Real Name: Arnold Coltrane

Identity/Class: Human mutate, British citizen

Occupation: Warrior;
    former Mys-Tech Security Guard; soldier

Group MembershipShadow Riders (Boot, Che, Goodfellow, Roadie, Stranger, Vorin);
    formerly Security Team Six while working for Mys-Tech

Affiliations:  Cable, Ghost Rider (Dan Ketch/Noble Kale)
    formerly Mys-Tech

EnemiesAbadon, Mys-Tech, Slaughterhouse Six

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile across Earth and other dimensions, numerous bases across Earth, particularly Shadow Riders HQ in North-West England;
    formerly Mys-Tech Central;
    born in Manchester, England

First Appearance: Shadow Riders#1 (June, 1993)

Powers: Arnold Coltrane was originally a normal human, though he appeared to be big and strong.

    Since he was regenerated by hi-tech majick from the point of death by Vorin, he is very large indeed. He has superhuman strength (Class 25). His supra-dense skin makes him invulnerable to small arms projectile weapons and most hand-held lasers. This is complemented by enhanced regenerative abilities. Like all the Shadow Riders, being dead means he has a radically reduced need for sleep. His stamina and reflexes are also enhanced. He has athlete agility, but normal speed. He is of normal intelligence.

    In addition, Grunt is an excellent hand to hand combatant, trained in heavy weapons use. Like his teammates, Grunt uses a Shadow Bike, created of unique fluid metal, and numerous forms of conventional and unconventional firearms. Grunt prefers to use extremely large weapons and generally carries a heavy weapon blaster of unknown origin. He wears mystically enhanced battle armor.

    Vorin also mentioned that Grunt may possess limited psionic powers, although these are as yet unrevealed. There is a possible link between his mental state and physical power. See comments.

Height: 7'6''
Weight: 600 lbs.
Eyes: See comments.
Hair: Appears to be either black or dark brown. See comments.

Arnold Coltrane (Prior to his transformation)(John Freeman's Grunt Character Profile) - Arnold Coltrane was born in Manchester. He left school at sixteen with minimal qualifications. He has spent some time in the army, gaining certificates. He has a criminal record in the UK, for reasons unspecified to date. He never married.

(Shadow Riders#1 (fb) - BTS) - Coltrane became an employee of the organization known as Mys-Tech, which unbeknownst to him sought to take over and enslave the world. During his time at Mys-Tech he was slow and or tardy often enough for at least one of his fellow employees to pick up on it.

(Shadow Riders#1) - When called to deal with an armed incursion on the museum roof Arnold's teammate told him to pick up his feet, adding that he'd be late for his own funeral. These words would be slightly prophetic, as Coltrane was then killed during a three-way conflict between Mys-Tech, Cable, and the Shadow Rider known as Boot. Boot blasted Coltrane with his weapon, setting the man on fire. Coltrane's still burning body was witnessed by the extraterrestrial known as Vorin. Boot brought Coltrane back to the Shadow Riders base, where he was then recovered, revived, and mutated by Vorin. Vorin convinced him of the evil of Mys-Tech, flooding his mind with images of the Shadow Riders across the centuries.

(Shadow Riders#1 - BTS) - Boot and Stranger helped Vorin take Coltrane to the lab. Coltrane's new form was stabilized, and Vorin ensured that he would remember the images of their struggle through the ages.

(Shadow Riders#1) - Coltrane, now known as Grunt, joined a number of others with similar origins in the Shadow Riders. Vorin announced an attack on Mys-Tech Central.

(Shadow Riders#2) - Grunt and his teammates raced on their Shadow Bikes towards London. He thought about his new situation, and new companions, unhappy that Mys-Tech had suckered him. Once the team was prepared for dust off, they were transported the rest of the way by Vorin's transit technology. They arrived in Experiment Camber 101, where Matt Ryan was held captive. Various demonic creatures appeared, including Ghost Rider, and Grunt theorized (correctly) that Ryan had something to do with their sudden arrival. Ghost Rider sided with the Shadow Riders, and as they battled the other demonic creatures, Grunt started to enjoy himself. Once the last of the creatures were dealt with, the Shadow Riders returned to base with Ryan and Ghost Rider in tow. Vorin sent Ghost Rider home, but Ryan remained. Later on, Grunt and Boot had a sparring session.

(Shadow Riders#3) - When Matt Ryan's power's flared during a dream, Grunt was amongst the Shadow Rider's arriving to investigate. Vorin hoped that with Ryan's power, and information found in the raid on Mys-Tech Central, that he could return to his home planet. Stranger warned of a trap, and Grunt encouraged Vorin to listen. Vorin, however, was determined to return home and continued his plans. Grunt took some time to exercise, doing some weight lifting, but it wasn't long before the team was assembled with Ryan to journey to Vorin's home world. Unexpectedly, however, they were joined by the time-traveling mutant called Cable. They arrived via wormhole to discover it was now the desolate Arena World, training ground for Mys-Tech Warheads. They were attacked by the Slaughterhouse Six, one of whom managed to penetrate Grunt's tough skin with her claws. The battle didn't go well for the others either, and Matt Ryan was revealed to be Abadon, demonic pawn of Mys-Tech board member Porlock.

(Shadow Riders#4) - Restrained by Abadon's mystic bands, Grunt tried to break free. The bonds wouldn't budge, but the situation improved with the arrival of Goodfellow, Vorin's alien companion. Abadon's bonds started to weaken due to the distraction, and the Shadow Rider called Stranger used his powers to free everybody. Grunt's luck, however, didn't improve as he was hit by an arrow fired by one of the Slaughterhouse Six. Boot ordered Goodfellow to power leech one of the Slaughterhouse Six. Boot then used their enemies' own power to hide everybody in a time bubble. Grunt, despite being caught quite badly by the Harpies first attack, was stoic. "Just a f-f-flesh wound, huh?". Meanwhile, Porlock sent the Slaughterhouse Six back to Earth, remaining behind with Abadon. Abadon, however, resisted Porlock's control and fought the immortal.

(Shadow Riders#4 - BTS) - Grunt recovered from his injuries. See comments.

(Shadow Riders#4) - The time bubble hiding Grunt and his companions eventually faded, and they attacked Abadon hoping to drive him back so they could get clear and retreat to Earth. This also gave Porlock chance to escape. Abadon tried to pull Vorin back through the wormhole between Earth and Arena World, but was prevented from doing so by Boot. They then came under fire from Mys-Tech operatives guarding the Earth side of the wormhole, and Cable's double agent Che was shot down. Grunt and his companions returned safely to the Shadow Rider's base, taking Che's body with them. One hour later, the resurrected Che was unveiled to Cable and the Shadow Riders. Grunt, having only recently gone through the process, offered Che some light hearted encouragement.

(John Freeman's Grunt Character Profile) - Grunt came to see Boot and Goodfellow as confidants amongst the Shadow Riders. See comments.

Comments: Created by John Freeman, Brian Williamson, and Ross Dearsley

    Grunt is military slang for infantrymen, hence very apt for this character.

    The majority of the details on Grunt's powers and abilities comes from one of John Freeman's profile's on the Shadow Riders. Further detail's on Grunt's Hulk-like ability to increase his strength came from John's Shadow Riders guide:

"He possesses as yet untapped and unrealized psychic powers which could "feed his powerhouse strength - i.e., the Hulk syndrome. The angrier he gets... similarly the more confused or tired he is, the weaker his strength."

    His height and weight (post transformation) were given in John's profile, but for eyes and hair there was a note to "check with Stuart". That would be editor Stuart Bartlett. I can't make out his eye color, but have had a stab with the hair color. 

    While John's character profile lists Boot and Goodfellow as confidants, his guide also mentions that Grunt "adores Roadie and would do anything for her". In Shadow Riders #2 he describes Roadie as "cute, but tough as Kevlar".

    It's not clear if Grunt's recovery in Shadow Riders #4, which happens off panel, is due to his own innate regenerative abilities or Vorin's healing powers. One hour after leaving Arena World, Roadie is seen applying bandages to Grunt, suggesting that either it wasn't a complete recovery or that he sustained further injuries while escaping from Abadon. Presumably Grunt's regenerative abilities are quite low, though perhaps that would've fluctuated along with his strength in later issues had there been another series. His description of his injuries being just a flesh wound is very Monty Python, specifically the scene with the Black Knight character from the Holy Grail movie. Not to be confused with the MU's Black Knights, obviously.

    Thanks to Grendel Prime for rescanning the original images on this profile and one new one, the pre-transformation picture.

Profile by Snood, updated and expanded by Changeling.

Grunt has no known connections to

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Shadow Riders #1, p15, pan5 (main image)
Shadow Riders #2, p2, pan1 (image)
Shadow Riders #1, p9, pan1 (Arnold Coltrane, pre-transformation)
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Other Appearances:
Shadow Riders#2 (July, 1993) - John Freeman & Brian Williamson (writers), Ross Dearsley (artist), Euan Peters (color), Stuart Bartlett (editor), Paul Neary (editor-in-chief)
Shadow Riders#3 (August, 1993) - John Freeman & Brian Williamson (writers), Ross Dearsley (artist), Euan Peters (color), Stuart Bartlett (editor), Paul Neary (editor-in-chief)
Shadow Riders#4 (September, 1993) - John Freeman & Brian Williamson (writers), Ross Dearsley (artist), Euan Peters (color), Stuart Bartlett (editor), Paul Neary (editor-in-chief)

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