Membership: Bozo Samedi, Church High Council, General Incompetence, Reverent Circus Pants XVII
Defensive Forces: "Bajazzo" Army, Harlequin Battle-Suits, "Hobo" Armor Division, Kops Squad, Kops Special Forces Squad, Three-Ring Heli-Strike Force,
"White Face" Bombing Squad

Purpose: Perpetual Annoyance

Affiliations: Lady Fynn-Geres, Lunatik, Skreet

Enemies: Ictus the She-Wolf

Base of Operations: Santa Marceau Cathedral, on Panto-9

First Appearance: Lunatik#1 (December, 1995)






(Lunatik#1 (fb) ) - Members of the ICPA led by Reverent Circus Pants XVII were on their annual recruitment tour. They landed on the planet Wy'nkar-7 because they had detected an unanointed life form. The lifeform now known as Lunatik was approached without caution by the ICPA members and they paid with their lives. The remaining members tried to run away, but Lunatik followed them into their ship and after every ICPA member was dead the Lunatik left his lifeless homeworld with their ship.

(Lunatik#3 (fb) - BTS) - Panto-9 the ICPA's homeworld was attacked by Ictus the She-Wolf and Bozo Samedi hired help from the outside to deal with the threat.

(Lunatik#3) - Bozo Samedi was informed that Lunatik was on his way to help the ICPA. Meanwhile on Panto-9 the Kops were overrun by Ictus.

Lunatik himself landed a short time later and had to deal with the ICPA craziness in the "Customs and Immigration Landing Area". An interrogator thought that Skreet was a pet and when he finally sent Lunatik to the next interrogation he was taken down by the Drogs. The second interrogator continued to call Skreet a pet and had a problem with Lunatik not having a working permission for his business visit. The female interrogator then let a guard bring Lunatik to strip search after she saw that he was on the planet to meet the High Council in an urgent matter.

Meanwhile in the capital's outskirts the Kops Special Forces Squad was destroyed by Ictus as well.

After the strip search was done, Lunatik was sent to a doctor and he had to give fluid samples.

Meanwhile near the capital's heart and the Santa Marceau Cathedral the regular army retreated. The Harlequin Battle-Suits took over and followed them a short time later. Then the armor division tried to stop Ictus with their tanks, but when she destroyed their cannons they retreated as well.

Lunatik waited in a long row at the "Customs and Immigration Building" to get his green card. After he got it he was told that the green card was useless without a photo ID. The bureaucrat told him the way to the Photo ID row and Lunatik once again had to wait, but this time he didn't want to wait and knocked out the people in front of him to get his Photo ID faster.

Meanwhile a near nuclear air strike took place to finally stop Ictus.

Lunatik now met with the High Church Council in the Cathedral of Santa Marceau. They geared him up to be sanctified because he couldn't represent them before this happened. He got to eat the aromatic cheese flavored Holy Ritz and drink the Holy 1809 Proof Gin. Then he got a cake smashed into his face and the Holy Honker, more commonly known as a red clown nose, was placed on his nose to mark him in the image of the Great Marceau.

Meanwhile General Incompetence inspected the situation with his Three-Ring Heli-Strike Force at the place where Ictus had been seemingly defeated from air. They soon learned that Ictus wasn't dead when one helicopter was destroyed by her. Incompetence now realized that nothing on Panto-9 could stop her. He then left with the remaining helicopters.

Lunatik's sanctification was now to be finished by severing his last ties with the flesh (with a guillotine! ouch!). He ran away from the High Church Council and met Ictus on his way out. Lunatik knocked her out and continued to run from the Council, but when Skreet told him to turn back he saw that thousands of ICPA members were on their knees praying to him.

A short time later Lunatik was officially declared Pope of the ICPA and he enjoyed it.

Comments: Created by Lovern Kindzierski, Duncan Rouleau and the inking team of Danny Bulanadi, Harry Candelario, Jeff Albrecht, Don Hudson & Jim Royal

Do I really have to describe the thought behind the last ritual of sanctification with the small guillotine. Circumcision anybody? Ouch!

Some of the names for the Defensive Forces were given additional clown associated names by me because the other troops got such names.

The fate of the ICPA after Lunatik became their Pope is unknown, but it seemed as he stayed with them because the next time his partner Skreet was seen, she was alone.

I hate clowns! I really hate clowns! There's nothing spookier out there than a clown and they nearly scared me to death when I was a child.
That reminds me of one of Jack Handy's Deep Thoughts:

I've always been scared of clowns;
I think it might date back to my childhood, when a clown killed my parents

Profile by Markus Raymond


Interstel Church of Perpetual Annoyance has no known connection to

Bozo Samedi has no known connection to

The Church High Council has no known connection to

General Incomepetence has no known connection to

The different Defensive Forces have no known connection to

Following characters have no known connection to ICPA although they are clowns:

Bozo Samedi

He intended to become the new Pope by defeating Ictus the She-Wolf, but he was a coward and hired Lady Fynn-Geres to get somebody to soften Ictus up. Fynn-Geres got him Lunatik and Samedi was happy with it. He probably wasn't so happy anymore when Lunatik defeated Ictus and became the new Pope of the ICPA.



His name is presumably derived from Baron Samedi, another name for the Voodoo God Sagbata.

Church High Council

They were the underlings of the Pope. They sanctified Lunatik because otherwise he couldn't have represented them, but when it was time for him to sever his last ties with the flesh he ran away from them. They tried to stop him and were shocked when Lunatik knocked Ictus out with one punch. Soon afterward they made it official that Lunatik was now the new Pope of the ICPA.




General Incompetence

He was the leader of the ICPA forces. He flew to the sight where Ictus was attacked with a near nuclear strike and despaired when she was still alive and destroyed one of his helicopters. The General told his soldiers that the Pope should pray to the Great Groucho and then left the sight with the remaining two helicopters.



Reverent Circus Pants XVII

He was the leader of a recruitment team. He forgot the first rule of approaching a sharp-toothed life form with giant claws and got his head bitten off when he tried to give Lunatik some brochures. The rest of his crew didn't survive it either and Reverent Circus Pants XVII's name was forever disgraced because he gained the ICPA the recognition that they were responsible for letting the Lunatik loose on the universe.



Santa Marceau Cathedral

This was the HQ of the Interstel Church of Perpetual Annoyance. It stood in the heart of the capital on Panto-9. The Church High Council (and most likely the Pope although this wasn't mentioned) lived within it and from there they led the church. Lunatik met the Council there too and within the Cathedral he had to go through all sanctification processes.





"Bajazzo" Army

They were the regular army of the ICPA. They used regular rifles and wore regular uniforms. They tried to defend the heart of the capital against Ictus, but their firepower was not enough against her. They retreated and called for the Harlequin Battle-Suits to continue their fight.




Harlequin Battle-Suits

They were the more advanced army of the ICPA. They used more advanced guns and wore heavy body armor. They were also connection via headphones to each other. They continued to fight Ictus near the capital's central after the regular army had failed. Sadly their firepower wasn't enough either against Ictus and they called for the Armor Division to continue their fight.



"Hobo" Armor Division

They were the tank division of the ICPA. They attacked in their big tanks and were well protected against attacks from the outside. They continued the fight of the Harlequinn Battle-Suits near the capital's center. They retreated when Ictus destroyed their cannons by bending them with her hands. They called in an air strike against Ictus when they left.



Kops Squad

They were the ICPA's normal police force. They were called in to hold Ictus at the limits of the capital until Lunatik arrived to stop her. They built some barricades with sandbags and posted themselves behind them with machine guns. Suddenly a strange cloud formation appeared in the sky and seconds later all Kops were defeated and Ictus was now in the capital.



Kops Special Forces Squad

They were the ICPA's advanced police force. Better trained, but not better protected. They continued the fight of their fallen colleagues in the barricaded streets at the capital's border. They didn't stand a chance against Ictus and got the order to pull out because the army was on their way. Ictus didn't give them the chance to get away and destroyed them before they could run.




Three-Ring Heli-Strike Force

This was a special reconnaissance force led by General Incompetence. He came in with the heli-strike force after the airstrike and thought that Ictus was finally stopped, but he was wrong. Ictus destroyed one of the three helicopters and Incompetence flew away with the remaining two.



"White Face" Bombing Squad

They were called in by the armor division after everything else had failed. They attacked Ictus with a near nuclear airstrike and left the area after their work was done.



ICPA Main Pic: Lunatik#3, p20, pan1
Bozo Samedi head shot: Lunatik#3, p4, pan2
Church High Council: Lunatik#3, p18, pan1
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Reverent Circus Pants XVII head shot: Lunatik#1, p5, pan3
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"Bajazzo" Army: Lunatik#3, p11, pan1
Harlequin Battle-Suits: Lunatik#3, p11, pan2
"Hobo" Armorm Division: Lunatik#3, p11, pan3
Kops Squad: Lunatik#3, p5, pan3
Kops Special Forces Squad: Lunatik#3, p8, pan2
Three-Ring Heli-Strike Force: Lunatik#3, p17, pan1
"White Face" Bombing Squad: Lunatik#3, p14, pan1

Lunatik#1 (December, 1995) - Lovern Kindzerski (writer), Duncan Rouleau (pencils), Danny Bulanadi, Harry Candelario, Jeff Albrecht, Don Hudson & Jim Royal (inks), Mark Gruenwald (editor)
Lunatik#3 (February, 1996) - Lovern Kindzerski (writer), Duncan Rouleau (pencils), Danny Bulanadi (inks), Mark Gruenwald (editor)

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