Real Name: Nigel Frobisher 

Identity/Class: Human mutate (UK citizen)

Occupation: Crimelord stand-in, lackey, Assistant Financial Director for Frasers' Bank 

Group Membership: Vixen's organization; formerly Sa-Yr-9's troops

Affiliations: "Bill," Rupert:
(didn't like him, but did work with him) Abby, Jamie Braddock, Brigitte, Cecily, Courtney Ross (employer), Hilary, Marcella, Sat-Yr-9

Enemies: The gunmen who raided Wally's nightclub, Excalibur (Captain Britain/Brian Braddock, Cerise, Feron, Lockheed, Meggan Puceanu, Nightcrawler/Kurt Wagner, Phoenix/Rachel Summers, Shadowcat/Kitty Pryde), Psylocke (Betsy Braddock), Sat-Yr-9, Alistaire Stuart, Dai Thomas, Emelia Witherspoon, Vixen

Known Relatives: None 

Aliases: Vixen

Base of Operations: London, England 

First Appearance: (As Nigel) Excalibur I#1 (October, 1988); (as Vixen) Excalibur I#21 (April, 1990) 

Powers/Abilities: Merely by thinking about her, Nigel Frobisher could transform into an exact doppelganger of the female crimelord Vixen. He was a conniving and self-serving individual, though nowhere near as clever or cunning as he liked to believe. He was presumably reasonably good with figures, as he was a successful merchant banker.

History: (Excalibur I#1 (fb) - BTS) - Nigel Frobisher was a somewhat slimy junior merchant banker at Fraser's Bank in London. His co-workers, such as the receptionist Abby, disliked his vain and lecherous manners.

(Excalibur I#9 (fb) - BTS) - Nigel was ambitious, and one day hoped to join the exclusive Hellfire Club as a member, but he felt that Courtney stood in his way, erroneously telling himself that he did all the real work and she just hogged the credit.

(Excalibur I#1) - While out clubbing, Nigel became a hostage when gunmen took the patrons of Wally's nightclub prisoner, but along with the other hostages was freed by Phoenix and Shadowcat of Excalibur. Nigel swiftly made a pass at Phoenix, offering to express his gratitude privately, and ignoring her disinterest and request to go away. However, he took the hint, albeit with poor grace, when Phoenix's teammate, Captain Britain, told him to go away. A few days later Phoenix and Captain Britain visited Fraser's Bank in their civilian identities, Rachel Summers and Brian Braddock, so that Brian could meet with his ex-girlfriend Courtney Ross, the bank's senior Vice President. While Brian was in with Courtney, Rachel waited outside in the reception area, where she was spotted by Nigel. Not recognizing her from the club, she nevertheless drew his lascivious interest. After Abby refused to introduce him, he tried chatting her up himself, unaware she was initially oblivious to his advances because she was deep in a telepathic conversation with distant teammates. He had just begun to think he had seen her somewhere before and taken hold of her hand without permission when the psi-chat ended. Rachel suddenly became aware of him...and of what he was thinking of doing to her. Surrounding herself with a corona of fire, she caused the scared banker to fall backwards, and then warned the prostrate lech to be a gentlemen next time he was with a lady.

(Excalibur I#2 - BTS) - Unfortunately, this rejection only made Nigel more fascinated by Rachel.

(Excalibur I#2) - Nigel successfully charmed fellow Fraser's Bank employee Cecily into a romantic tryst in one of the bank's offices late at night, and when she raised concerns that Courtney might find out, he disparaged the notion, insisting Courtney only noticed money, not people. However, when Phoenix's firebird lit up the sky across London, it distracted Nigel from his latest conquest. Realizing Rachel was causing the display, which he found to be beautiful, a besotted Nigel announced that she was magnificent and perfect, and that they were meant for one another. Recognizing these were the same lines Nigel had used to woo her, an angry Cecily stormed out, but Nigel didn't even notice.

(Excalibur I#9 (fb) - BTS) - Nigel and two of his friends, Rupert and "Bill," were invited to the Hellfire Club as guests of an unspecified member.  

(Excalibur I#9) - Nigel and a pair of his friends visited the London branch of the Hellfire Club. Nigel remarked to his friends that even just walking through the doors of the exclusive club meant you were now somebody of import, and his friend Rupert opined that one day they would be there in their own rights, instead of just as a member's guests. Annoyed, Nigel shot this down, insisting that it would never happen while Courtney stood in his way. As he continued to disparage his boss, "Bill" spotted Courtney (actually her alternate reality counterpart, Sat-Yr-9, who had slain Courtney and replaced her) approaching and tried to warn Nigel. She startled Nigel, who spilled his drink on himself, and she apologized, saying she had just been happy to see a friendly face, and asked to be allowed to make it up to him. Clearly thinking he was in with a chance of seducing his sexy boss, he followed as she sashayed off, winking at his friends and giving them an "OK" signal with his hand. "Courtney" and Nigel sat at a quiet table, with Nigel confidently smoking a large cigar and Rupert and "Bill" hovering behind their friend. "Courtney" challenged Nigel to a small wager, a game of chance, cutting a deck of cards with the highest card winning. By "way of apology" for causing him to spill his drink, "Courtney" set Nigel's forfeit at a single pound coin, while he could name her stakes; Nigel asked for a weekend with her. "Courtney" agreed without hesitation, and both picked their cards; a three for Nigel, and a ten for "Courtney." Nigel casually flicked over a coin, then asked "Courtney" if she cared to risk another bet. She flirtingly responded that she thought he'd never ask, but suggested they hazard something more substantial - for every win, Nigel would gain a promotion, but it would be all or nothing. He could withdraw at any time, but if he lost, he'd lose everything. Cockily, Nigel told her to cut the cards. As they made their next cuts, "Courtney" noted that she had neglected to mention that each round increased the bet by a factor of ten. Winning, Nigel smirked that this meant she now owed him ten pounds. As he won round after round a crowd began to gather round the table, but even though he was winning, Nigel's nerve began to waver. As a heavily sweating Nigel won his fifth cut, an ice-calm "Courtney" told the anxious man that the next hand was for a million. She wagered her job as chief vice president of Fraser's Bank, then added that if he felt unwell or had no more stomach for the game, he was welcome to walk away. Part of Nigel wanted to, but his pride wouldn't let him, convinced that quitting now would see him branded as a coward by the Hellfire Club patrons, forever ruined in that social circle. Nervously he turned over his card, and was overjoyed to see it was a king, thinking victory was his, but "Courtney" casually turned over her card to reveal the Ace of Spades. As the crowd visibly appreciated the drama of the card game hitting its peak, Nigel looked dumbfounded. He pleaded with "Courtney," quietly admitting he couldn't pay, but a suddenly icy "Courtney" told him that he both could and he would, then strode away.

(Excalibur I#11 (fb) - BTS) - Too distraught to return home, Nigel wandered the city for the rest of the weekend, walking and trying to think.  

(Excalibur I#11) - On the next Monday morning Nigel and others watched in awe as Phoenix, surrounded by her trademark firebird corona, flew over London. However, the chimes of Big Ben brought Nigel back to reality, as he realized it was 9a.m., and he was about to be late for his appointment with "Courtney." Terrified of being even a second late, he raced into the bank, taking the stairs when he missed the elevators. Out of breath and with his heart pounding, he reached the executive floor on the ninth chime, only to stumble into a statuesque red haired woman and fall over. Sitting at the reception desk, Abby sarcastically congratulated Nigel for being on time for once, and condescendingly had the red-head, Briggite, help Nigel up. Annoyed and still wheezing, Nigel pulled away from her, and Abby warned him to be nice, as Brigitte was security and he didn't want to make her angry. Abby then chastised Nigel for his disheveled state, asking him if he had spent the weekend partying. As he denied this, a disinterested Abby told him she was sure Ms. Ross would understand and sent him straight in to see "Courtney." The frightened banker entered "Courtney's" office, and she immediately rounded on him, angrily shouting at him that he was late. Getting out of her chair, she stalked towards Nigel, reminding him that he owed her a million pounds. Nigel desperately replied that she couldn't hold him to that, but she noted that as it was a public wager freely taken up in front of a score of witnesses, he could not renege; even if he was able to prove he was not legally bound by it, his reputation would be destroyed and he would be finished in as a major international banker. Bowing his head, Nigel quietly admitted he couldn't pay, as he didn't have that kind of money. More gently, "Courtney" scolded him for being a silly boy and playing out of his league, but suggested they might come to other arrangements. She told him that he had talents, and if he put them to her use, she guaranteed that he'd have the world he desired. As she wooed him with promises of wealth and power, Nigel perked up, jokingly asking her who he had to kill. "Courtney" calmly reminded him not to make rash promises, as this was what had gotten him into trouble already, but warned him she would have "no sloths or sluggards" working for her. Nigel readily agreed "Anything you say." As his swagger started to return, she teased at his hair, ordering him to change it from its "shabby" brown, and to find a more assertive style. Then she shocked him by sticking the hoop of a dagger-shaped earring into his previously unpierced ear. As he staggered back in surprise, she told him the earring was to constantly remind him who he truly belonged to, and warned him that if he ever tried to remove it, the consequences would be most unpleasant. Visibly deflated again, Nigel listened as "Courtney" told him she had an assignment for him, to engage the services of "these people." She handed over a folder which contained a picture of a large, blue-skinned and only vaguely humanoid female, who "Courtney" identified as Gatecrasher, leader of a group of bounty hunters known as the Technet. "Courtney" told Nigel he had to go immediately to where the dossier said the Technet currently were and make them an offer they couldn't refuse, smiling as she warned her new lackey not to fail. 

(Excalibur I#12 (fb) - BTS) - From the dossier Nigel learned he was to deal with a group of aliens currently based on Brighton Pier. He wondered how "Ms. Ross" had come to acquire such detailed information on the aliens.     

(Excalibur I#12) - As Brighton was drenched by torrential rain and gale force winds, an unhappy Nigel Frobisher was dropped off by a taxi at Brighton Pier. However, as he walked along it, the rain suddenly stopped, and he realized the end of the pier was sitting in a hole in the storm, with clear skies, a balmy breeze and warm sunshine; stopping to get a closer look, he noticed that there was a clear, defined and unmoving edge where the storm ended and the sunny weather began. However, his musings were interrupted when Bodybag of the Technet lunged at him. Remembering from the dossier that Bodybag encased victims in a narcotic membrane then swallowed them whole, he instinctively blocked with his umbrella the narcotic fluids it was spitting out, then accidentally shoved the umbrella into the alien's gaping mouth as, unable to stop itself, Bodybag continued to loom down intending to swallow him. The umbrella sprang open, stretching the alien's flexible head and blocking its mouth, and Nigel, in a panic, retreated while apologizing, only to be confronted by Joyboy. The baby-like alien reached into Nigel's mind to find his heart's desire, a conflicted wish to both be the ultimate man and to master Courtney, but also to be just like her. Joyboy's ability to grant warped versions of people's wishes caused Nigel to transform into a bizarre amalgam of a super-muscled version of himself and Courtney, and while he was still reeling from that, China Doll slipped behind him and shrunk him down to a few inches tall. Before she could finish, Waxworks snatched Nigel from her, and applied its ability to make people's body turn rubbery to stretch him even further out of shape. Annoyed, China Doll tackled the fleeing Waxworks, and Nigel's now bizarre, twisted and tiny form was sent flying, landing on the knee of Technet leader Gatecrasher, interrupting her negotiations with Brighton's town council and mayor. She picked up his limp form and examined it contemptuously.

(Excalibur I#13) - Having handed Nigel to Thug to hold, Gatecrasher concluded her negotiations with the council to use the Pier as the Technet's temporary base in return for improving the local weather. Once the councillors were gone, Thug asked Gatecrasher what he should do with his charge, throwing the still transformed and increasingly distressed Nigel down on a table for Gatecrasher to examine. Yap asked Gatecrasher if he could snack on Nigel, but the banker pleaded against this, even as the transformations he had endured began to reverse one at a time. He grew back to normal size, then his bones hardened again, and finally, as Gatecrasher casually ripped open his briefcase to see what it contained, Joyboy's transformations reversed. For a second Nigel took on Courtney Ross' form, though the shocked Technet instead recognized this to be Courtney and Sat-Yr-9's counterpart and their feared employer Saturnyne. Only Gatecrasher was not scared by this appearance, instead angered at Nigel's "presumption" in assuming Saturnyne's fault, but Nigel, finally becoming himself again, pleaded that it wasn't his fault, as Joyboy had taken the image out of his dreams, something he prayed "Courtney" would never find out. He explained that he was there on "Courtney's" orders to engage their services in rescuing Brian Braddock's brother Jamie from African "tyrant" Joshua N'Dingi, a.k.a. Doc Croc. Her demeanor instantly changing at the thought of having both a client and a way to ingratiate herself with Captain Britain, Gatecrasher ordered the disgruntled Yap not to feed off Nigel, and told the banker that Jamie was as good as freed, so long as they could agree on an appropriate fee.   

(Excalibur I#15) - Days later a fully recovered Nigel Frobisher returned to Brighton Pier with a briefing holograph covering the details of the Technet's mission. He watched impassively as the Technet bickered over the mission, then most of them teleported away to Mbangawi to rescue Jamie Braddock, leaving him alone with Numbers, Bodybag and China Doll. The last of these suggested that he might like to "play" with her again, but Nigel swiftly and coldly stamped on this idea, noting that if she messed with him again the Technet would not get paid. A few hours later the Technet returned with Jamie, but he had turned out to be both insane and able to warp reality, and he swiftly overpowered them and wiped their memories of recent events, so they merely recalled a successful mission. As Jamie contemplated what to do next, Nigel approached him and offered him both a ride in his limousine and dominion in half the world, if he joined forces with Sat-Yr-9. Nigel informed his driver, Marcella, that Resolutions would not need to be sent for to handle the Technet, as Jamie had already taken care of the problem.  

(Excalibur I#21) - At Sat-Yr-9's orders, Nigel arranged a clandestine night meeting with the crimelord Vixen in Hyde Park, telling her he wanted to make an offer she could not refuse. Never one to bend to threats, Vixen ensured the area was full of her agents, but Nigel was accompanied by Jamie Braddock. When Vixen ordered her operatives to gun Nigel and Jamie down, Jamie transformed Nigel into a blue puffball, and the bullets passed harmlessly through the banker. While Nigel watched, Jamie froze Vixen's men in place, and transformed the crimelord as she tried to flee into a small fox. Still a puffball, Nigel chastised Jamie, reminding him that Sat-Yr-9's plan required Vixen both alive and human to run her gang. However, when Nigel foolishly asked Jamie who would run Vixen's gang now, Jamie grinned and turned towards him. Suddenly realizing what Jamie intended to do, Nigel begged futilely to be left alone. 

(Excalibur I#21 - BTS) - Jamie altered Nigel so that he could assume Vixen's appearance with a thought.

(Excalibur I#21) - Jamie and "Vixen," the latter carrying the real Vixen in fox form, walked back to Vixen's limousine, with "Vixen" angrily telling Jamie not to sound so happy. As they got in the car, Jamie pointed out that Nigel should be pleased, as he had what he wanted, control over Vixen's criminal empire, but Nigel, now back in his own form, continued to complain. Looking at the fox, Jamie told Nigel to remember there were worse fates.

(Excalibur I#27) - Hearing that Excalibur had returned from a lengthy sojourn into other realities, Nigel went to Jamie's London townhouse to inform him. Jamie told him off for yelling the news, noting that this upset Jamie's pet fox, and Nigel responded that the feeling was mutual, calling the transformed Vixen a "dirty beast." Nigel noted that the returned heroes could be trouble, but Jamie disagreed. Annoyed, Nigel retorted that if Jamie thought himself a match for Excalibur, he was truly demented. Jamie's housekeeper, Emma Collins, offered Nigel a cup of tea believing it would help calm his nerves, but he angrily struck it out of her hand and shouted at her, before immediately realizing his mistake in insulting one of the very few people Jamie Braddock genuinely cared about. He swiftly made a grovelling apology, but Jamie was not satisfied, and as punishment transformed Nigel's clothes into a overly revealing feminine, mildly dominatrix-styled outfit, then pulled another reality string to change Nigel into his Vixen form. Nigel protested that he was not dressed the way Vixen would, especially as he had a summit conference with some of the top crime chiefs of south England that night, and could not expect them to take him seriously dressed the way he was. Jamie told him that this was his problem, part of the price of wanting the power of being the boss of London's underworld. Seeing he would not convince Jamie otherwise, Nigel gave up trying, but asked him what he would do about Excalibur. With a snap of his fingers, Jamie turned on the television, saying he would watch them there, but Jamie's power inadvertently interacted with that of another reality warper, Earth-8908's Alfie Meagan, and the television became a glowing portal.

(Excalibur I#27 - BTS) - Nigel apparently left to attend the crime lord summit, leaving Jamie to watch what Excalibur was doing.

(Excalibur I#32 (fb) - BTS) - A gang of robbers with a reputation for being cutting edge asked to join Vixen's organization. Because of their reputation, "Vixen" agreed to let them audition for "her" by breaking into the National Gallery in London to steal some priceless artwork.

(Excalibur I#32) - Late at night outside the Gallery, "Vixen" watched as one of the robbers, Hilary, tried to bypass the state-of-the-art security system. Noting how long it was taking, "she" informed him that "she" was not amused, adding that as the crimelord of London "she" could only afford to associate with the best. As Hilary finally opened the Gallery doors, Excalibur's Nightcrawler and Phoenix  emerged from inside, dryly noting that "Vixen" would have to learn to live with the disappointment. As the two superheroes attacked Vixen's guards and the robbers, Captain Britain and Meggan swooped down to join the ambush, and "Vixen" fled. Captain Britain and Meggan gave chase, but "Vixen" ducked out of sight around a corner...

(Excalibur I#32) - and swiftly changed back into Nigel Frobisher. He hastily dived head first into a bin (see comments)...

(Excalibur I#32) - and began shouting angrily about being knocked over by a running woman. Coming around the corner the two heroes saw Nigel's feet sticking out and helped him out the bin. Though less than overjoyed to meet Nigel again, Captain Britain and Meggan assumed him to be an innocent bystander and departed, believing their quarry was still ahead of them. Nigel gloated as he watched them go, telling himself that his day, both as Nigel and the Vixen, was coming.


(Excalibur I#56 (fb) - BTS) - Jamie fixed it so that Nigel only needed to think about Vixen to assume her form. Unfortunately, this also meant he would change when he didn't want to, simply upon hearing the crimelord's name.


(Excalibur I#56 (fb)) - "Vixen" eventually handed over "her" organization to Sat-Yr-9.

(Excalibur I#56 (fb) - BTS) - Secretly however, an increasingly confident and cocky Nigel plotted to take over Sat-Yr-9's operation, making her serve him as he had been forced to serve her. 

(Excalibur I#55 (fb) - BTS) - Nigel was promoted at Frasers' Bank to the position of Assistant Financial Director, working directly under "Courtney Ross."


(Excalibur I#55) - In the guise of being her date, Nigel accompanied "Courtney" to a party for Excalibur's friends and allies at Braddock Manor, aware she intended to attack them later that night when they were off-guard. When he and "Courtney" arrived at the manor, he told Brian Braddock that she had not betrayed the secret identities of Excalibur's members to him, instead claiming he had deduced them himself after their past encounters. When he declared himself to be a friend and admirer of "Courtney," she deliberately noted that while Nigel was devoted to her, Brian was her first love and had spoiled her for lesser men. With Nigel already put out by this taunt, she then passionately kissed the bemused Brian, further irritating Nigel, as well as annoying Brian's girlfriend, Meggan.  However, Nigel swiftly regained his false composure after Kitty Pryde interrupted the kiss and diverted "Courtney" away from Brian for a few moments. Through the rest of the evening, Nigel watched with obvious anger as "Courtney" ignored him and hovered around Brian, with an even more annoyed Meggan territorially hanging off Brian's arm. The attack began with Jamie entering the Manor from the second floor and killing one of the guests, Alysande Stuart, in her room. Hearing her scream, the heroes raced upstairs, just as the lights went out. While the heroes were taken down one by one by either Jamie or Sat-Yr-9's Amazonian guard, downstairs Sat-Yr-9 and Nigel took the opportunity to switch into uniform. Ready to reveal her true self, Sat-Yr-9 called for Brian, and, thinking her in trouble, the wounded Captain Britain, struggling to stay awake after being shot with a sedative, stumbled his way to where she had called from, only to be confronted by the triumphant villain surrounded by her guards. Nigel watched as she boastfully told the befuddled Brian her true identity.      

(Excalibur I#56) - With Captain Britain now under her mind control, Sat-Yr-9 informed her personal guard and Nigel that she was done posing as Courtney Ross and was now ready to take over the world. Though her guard obsequiously agreed with her, saying she would conquer Earth as easily as she had Excalibur, Nigel was less impressed, pointing out that this sentiment was premature as Shadowcat had evaded capture. Sat-Yr-9 ordered her guard to search the manor, but not to harm Shadowcat, as Sat-Yr-9 had special plans for her. This comment riled Nigel, and he jealously brought up Sat-Yr-9's choosing of favorites amongst her foes, pointing out that she had let Jamie "play" with the rest of Excalibur for his amusement, but had kept the "muscle-bound twit" for her own amusement. Sat-Yr-9 smashed him across the face with her riding crop for his temerity, and as he climbed back to his feet, his pride hurt more than his body, she warned him that he overestimated his worth. She then departed for bed, having been up through most of the night, taking Brian with her.

   Sixteen hours of searching later, and Shadowcat had still not been found. One of the guards suggested that Nigel should ask Jamie if he had vaporized Shadowcat, but Nigel refused, pointing out how the now slumbering Jamie had used his powers to transform Excalibur and their friends into agonized monstrosities, and stating that he did not want to risk the same treatment by waking Jamie. Noticing the Vixen fox on Jamie's lap, one of the guards, Vanya, maliciously pointed the animal out to Nigel, triggering his transformation into his Vixen form, much to the amusement of all the guards present. Nigel's annoyance at this slight was worsened when Vanya pointed out his shapeshifting ability was of little use now that Vixen's organization recognized Sat-Yr-9 as their leader. Deciding that he had had enough, Nigel stormed off, telling the still-laughing guards that he had things to do.

   Switching back to his own form, Nigel snuck into Sat-Yr-9's bedroom, intending to dose her with her own mind control drug so she would fall under his control, and to slay Brian Braddock. Finding Sat-Yr-9 absent but Brian asleep on the bed. Nigel put a silenced gun to the snoozing hero's forehead, but before he could pull the trigger Sat-Yr-9 entered the room and challenged him to explain himself. Pointing a second pistol, a tranq-gun loaded with the mind control drug, at Sat-Yr-9, Nigel told his former mistress that he was a quick learner, and that she would serve him. Playing up her sensuality (and possibly using a smidgen of her own hypnotic power), Sat-Yr-9 sashayed forward, pointing out that her revealing outfit showed she was unarmed. She moved closer, running her hands over his chest, and asked him if he really wanted her as a mindless slave, or whether he would prefer a willing partner. As a smile began to play across Nigel's lips, Sat-Yr-9 pressed her body against his, while covertly dropping one hand down to take hold of the hilt of the dagger hanging from Nigel's belt...and then she swiftly rammed the blade into the startled Nigel's chest, instantly slaying him. Standing over his lifeless corpse, she took a few moments to gloat.   


Comments: Created by Chris Claremont (writer), Alan Davis (pencils) and Paul Neary (inks). A Marvel UK character.

Starting as a minor character, Nigel's story grew taking him from a one-dimensional jerk to a more rounded would-be villain...but still a jerk. He had a decent story arc for so small a character, and though he lacked any redeeming features, his sudden and brutal death still made me feel somewhat sorry for him - he was an immoral man of limited ability combined with overreaching ambition, but without Sat-Yr-9's influence, he probably would never have done anything truly villainous (if only because he would have lacked the guts to take the risk).

Phoenix didn't wear a mask, and she had a rather distinctive haircut and striking red hair, plus in both her costume and the outfit she wore to Fraser's Bank she was dressed in tight red leather. So how come Nigel didn't immediately recognize her when she visited the bank? I suppose you could argue that Phoenix used her telepathy to "cloud men's minds," but frankly a more mundane explanation seems likely - Nigel was a lech, and hit on so many women, that by the time a few days had passed he'd simply forgotten what Phoenix looked like - he didn't think of women as people, merely conquests, so remembering their faces (or even looking at their faces) wasn't high on his agenda.

Though Abby clearly detested Nigel, I've listed her as an affiliation. Simply put, before Sat-Yr-9 got her hooks into Abby, while Abby was happy to see Nigel humiliated, she probably didn't wish him any real harm, so being a work colleague of his makes them affiliated, if not friendly. After Sat-Yr-9 gained control of Abby, she came across as more contemptuous of Nigel, but since Nigel was working for Sat-Yr-9, Abby still intended him no harm.

In Excalibur I#32 the Vixen's gang is breaking into the National Gallery in London when Excalibur interrupts, and Nigel escapes because he runs away and the "windy streets" by Covent Garden make it impossible for his pursuers to follow by air, so they have to give chase on foot. Geographically, this makes little sense. While the National Gallery and Covent Garden aren't dramatically far apart, they aren't that close to one another either - a twelve minute walk accoding to Transport for London's online route planner. Assuming the robbers were breaking into the Gallery through the back entrance on Orange Street, simply because all the other entrances to the Gallery are on Trafalgar Square and very exposed to view, so that a bunch of people in costume huddled around an entrance with a burning torch would soon be spotted even late at night, then even knocking off a few minutes because he was running and another couple since Nigel was meant to only be near Covent Garden rather than having reached it, it's still very hard to countenance him being able to stay ahead of Captain Britain and Meggan for that length of time. A more topical detail is Nigel diving into a bin (what Americans might call a garbage can), something feasible in 1990 when the story was published, but which stopped being an option two years later, when all the bins were removed from central London after a spate of IRA bombings where explosives were placed in bins in public places. It wasn't until August 2013, when the terrorist threat was felt to have reduced sufficiently, that bins were reintroduced into central London, and these new bins are designed to only have a narrow opening to limit the risk of explosives being placed in them - which would also thwart any would-be crimelords from jumping into them either!

Profile by Loki, with scan assist from Norvo and Spidermike.

Nigel Frobisher, a.k.a. the Vixen, should not be confused with

and has no known connections to



(Excalibur#1) - Abby was a receptionist at Fraser's Bank's Thameside headquarters. She visibly disliked the slimy Nigel Frobisher, though the self-centered jerk seemed oblivious to her blatant disdain. When Rachel Summers blasted Nigel onto the ground and verbally chastised him, she openly applauded.

(Excalibur#11 BTS) - After Courtney Ross was slain and replaced by Sat-Yr-9, Abby fell under the doppelganger's sway, becoming harsher and crueler, and denoting her new loyalty with earrings that matched Sat-Yr-9's dagger emblem.  

(Excalibur#11) -  When Nigel arrived in the offices, out of breath and frantic as he sought not to be late for a meeting with "Courtney," he stumbled into the new security guard, Brigitte, and fell over. Abby haughtily acknowledged Nigel being on time for once and condescendingly suggested Brigitte lend him a hand getting back up.  When he angrily told Brigitte he could manage and pulled away from her, Abby warned Nigel that he didn't want to make Brigitte angry, and berated Nigel for spending his weekend clubbing, wining and wenching. Then she sent him in to see "Courtney."

--Excalibur I#1 (Excalibur I#11



Cecily was a young woman who fell for Nigel's faux charms, believing him when he claimed she was magnificent and perfect, and that they were made for one another. She and Nigel began getting passionate with one another in one of Fraser's Bank's offices; Cecily apparently another staff member at Fraser's Bank, as she was worried about Courtney Ross finding out what they were up to. When Phoenix lit up the London night sky, Nigel got distracted away from Cecily's charms. She found the firebird frightening, and asked Nigel to close the curtains, but he was enraptured, and described Phoenix as magnificent and perfect, noting that he and Phoenix were made for one another. Recognizing that was exactly what Nigel had said to her, Cecily stormed out in anger, though Nigel remained oblivious to her departure.

Cecily was only seen in shadow, so the image used here is as detailed as it gets.

--Excalibur I#2


Hilary was apparently a robber who hoped to join Vixen's gang (though it is possible that when "Vixen" spoke to Hilary to say "she" was not amused, "she" was actually addressing one of her bodyguards, rather than the robber). Despite him only "auditioning," he was still given a feminine codename (as Vixen tended to do with her men, though again it is possible if unlikely that his first or last name really was Hilary) and was garbed in the armor her men wore. His slow progress made "Vixen" annoyed, and when he did finally break into the National Gallery, Excalibur were inside waiting for him. He was presumably captured along with the rest of Vixen's men present for this caper. 

--Excalibur I#32




Marcella was Nigel Frobisher's chauffeur when he went to Brighton to collect Jamie Braddock after the Technet rescued Jamie from Mbangawi. She worked for Sat-Yr-9 (as confirmed by her dagger earring) and asked Nigel if "Resolutions" should be called to deal with the Technet, but he told her this was not required, as Jamie had already altered their memories.



--Excalibur I#15


Rupert and "Bill"

Rupert and "Bill" were Nigel's friends who accompanied him to the London Hellfire Club. Like Rupert, they were would-be social climbers, but they seemed to lack his ambition, drive and unwarranted self-confidence, and were more followers than would-be leaders as Nigel was. When Nigel was talking insultingly about Courtney Ross, unaware she (actually Sat-Yr-9) was approaching, "Bill" tried to warn Nigel. When Nigel subsequently was invited to keep "Courtney" company, and clearly thought he had a chanced of seducing her, "Bill" chortled that Nigel was an "old devil" while Rupert noted that "some swine have all the luck." They watched as Nigel constantly lost to her at cutting cards.

Rupert is the portly, glasses-wearing man on the left, while "Bill" is the chinless wonder on the right. Only Rupert was actually identified in the comic, but for ease of reference I've called the other one Bill, after the British anthropomorphic animals Rupert Bear and his best friend Bill Badger.

--Excalibur I#9

images: (without ads)
Gamers' Handbook of the Marvel Universe 1992 Character Update, p127 (main)
Excalibur I#1, p15, pan 4 (main - Nigel tries to chat up Rachel)
Excalibur I#9, p10, pan 3 (Nigel, cocky at the start of his card game with Sat-Yr-9)
Excalibur I#11, p9, pan 3 (Nigel wearing Sat-Yr-9's earring)
Excalibur I#12, p8, pan 6 (Nigel transformed by Joyboy)
Excalibur I#13, p9, pan 3 (Nigel as Courtney Ross)
Excalibur I#21, p14, pan 1 (Nigel puffball)
Excalibur I#56, p4, pan 4 (transforming into Vixen)
Excalibur I#56, p2, pan 2 (in the uniform of Sat-Yr-9's Amazonian guard)
Excalibur I#56, p11, pan 6 (stabbed to death by Sat-Yr-9)
Excalibur I#56, p11, pan 7 (Nigel's corpse)
Excalibur I#1, p15, pan 3 (Abby)
Excalibur I#2, p11, pan 4 (Cecily)
Excalibur I#32, p13, pan 3 (Hilary with "Vixen")
Excalibur I#15, p21, pan 4 (Marcella)
Excalibur I#9, p9, pan 3 (Rupert and "Bill")

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