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The following document basically sets out the current knowledge several Marvel characters have of MyS-TECH, or aspects of it, for those of you worrying about such things. I'd suggest that knowledge of the existence of MyS-TECH is no longer  secret - - but the true nature of its board members, the location of its bases and dummy corporations is known by a few. I've listed these as follows...


                              Universal - awareness of many aspects of MyS-TECH, including nature of board, base location etc.


                              General - awareness of MyS-TECH's existence, individual board members, location of some bases including HQ


                              Nominal - confrontation with MyS-TECH in battle




Dark Angel probably has more knowledge of contemporary MyS-TECH affairs and the board than any other superhero. Her father was a member of the board and their chief researcher. She still has direct access to MyS-TECH computers. The Board are apparently unaware that Dark Angel and Shevaun Haldane are one and the same (as of writing this).


The Time Guardian is aware of dangers MyS-TECH presents to future of time line - working against it under direction of as yet undisclosed higher power


The Shadow Riders  Vorin is aware of longevity of Board and their techno-majickal powers. He's even stolen and adapted some of them fro his own use. The Shadow Riders are fully aware of  MyS-TECH's activities (they have attacked MyS-TECH installations and Warhead jump points) that the board are evil immortals and the Warheads activities. In addition they know the location and some of the layout of MyS-TECH HQ and Warhead mission activity, which Vorin clearly monitors.



Death's Head and Tuck



As their former chief assassin and with his photographic memory, Killpower can quote the MyS-TECH 'rule-book' verbatim, but would only do it if prompted.

There are other Dark Guard members; check with Dan Abnett for full list

Codename Genetix

The X-Men

Digitek knew Nakasoni was a MyS-TECH front and MyS-TECH security operations (probably through study of computer files in his current form)

The Knights of Pendragon (and Spitfire, via Union Jack)

are aware of MyS-TECH and some MyS-TECH front organisations but the knowledge is limited.

Warheads Kether Troop (now rogue) know the location of MyS-TECH bases, standard MyS-TECH operating procedure and more


RCX are aware of MyS-TECH antagonists (see EXCALIBUR # 64)

SHIELD and more particularly Nick Fury are aware of MyS-TECH's existence and the vague location of MyS-TECH's base in London's Docklands. Nick Fury, Bad Hand and Cable also know the Museum of Pagan Antiquities is a MyS-TECH front. Fury is not however aware of the layout or extent of MyS-TECH Central since that memory was "wound away" at the end of MyS-TECH WARS #4.

Given that SHIELD is an international counter espionage/terrorist organisation, STORM would probably have limited access to its computer files but not the location of its main base -- yet. If he has any contact with STORM Fury would alert them to its existence and vague location, based on his pre MyS-TECH Wars knowledge - - then again he isn't SHIELD'S director (as of writing this, anyway) and may be keeping hold of that info for himself for future use, given his personal vendetta with Crowe. However, since that could be a one-of story in itself, let's assume for now that he hasn't relayed this personal info to STORM. SHIELD also has its hands tied as far as MyS-TECH is concerned, until it resolves the majickry used to delay Fury's actions with legal paperwork, as seen in Motormouth #5.


So STORM knows of some MyS-TECH activities but MyS-TECH has infiltrated the organisation from the start and has, as with many secret espionage wars, fed it erroneous reports, misleading information so no clear picture of the operation exists. Equally - MyS-TECH can use their techno-magick to infiltrate and wipe computer and hard copy records, as they did in Motormouth #5 - although such a spell I'd suggest requires a lot of power and maybe Mephisto demands a high price for its use.. otherwise they'd be doing it all the time!



Blackaxe was hired by Board to attack AIM installation (Blackaxe #1-3)

Iron Man joined a Warheads troop undercover (Warheads #3)

X-Force members fought the Warheads (Warheads #4-5)

Spider-Man fought Warheads Kether Troop side by side with the Knights of Pendragon (KOP #6 - 9)

Psylocke fought the Warheads in her own mind (Warheads #8-9)

The Ghost Rider fought MyS-TECH troops and demons side by side with the Shadow Riders (SR #2)

Excalibur are aware of Dark Angel's war with MyS-TECH and existence of Motormouth, Killpower and The Knights of Pendragon (Dark Angel #6, Excalibur #64)

The Punisher knows about existence of MyS-TECH backed drug running and has encountered Killpower



This is a weird one and the plot went through forced change because of concern over the final look to the book as regards the deaths of various super heroes. Originally, all of Earth's super heroes involved in the "winding back of time" in MyS-TECH WARS #4 are aware of both MyS-TECH and the location of its base. They will not attack it again however until they have found out a way of circumventing the Board's powers which bind them with reality, making killing them impossible. These are as follows:


Death's Head

Dark Angel

Sue Storm

Professor X

Wolverine (who talks Fury out of making his attack - - or did in #4's original plot)

The Hulk


Some others - check visuals and with Dan


However, I'd suggest because of the bifurcation of time lines caused by the Unearth, their memories are likely to be very limited - in #2 we established that many of the heroes weren't Earth Prime's at all, but had slipped over from other universes. Since I haven't seen the final version of #4 I don't know how it turns out...



Um... I think that's it for now!


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