Membership: Alpha One, Brigitte, Cynthia, Delta Squad, Vanya, others;
formerly Nigel Frobisher

Purpose: To serve Sat-Yr-9

Aliases: None

Affiliations: Jamie Braddock, Sat-Yr-9 (Opal Lun Sat-Yr-9 of Earth-794), the Vixen

Enemies: Excalibur (Captain Britain/Brian Braddock, Cerise, Feron, Lockheed, Meggan, Nightcrawler/Kurt Wagner, Shadowcat/Kitty Pryde), Psylocke (Betsy Braddock), Alistaire Stuart, Dai Thomas, Emelia Witherspoon

Base of Operations: Mobile;
formerly Braddock Manor, England

First Appearance: (behind-the-scenes, Brigitte seen): Excalibur I#11 (August, 1989);
(others, group as a whole): Excalibur I#55 (October, 1992)

History: (Excalibur I#56 (fb)) - After traveling to Earth-616 and posing as banker Courtney Ross, Earth-794's Sat-Yr-9 built a loyal army of troops from the crimelord Vixen's criminal network by instilling Nigel Frobisher, who had been transformed into a Vixen duplicate, as head of the Vixen's network.

(Excalibur I#11 - BTS) - Sat-Yr-9 installed some of her troops into Courtney Ross' banking organization while posing as Ross, including having her agent Brigitte act as Courtney Ross' security during a meeting with banker Nigel Frobisher.

(Excalibur I#55) - Sat-Yr-9's troops joined Jamie Braddock and Sat-Yr-9 herself in an attack on the Excalibur superhero team, in which Excalibur was defeated.

(Excalibur I#56) - As Sat-Yr-9 plotted to conquer Earth-616 as easily as she had defeated Earth-616's Excalibur, she gathered together her troops and they all stood at attention until Nigel Frobisher remarked on Excalibur's Shadowcat still being on the loose. Brigitte quickly suggested Shadowcat must be somewhere inside Sat-Yr-9's mansion as the perimeter was secure and Sat-Yr-9 replied by ordering Brigitte to find Shadowcat but leave her unharmed, as she had special plans for Shadowcat. When Nigel questioned why Sat-Yr-9 had kept Captain Britain-616 as her personal entertainment, Sat-Yr-9 struck Nigel across the face with her whip before warning Nigel not to overestimate his worth and ordering Brigitte to ensure the troops and transport were fully camouflaged. After Sat-Yr-9 departed to rest, Nigel led Sat-Yr-9's troops in searching for Shadowcat but sixteen hours later, they had found no sign of Shadowcat and checked on Jamie Braddock, who had been given Excalibur to torture. When one of the troops was shocked to see how Jamie Braddock had transformed Excalibur, Cynthia commented on how Braddock could manipulate reality but Nigel quickly corrected Cynthia, explaining that Braddock could only manipulate dense physical forms in close vicinity by pulling on cosmic threads. Wishing to prank Nigel, Vanya then followed up with a question about Jamie's transformation of Nigel, wherein he would transform into the physical form of the crimelord Vixen whenever he thought about her and Vanya's question indeed triggered Nigel's transformation. A smiling Vanya then claimed that transforming into the Vixen wasn't much of an ability now that the Vixen's criminal organization had also allied with Sat-Yr-9 like Nigel had and Nigel responded by walking away, claiming he had other things to do and leaving the troops to continue their search for Shadowcat. Some of Sat-Yr-9's troops soon located Shadowcat and fired a electrified net at the heroine, who dodged and knocked out the two troops, donning one of their uniforms to keep from being tracked. The disguised Shadowcat then ventured into the area where Jamie Braddock was sleeping but her short stature tipped off the male Sat-Yr-9 troops that she was not one of Sat-Yr-9 female troops and they attacked. Shadowcat managed to dodge the troops' net and hit them with tranquilizers before confronting Jamie Braddock himself. After Jamie attacked Shadowcat, prompting Meggan to fight back, the commotion summoned Sat-Yr-9 and her Delta Squad of troops to intervene and Sat-Yr-9 ordered Delta Squad to cover the captives and for the mind-controlled Captain Britain to kill Meggan. The shock of potentially killing Meggan snapped Captain Britain out of his mind control, however, and Excalibur, who had been restored to normal by Jamie Braddock while being attacked by Meggan, fought back against Sat-Yr-9's troops, defeating them. As most of the troops fell, Shadowcat hit Sat-Yr-9 with a tranquilizer bullet and Excalibur ally Psylocke took down Jamie Braddock. In the commotion, the Sat-Yr-9 soldier Alpha One phoned for backup and a transport arrived through the wall to retrieve Alpha One, Jamie Braddock and Sat-Yr-9. Captain Britain immediately flew after the transport, damaging the ship, but Alpha One ordered the hull electrified, knocking Captain Britain from the transport as Sat-Yr-9 and some of her troops escaped, leaving the unconscious troops behind.

Comments: Created by Alan Davis and Mark Farmer.

This profile focuses only on Sat-Yr-9's Earth-616 troops and not the soldiers she had on her native Earth-794, such as the Blitzers, for example, who appeared serving Sat-Yr-9 on Earth-794 in Captain Britain II#2.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Sat-Yr-9's troops have no known connections to:

Alpha One

Alpha One was one of Sat-Yr-9's troops who survived the counterattack from Excalibur. During the commotion of Excalibur dealing with Jamie Braddock, Alpha One phoned in backup and Sat-Yr-9's transport arrived by busting through the wall. Alpha One held off Excalibur with gunfire until Sat-Yr-9, Jamie Braddock and the Vixen could be retrieved and she then jumped in the transport as it flew away. When Captain Britain pursued and began bashing the transport, Alpha One ordered the hull to be electrified, which forced Captain Britain to disengage as Alpha One and her allies escaped.

--Excalibur I#56


Brigitte was one of Sat-Yr-9's troops who also served Sat-Yr-9 in her guise as banker Courtney Ross, posing as Ross' security officer. When Nigel Frobisher was summoned to Ross, Nigel bumped into Brigitte in Ross' offices before being led into Ross herself. Sat-Yr-9 later ordered Brigitte to locate the missing Shadowcat. After Sat-Yr-9 whipped the face of the questioning Nigel Frobisher, Brigitte was ordered to ready the troops and transport for camouflaging.

--Excalibur I#11 (#56,


Cynthia was one of Sat-Yr-9's troops who accompanied Nigel Frobisher and Vanya in searching for the missing Shadowcat. When the search party stopped at Jamie Braddock's room, Cynthia remarked that Jamie Braddock could manipulate reality but Nigel corrected her, explaining that Braddock could only manipulate dense physical forms by pulling on cosmic strings. Cynthia then witnessed Vanya play a prank on Nigel by forcing him to transform into the Vixen's physical form by bringing up the subject of Vixen.

--Excalibur I#56

Delta Squad

Delta Squad was originally an all-male group of thugs serving the crimelord Vixen. As part of the Vixen's troops, Delta Squad robbed a bank and came into conflict with Captain Britain and Inspector Dai Thomas. Several of the Delta Squad were later present when the assassin Slaymaster delivered a defeated Captain Britain to the Vixen and the Vixen had Delta Squad take care of the unconscious Captain Britain while she discussed the matter with Slaymaster, whom Vixen ultimately turned on, prompting Slaymaster to injure and even kill some of the Delta Squad as he escaped the Vixen to attack Captain Britain while wearing Britain's own costume. Vixen later charged the Delta Squad with abducting young mutant Colin McKay and pursued the boy when he ran away, only to witness the boy disappear into a portal generated by the extradimensional Widget and earn themselves a severe scolding from the Vixen. Delta Squad was then tasked with assisting as the Vixen liberated the captive Juggernaut and later, after Nigel Frobisher took over Vixen's criminal organization while posing as her, Delta Squad was incorporated into Earth-794 Sat-Yr-9's troops and placed in charge of guarding the unhinged Jamie Braddock. While three were on duty, Shadowcat appeared and the Delta Squad soon saw through Shadowcat's disguise and attacked, only to be knocked out by tranquilizer rounds fired by Shadowcat. The rest of Delta Squad were soon summoned by Sat-Yr-9 to respond to a commotion in Jamie Braddock's room, where Excalibur had begun escaping Braddock's tortorous hold. Sat-Yr-9 ordered Delta Squad to secure the prisoners but they were all soon taken down by a regrouped Excalibur.

NOTE: Delta Squad should not be confused with the Vixen's other, unidentified green-suited thugs who act as her personal guard. Delta Squad can be differentiated by the helmets and armor they wear despite being similar in color to the Vixen's personal guard. Also, Delta Squad ultimately served Sat-Yr-9 whereas Vixen's personal guard did not.

--Captain Britain I#3 (Captain Britain I#3/Captain Britain II#1 (fb) - BTS, Captain Britain II#3, Excalibur I#2-3, #56 (fb) - BTS, #56,


Vanya was one of the many Sat-Yr-9 troops who accompanied Nigel Frobisher to search for the missing Shadowcat. During the search, Vanya, knowing that Nigel would transform into the Vixen's physical form when he thought about Vixen, asked Nigel if the fox in Jamie Braddock's custody was actually a transformed Vixen, prompting Nigel to uncontrollably transform into the Vixen's physical form. A smiling Vanya was then told to continue the search without Nigel, who claimed he had things to do.

--Excalibur I#56

images: (without ads)
Excalibur I#56, p2, pan1 (Sat-Yr-9 with her troops, main image)
Excalibur I#56, p7, pan5 (Sat-Yr-9 building her amy from the Vixen's network)
Excalibur I#56, p16, pan2 (Sat-Yr-9 & the Delta Squad of her troops confronting Excalibur)
Excalibur I#56, p19, pan6 (Alpha One)
Excalibur I#56, p2, pan4 (Brigitte)
Excalibur I#56, p4, pan3 (Cynthia)
Excalibur I#56, p12, pan2 (Delta Squad)
Excalibur I#56, p4, pan5 (Vanya)

Excalibur I#11 (August, 1989) - Chris Claremont (writer), Marshall Rogers (pencils), Terry Austin (inks), Terry Kavanagh (editor)
Excalibur I#55 (October, 1992) - Alan Davis (writer, pencils), Mark Farmer (inks), Terry Kavanagh (editor)
Excalibur I#56 (Early November, 1992) - Alan Davis (writer, pencils), Mark Farmer (inks), Terry Kavanagh (editor)

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