travers-matt-wh-firegunColonel MATT TRAVERS

Real Name: Matt Travers

Identity/Class: Terrestrial human/advanced technology-user bonded with and taken over by extraterrestrial technology as a cyborg (Cyberdrones)

Occupation: Assimilating other beings and races into the Cyberdrones;
    former Warhead (adventurer, explorer, technology-gatherer)

Group Membership: Cyberdrones
    former leader of
Warheads Bina Troop (Cornell, Diana, Rogers, and one other member unidentified)

Affiliations: Bonded to the Cyberdrones' Activator;
    formerly Professor Daniel Jones (later 
G-Force), Mys-Tech; (notably Brendan Rathcoole)

Enemies: Diana, Die-Cut (Czorn Yson), G-Force (Daniel Jones);
    formerly the

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
    formerly Mys-Tech Central, beneath the Museum of Pagan Antiquities, London's East End

First AppearanceDie-Cut vs G-Force#1 (November, 1993)cyberdrones-gestaltbomb-dcvgf2-pg6-pan2-trav-rearmed

Powers/Abilities: Matt Travers was originally a human warrior/explorer, utilizing Mys-Tech's technology to access other worlds via wormholes and to gather technology from those worlds.

    He was experienced in navigating alien worlds and fighting alien forces with various blaster weapons.

    As a Cyberdrone, his personality was bonded with and subsumed by the Cyberdrones' Activator, which sought to assimilated other beings and races into the Cyberdrones. He further sought to unite the Activator with the Cyberdrones' Gestalt Bomb, which can boost the group mind of the Cyberdrones one thousand fold and begin a program designed to enslave an entire world.

    He could project powerful blasts from his hand, able to knock Die-Cut off his feet, as well as project mental blasts to stun someone infected by but resisting the control of the Cyberdrones. travers-matt-wh-cyber-artefact

    As his organic body parts are injured, another, more robotic Cyberdrone could sacrifice its body parts to replace what he had lost.

Height: Unrevealed (approximately 6')
Weight: Unrevealed (approximately 200 lbs.; at least prior to mechanical replacements)
Eyes: (As Cyberdrone) apparently solid red or white (possibly variable); (human) not clearly shown due to visor
Hair: Brown

Die-Cut vs G-Force#1) - Seeking to further investigate wormhole and super string technology, Mys-Tech's Rathcoole sent Professor Daniel Jones and Warheads Bina Troop through a wormhole. travers-matt-wh-face

(Die-Cut vs G-Force#1 (fb) - BTS) - The creation of this wormhole apparently created (or maybe just accessed) a previously untapped pocket dimension/universe ("Elseplace").

(Die-Cut vs G-Force#1) - Inside the Super string tunnel, Bine troop leader Col. Matt Travers told Jones that this was where they would leave him, and he asked Jones if he was sure that he did not want a weapon. Wearing a gravity dampening suit and intending only to study the Super string, Jones asked why he would need a weapon his suit was more than adequate for the conditions on which he had been briefed. Travis clarified that he was worried about other things, the shapes in the void, outside the Super string itself. At Travers query, Bina Troop's psi-scout, Diana, confirmed that they had traveled through these space-time corridors and seen things outside of them, following them: Mindless creatures, their purpose unknown. Despite Diana's warnings, Jones remained certain he would be fine, and so the Warheads continued down the wormhole. travers-matt-wh-cyber

    The Warheads traveled to the planet in the center of the Milky Way galaxy, a world devastated by Cyberdrones and on which the Gestalt Bomb was then based. Appearing amidst a number of hostile-looking robots, Travers cursed, "Frag! By the numbers, troop -- take these things out!" After they had made short work of that group, Travers advised the others to stay alert, as they might not catch another group by surprise a second time. Per Travers' request on her assessment, Diana noted that she sensed something that was incomplete but dangerous and which was blurring her senses. When he asked for specifics, with effort she determined that these Cyberdrones were guarding something called the "Primary Artefact," filled with thoughts of "The Seeding." 

    As one of the other Warheads identified recent seismic activity in this area (perhaps the unearthing of the Gestalt Bomb) and a weird power source under the rubble, another (Cornell?) noted an incoming fighter ship headed their way. After the Gestalt Bomb was discovered, of the Warheads told Travers that this could be something as he was getting a big "unknown" on his energy scanner. Telling Cornell to keep an eye on the ship, Travers asked Diana if they could move the structure and make it home before the ship got there, but Diane told him, "Negative," as the wormhole would not open for another five minutes. 

    Accepting that they would have to face the ship, Travers had the troop assume "tempest position" and warned them that they had a fight on their hands. However, one of the Warheads sensed the item powering up, at which point it suddenly blasted Rogers, and Diana noted that the thing was absorbing his mind and taking him over. However, as the ship landed and more of the Cyberdrones approached, Travers was forced to ignore Rogers and engage the attackers, noting, "I just knew this was going to be a bad day!"travers-matt-wh-cyber-face

(Die-Cut vs G-Force#1 (fb) - BTS) - The Gestalt Bomb and/or the approaching Cyberdrones converted the members of Warhead Bina Troop into Cyberdrones, who apparently joined other Cyberdrones in preceding the Gestalt Bomb into the space-time corridor once the wormhole opened (presumably to assure both items' safety?).

(Die-Cut vs G-Force#1 (fb) - BTS) - The Warheads were the Gestalt Bomb's first victims in centuries, and from their minds, it recognized Earth as an ideal target. 


(Die-Cut vs G-Force#1) - A group Cyberdrones including the converted Warheads eventualy arrived at the site of this Elseplace realm, outside of the "Super string" dimensional corridor, which had been torn open via the corridor's destruction during a confrontation between Die-Cut and the newly gravity-powered Prof. Jones.

(Die-Cut vs G-Force#1 (fb) - BTS) - The Activator somehow bonded with the new Cyberdrone Matt Travers.

(Die-Cut vs G-Force#1) - Travers ordered Die-Cut and Jones' cooperation and noted that Earth would be the first target of the Seeding. 

(Die-Cut vs G-Force#2) - The Cyberdrones attacked Die-Cut and Jones, warning them that resistance was irrelevant and that they would be absorbed. After some struggle, Jones unleashed a burst of power to incapacitate the Cyberdrones. 

    This also allowed the Warheads' Diana to escape the group mind and break their control over her.  Speaking through Travers, the Activator, told Diana to join them, and when she argued that she would rather die, Travers/Activator slew her. cyberdrones-gestaltbomb-dcvgf2-pg6-pan2-trav-disarm

    Die-Cut then sliced off Travers' arm, only for a repair drone to replace the missing limb with one of its own.

(Die-Cut vs G-Force#2 - BTS) - Meanwhile, as contact with Jones and Warheads Bina Troop had been severed, Rathcoole resolved to use his own power to re-open the wormhole. 

(Die-Cut vs G-Force#2) - The Cyberdrones eventually immobilized both Die-Cut and Jones (whom Die-Cut had dubbed G-Force) with an energy beam and then began the absorption process. The two heroes -- possibly aided by G-Force's link to the new dimension, rejected the Cyberdrones' gestalt mind, temporarily incapacitating the Cyberdrones. 

     After Rathcoole opened the wormhole, Die-Cut and G-Force transported the Warheads back to Earth, hoping that they would revert to their human natures away from the Cyberdrones' influence. 

(Die-Cut vs G-Force#2 - BTS) - After that was done and Die-Cut had returned to Earth, G-Force, sealed the pocket dimension and then apparently destroyed the Cyberdrones and the Gestalt Bomb.

(Die-Cut vs G-Force#2) - On Earth, the Activator-bonded/controlled Travers revived after Die-Cut's departure, vowing that the Cyberdrones would have their revenge, and then the Seeding would continue...travers-matt-wh-cyber-artefact-final

Comments: Created by John Freeman, John Royle, and Tim Perkins under the Marvel UK imprint.

    I'm not sure whether Travers was a Colonel in another outfit, or if Colonel was a title he had just earned within Mys-Tech.

    I like the idea that Matt Travers may have some association with the Travers of the N-Explorers.

Profile by Snood.

Matt Travers
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images: (without ads)
Die-Cut vs G-Force#1, pg. 13, panel 4 (pre-Cyberdrone face);
        pg. 14, panel 5 (pre-Cyberdrone full);
        pg. 22, panel 3 (Cyberdrone form, flying);
            panel 4 (Cyberdrone, face with helmet/visor);
    #2, pg. 5, panel 3 (blasting Die-Cut);
            panel 4 (face, with Activator, without helmet or visor);
        pg. 6, panel 2 (arm cut off by Die-Cut);
            panel 4 (Cyberdrone replacing arm);
        pg. 20, panel 5 (reviving on Earth with Activator, continuing plot);

Die-Cut vs G-Force#1-2 (November-December, 1993) - John Freeman (writer), John Royle (pencils), Tim Perkins (inks), Stuart Bartlett (editor)

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