Real Name: Anton Lupeski

Identity/Class: Human, magic-user

Occupation: Cult Leader

Affiliations: Former leader of the Church of Satan, also known as the Church of the Damned, the Cult of Satan, and the Dark Church; former ally of Domini; Dracula enemy; Briefly allied with Quincy Harker's band of Vampire Hunters (Frank Drake, Harold H. Harold, Rachel van Helsing) and the Silver Surfer

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: The Dark Church, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Appearances: Tomb of Dracula I#45 (June, 1976); (55(fb), 45-47, 49-51, 54, 55 57 59)

Powers: Lupeski apparently possessed some knowledge of true magic, as he presided over a ceremony which enabled the vampire Dracula to impregnate the human woman Domini. He also cast a spell which teleported the Silver Surfer to his side, and subsequently imbued within him a burning need to destroy Dracula. The extent and source of his mystic knowledge was unclear. He most likely either learned it from reading magic texts, or possibly received power from an unknown source, such as the demon he worshipped.

He was intelligent and an excellent strategist. He was a charismatic figure, able to bend weak-willed individuals to his service, and capable of leading a cult of fanatics. He was more than willing to sacrifice or betray anyone who might interfere with his dreams of power.

History: Lupeski's past is largely unrevealed. He became involved with a cult of satanists and rose to the top to become its leader. He convinced Domini to leave the convent and join his cult. He led his followers with promises of bringing them closer to Satan, but his primary goal was the acquisition of power for himself.

Lupeski organized a ritual to summon Satan to marry Domini. The vampire-lord Dracula witnessed this ritual and appeared before the Cult, duping most members into believing he himself was Satan, and claiming Domini as his bride. Lupeski was not fooled, but was nonetheless willing to allow the decepetion, as it impressed the cult, and he saw the potential for manipulating events in his favor. Lupeski presided over the wedding of Dracula to Domini.

Shortly thereafter, Lupeski organized another ritual to allow Domini to bear the child of Dracula. Domini's own father learned of the ritual, and despite his neglect for Domini over the years, sought to bring it to a halt. Her father infiltrated the ceremony and attacked Dracula, but was easily overpowered. Domini recognized him and attempted to tell Dracula who he was and prevent her father from being killed. Lupeski, however, silenced her and forced her to watch her father's death. Lupeski presumably did this in an effort to drive a rift between Domini and Dracula, so that he might continue to manipulate her.

After Domini had revealed her pregnancy, Lupeski realized that the offspring of Dracula might have great power. He determined that he must find a way to slay Dracula, so that he could take the child for his own, so he might gain a powerful leader under his control. To this end, he manipulated the Silver Surfer into attacking Dracula. In the end, Domini persuaded the Silver Surfer to call off the battle.

After the birth of Janus, the son of Dracula and Domini, Lupeski met with Quincy Harker and his band of Vampire Hunters to plot the destruction of Dracula. Domini learned of this and confronted Lupeski, but he succeeded in coercing her into maintaining silence. At a feast to celebrate Janus as the future leader of the Dark Church, Lupeski allowed entrance to the Vampire Hunters. During the attack, Lupeski himself revealed his plot, and fired shots and Dracula. Dracula turned to mist and bullets passed through him, but instead struck Janus, killing him. Enraged, Dracula struck down Lupeski, crushing his skull with his bare hands.

Comments: Created by Marv Wolfman, Gene Colan, and Tom Palmer.

Janus was later resurrected by Domini, but it was still in both of their best interests to get rid of Lupeski.

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