Real Name: Miles H. (??)

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Arcade game player

Group Membership: Sons of Yancy Street

Affiliations: Mr. Fantastic

Enemies: A drug dealer and his thugs (real life), Mr. Fantastic (rival at arcade games)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Myles H.

Base of Operations: The Silver Ball (an arcade game club in New York)

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents#80/4 (1991)

Powers/Abilities: None, but he has a photographic memory and is a genius on the level of Mr. Fantastic. He is highly skilled at arcade games.


(MCP#80/4 (fb) - BTS) - Miles dropped out of high school. Afterwards he spent most of his time playing arcade games. He became a champion at it and held all high scores in the Silver Ball club.

(MCP#80/4) - Miles watched how Mr. Fantastic broke his high score in "Flight to the Stars" without breaking a sweat. Friends of Miles attacked Mr. Fantastic for breaking the high score of their friend. Miles recognized Mr. Fantastic when his friend Scroono hit his stretching face. When Mr. Fantastic found cocaine in a broken arcade game, the owner of the drugs attacked with his thugs, and Mr. Fantastic defeated them. Miles took care of a girl who was hit by a bullet.
    The notebook of Mr. Fantastic was destroyed in the preceding struggle, but Miles memorized everything with his photographic memory. In front of the club Miles thanked Mr. Fantastic for finishing the drug dealers, but he also told him that he broke all his high scores. Miles gave Mr. Fantastic his equations and solved his problem. Mr. Fantastic was impressed by that because not even Harvard biochemists could understand his work. Mr. Fantastic wanted to write a recommendation for Miles. Miles thought it was okay but he first returned with Mr. Fantastic to "Flight to the Stars" to break the high score of Mr. Fantastic.

Comments: Created by Danny Fingeroth and Dennis Jensen.

    That is the second time I see someone wearing that T-Shirt (Arnim Zola Defamation League written on it). Both times Dennis Jensen was the artist. What's the deal with that T-Shirt? (the first time was in Marvel Comics Presents#50/3 were Captain Ultra wore it as his alter ego Griffin Gogol before his fight against Ekl' r).

by Markus Raymond

Miles should not be confused with:

Sons of Yancy Street could be related to or be members of:

Sons of Yancy Street

    The Sons of Yancy Street were friends of Miles. They attacked Mr. Fantastic when he broke all high scores of Miles. Scroono didn't get the work done with a punch because Mr. Fantastic's face stretched. All the members then attacked Mr. Fantastic simultaneously and he defeated them. Scroono took his notebook and tried to burn it. Mr. Fantastic stretched his arm to stop him and hit an arcade game. He found drugs inside the game, and Scroono didn't know anything about it, but instead babbled about his innocence. Some of the Sons ran away when the thugs of the drug dealer attacked. The girl was hit by a bullet and Scroono ducked behind an arcade game.

Only Scroono was named. He is the blond muscle-head in the front. The guy next to him is probably called BP (read my hair!).

I gave them the name "Sons of Yancy Street" because that was written on the T-Shirt of Scroono.

--Marvel Comics Presents#80/4






    Through a two-way mirror, one of the gunmen saw that Mr. Fantastic found their drugs. The boss told him and the other gunmen to create a diversion for him. Mr. Fantastic defeated the gun man. The boss threw a grenade and tried to run away with a box full of drugs. Mr. Fantastic absorbed the explosion and captured the boss only a second after that.

The boss is the scared looking guy in green. In the picture are only three of the five gunmen. All criminals were left nameless.

--Marvel Comics Presents#80/4








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