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Real Name: Possibly Gadafel

Identity/Class: Human cyborg (see comments)

Occupation: Connoisseur of psychic energies

Group Membership: Mys-Tech

Affiliations: Mys-Tech, Porlock, Warheads;
    he seemed to feed on Abadon

EnemiesShadow Riders (Boot, Goodfellow, Grunt, Roadie, Stranger, Vorin);
    Abadon would almost certainly not consider him a friend

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mys-Tech Central, Experiment Chamber 101

First Appearance: Shadow Riders#2 (July 1993)

Powers/Abilities: Gadafel is a connoisseur with an appetite for psychic energies. This made him indispensable in Mys-Tech's experiments with Abadon. He could sense the agonies of Abadon. He has what appears to be a cybernetic implant on his forehead which presumably enhances his abilities.


(Shadow Riders#2 (fb) - BTS) - At some point Gadafel, while working for Mys-Tech, came into contact with Boot. Boot apparently never liked him. Some time later, Gadafel became involved with the experiments on Abadon, his appetites for psychic energies making him indispensable.

(Shadow Riders#2) - Gadafel found Abadon's agonies succulent, sweet, and so very, very, tasty. Porlock complimented him, and ordered him to proceed to threshold five. Gadafel seemed more than happy as the subjects agonies increased. Gadafel was still in the chamber later one when the Shadow Riders infiltrated it. He witnessed their fight with the demons summoned by Abadon.

(Shadow Riders#2 - BTS) - Boot recognized Gadafel during the struggle and commented upon his personal distaste for the man. 

Comments: Created by Brian Williamson, John Freeman, Ross Dearsley, Euan Peters.

    Gadafel's abilities are quite undefined. I think he must have some sort of ESP. The implant on his forehead suggests he is a cyborg, but that doesn't necessarily mean he didn't have ESP prior to receiving the implant. And being a PSI/ESPer doesn't necessarily make him a mutant or a mutate. Those are possible explanations, or he could be a magic user. But with his abilities being so undefined, I've listed him as a human cyborg as those are the only elements I can confirm from the issue he appears in. Admittedly I'm assuming he's a human from his appearance, as its never actually stated. I have seen Gadafel listed as a mutant (and psychic vampire for that matter) on another website, but that is just speculation as there is no mention of him being a mutant in the Shadow Riders series. Psychic powers don't necessarily make somebody a mutant. As for him being a psychic vampire, the fact that he has an appetite for psychic energies makes this a possibility, but again it isn't stated as such. Perhaps he just likes the way the energies "taste" but doesn't actually feed from them.

    Thanks to Grendel Prime for scanning the images.

Profile by Changeling.

Gadafel has no known connections to

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Shadow Riders #2, p3, panel (main image)
Shadow Riders #2, p3, panel 4 (image)

Shadow Riders#2 (July, 1993) - John Freeman & Brian Williamson (writers), Ross Dearsley (artist), Stuart Bartlett (editor)

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