)--Die-Cut vs. G-Force#2





Die-Cut vs G-Force#1, p7, panel 3 (Jones face)
Die-Cut vs G-Force#2, p9 (Jones' family)
    p12 (body)
    p14, panel 5 (face)

Die-Cut vs G-Force#1-2 (November-December, 1993) - John Freeman (writer), John Royle (pencils), Tim Perkins (inks)
Civil War: Battle Damage Report#1: Civil War Files Appendix (2007) - Ronald Byrd (writer), Anthony Flamini (head writer/coordinator), Michael Short (assistant editor), Jennifer Grunwald & Mark Beazley (editors, special projects), Jeff Youngquist (editor)

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