Real Name: ?? Glass

Identity/Class: Human technology user

Occupation: Science Teacher

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Speedball (Robert Baldwin), Springdale High School teachers (Mrs. Bundy, Ms. Crocker, Mr. Winters and others)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Springdale High School

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents#96/4 (1991)

Powers/Abilities: None, but he used many different "weapons", including

Some of the technologies he used were bought from an unknown arms merchant (Class Clown mentioned the high price for the exploding rubber bands). Others were probably crafted or even invented by him.

History: (MCP#96/4 (fb)) - Glass was a student at Springdale High School whose his teachers always harped on him to achieve his full potential instead of being a class clown.

(MCP#96/4 - BTS) - He graduated, became a teacher himself and then returned to Springdale High to teach the pupils science. Simultaneously he started to work on his plans against the teachers of Springdale High.

(MCP#96/4 (fb)) - Glass trapped himself in an elevator with an elastic cable to distract the police and others from his plans. Only a short time after this occurred Mrs. Bundy nearly drowned in ink and Ms. Crocker's home economics lesson was flooded with dough.

(MCP#96/4) - Another teacher went insane after chewing on his pen, but the police and Principal Winters remained clueless as to who was behind all these incidents. A short time later Mr. Winters found out who was behind the incidents when the Class Clown hunted him down the street. Speedball tried to help Winters, but Class Clown trapped him in a growing spit ball and then tried to kill Winters with exploding rubber bands. Speedball saved Winters and Class Clown escaped through a chalk-dustcloud he produced with sponges when the police arrived at the scene. The next day Mr. Glass officially returned to school with a neck brace and an arm in a cast. He gave an inspiring speech to the students and told them about his past. A mass of exploding paper planes came down from the ceiling and Glass went backstage were he became Class Clown again. He tried to kill Winters again by chocking him with strings for the game "Cat's Cradle". Speedball once again saved Winters and after a hard fight the Class Clown was defeated and unmasked by the Masked Marvel. Glass got his ear tweaked by Mr. Winters and now he was really sorry for his doings.

Comments: Created by Scott Lobdell, Dennis Jensen & Don Hudson

Once again a t-shirt of the Arnim Zola Defamation League was seen in this story. This time a female student of Springdale High wore it. The story was once again drawn by Dennis Jensen. Nice running joke of Jensen and I think I figured out the origin of it. In Marvel Comics Presents#24 Jensen was the artist in a Shamrock story and Arnim Zola was the villain. After this story the Arnim Zola Defamation League T-Shirts began to appear in stories pencilled by Dennis Jensen. Other appearances of these T-Shirts were in issue #50 (Captain Ultra story; see: Ekl'r) and#80 (Mr. Fantastic story; see: Miles H)

Mr. Winters appears similar to Mr. Weatherby from Archie.

Profile by Markus Raymond


Class Clown has no known connections to

Mr. Winters

Winters was the principal of Springdale High. He was mad when a fourth teacher became a victim of an unknown evildoer. He told the police to talk to Robert Baldwin about the last victim. Winters didn't want to listen to Robert when he tried to help and went to his office. A short time later Winters was hunted down the road by Class Clown. Speedball saved his life, but Class Clown got away. The next day Winters welcomed the returning Mr. Glass at an assembly. He was surprised when a paper plane came down and exploded in front of his feet. Suddenly hundreds of paper planes came down from the ceiling and Winters told the pupils to stay calm and exit the hall. Winters was attacked by Class Clown and once again Speedball came to rescue him, but this time Class Clown was defeated. Winters tweaked the ear of the unmasked Class Clown who was none other than Mr. Glass and told him that he was headed straight for prison.

--Marvel Comics Presents#96/4


Class Clown body shot: Marvel Comics Presents#96, barcode side, p15, pan4

Class Clown head shot: Marvel Comics Presents#96, barcode side, p14, pan5

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