Real Name: Swad

Identity/Class: Extra-terrestrial

Occupation: Law enforcement officer/prison guard for the Kyln

Group Membership: Omega Core

Affiliations: Cole, Kika

Enemies: Thanos

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: A space settlement called Frontline, near the edge of the universe

First Appearance:Thanos#7 (Early May, 2004)

Powers/Abilities: Swad was about seven feet tall and probably had strength at enhanced human to class five. He was presumably experienced in various forms of armed and unarmed combat.
He was also devoutly religious and based his every action and lived his entire life based on the codes of his religion.

History: (Thanos#7) - When Thanos came to the the Kyln to contemplate his new role in the universe, he first had to go through a customs/security check, which was manned by Swad, Cole, and Kika. Swad was busy trying to fix the air conditioning and didn't pay much attention to Thanos until Thanos revealed his identity, at which point Swad and the other two officers panicked. Swad began to read Thanos his rights, but stopped when Kika shot Thanos in the face. Thanos was unharmed and repeated his request to get to the Kyln. Cole let Thanos through, much to Swad's anger.

(Thanos#8) - Swad argued with Cole, saying that Cole should have let Swad kill Thanos. Cole tried to tell Swad there was no way he could have killed Thanos, but Swad insisted that it was not beyond the realm of possibility. Swad kept referring to Thanos as "it," because Thanos was an abomination, at which point Cole insulted Swad's religion. Swad took offense to that and held Cole by the throat, warning him never to insult his religion again. Swad promised that they would come to regret letting Thanos through to the Kyln.

(Thanos#9 (fb)) - When things went drastically wrong down at the Kyln shortly following Cole letting Thanos through, Cole told his superiors that it was Swad that let Thanos through and not him.

(Thanos#9) - Swad did not rub it in Cole's nose that he was right and Cole was wrong because Swad's religion had provisions against that. Swad did, however, argue that Thanos must have been responsible for whatever chaos was going on at the Kyln. Cole argue against him, saying there was no proof that Thanos had anything to do with it. Swad was called in to be briefed by his superiors, and was quite outraged to learn that he, Cole, and Kika had been reprimanded for letting the Titan through, and especially outraged to learn that Cole had blamed it on him.

(Thanos#10) - Swad was throwing a fit that Cole had lied to their superiors and blamed Swad for letting Thanos through. Kika tried to convince Swad that it was no big deal and was shocked to learn that it was his first time getting censured. Swad repeated that Cole could not hide from him forever.

(Thanos#12) - Cole was attacked by Swad for his lying to Swad's superiors.

(Annihilation: Prolouge) - Swad was killed in the destruction of the Kyln when a massive and incredibly powerful attack force emerged from the crunch. Swad died in the arms of Cole as he beseeched Cole to absolve his sins in a practice according to Swad's faith. Cole did so until the entire Kyln was destroyed around them.

Comments: Created by Keith Giffen, Ron Lim, and Al Milgrom

Profile by Stunner

Clarifications: None really necessary

images: Thanos#8, page 1 panel 3
Thanos#12, page 10 panel 4

Thanos#7 (Early May, 2004)
Thanos#8 (Late May, 2004)
Thanos#9 (June, 2004)
Thanos#10 (July, 2004)
Thanos#12 (September, 2004)

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