Real Name: Henric Lockwood

Identity/Class: Extradimensional/Alternate Reality (Earth-522) human, English citizen, probable magic mutate, probable power enhanced by costume (see comments)

Occupation: Protector of England, Earth-522, agent of the Corps

Group Membership: [Captain Britain] Corps (Brother Brit-Man-65/Gilles Weill, Captain Airstrip One-744/George Smith, Captain Albion-523/Katherine Huggens, Captain Angleterre-305/Paul-Henri Spencer, Captain Britain-616/Brian Braddock, Captain Colonies-4103/Stephen Rogers, Captain Commonwealth-920/Doug Andrews, Captain Empire-741/Robert Doherty, Captain U.K.-238/Linda McQuillan, Friar Albion-9586/Petros Wisdom, Kommandant Englander-846/Helga Geering, Madam Sussex-4811/Francesca Grace, Major Commonwealth-4904/Bryon Falsworth, Officer Saxon-9108/Peter Hunter, Percy Penfold-81289, Samurai Saxonai-6315/Kendra Matusmoto, others)

Affiliations: Chief Physician of the Starlight Citadel, Dimensional Development Court (Mandragon, others), Jamie Braddock, Meggan Puceanu Braddock-616, Merlyn, Roma, Saturnyne-9, X-Force-616 (Deadpool/"Wade Wilson," Fantomex/Charlie Cluster 7, Lady Britain/Psylocke/Betsy Braddock, Nightcrawler-295/Kurt Wagner, Wolverine/Logan/James Howlett)

Enemies: Beyonders, Doctor Doom-616 (Victor von Doom), Horoam'ce;
   formerly Captain Britain-616 (Brian Braddock), Captain U.K.-238, Special Executive (Cobweb, Fascination, Legion, Wardog, Zeitgeist);
   probably the Fury, Mad Jim Jaspers-616, Manchester Gods (Master Wilson), Mastermind, Mastermind's Warpie Army (AC-DC, Fern, Giggles, Lump, Quill, others) (see comments)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Split between Starlight Citadel, Otherworld and Earth-522

First Appearance: The Daredevils#6 (June 1983)

Powers/Abilities: Captain England possesses superhuman abilities similar to and presumably at a similar level to Captain Britain's: superhuman strength (lifting 90 tons), flight (up to 770 mph), enhanced reflexes, stamina and senses.

    Like his fellow Corpsman, he presumably is powered by interdimensional frictional energies focused in a matrix centered on the island of Great Britain (or whatever name it goes by in his reality).

    He previously wielded a staff capable of generating a clear material which would engulf and restrain people; it is unrevealed whether this was ice, diamond, a clear plastic, crystal, etc.

Height: 6'6" (by approximation)
Weight: 257 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Unrevealed
Hair: Brown


(Mighty World of Marvel II#13 (fb) - BTS) - Henric Lockwood of Earth-522 was appointed his reality's representative in Merlyn's Omniversal Corps, becoming Captain England. It is unrevealed in what guise and circumstances Merlyn visited Lockwood to empower him, nor if he initially knew he was but one member of a larger group. However, he did learn of the other Corpsmen eventually, and came to know many of them reasonably well (see comments).


(The Daredevils#6) - Captain England's native world, Earth-522, was a high tech world used to interdimensional and extraterrestrial travelers (see comments). When the Omniversal Majestrix, Saturnyne, was put on trial there by the Dimensional Development Court, Captain England was appointed one of the court bailiffs alongside Captain Albion, his Corps counterpart on loan from the reality next door, Earth-523.

    When the interdimensional mercenaries brought defense witness Captain Britain-616 to Earth-522, the two bailiffs were present to meet him and serve as his chaperones, greeting him warmly in their respective fashions. They escorted him to Saturnyne's cell, though before the new arrival was left alone with the accused Captain England warned him not to try any tricks, reminding him that he and Albion would be swift to step in if he did. After giving them a few minutes to confer, Captain England informed Captain Britain that visiting time was up.

    The next day Captains England and Albion flanked the prisoner as she sat in the dock awaiting trial, with Captain Britain sitting behind them. When trial prosecutor and judge Mandragon announced to the court that he was about to destroy the diseased Reality-238 to prevent its blight spreading, Captain Britain reacted with shocked outrage, his outburst causing both bailiffs to swiftly turn to ensure he wasn't about to go further.


(The Daredevils#7) - Captain England and Albion continued to flank Saturnyne in the dock until she was brought forward to testify. Hearing Mandragon impugn his character before he could even give his statement, Captain Britain reacted angrily again at the blatant unfairness of the trial format, giving the gloating Mandragon the justification to instruct the two bailiffs to restrain the witness.

    Standing behind Britain, England used his staff to restrain Britain's upper body while Albion began striking him. As a kick from Albion doubled Britain over, England struck him across the back of his head with the staff, then blasted freezing energy out the weapon, encasing the reeling witness in ice even as Albion continued to punch him. In seconds Britain was sheathed in rime up to his neck, and the two assailants stepped back to let Mandragon continue speaking.

    However, Captain Britain's anger only grew as he heard Mandragon prohibit him testifying and sentence Saturnyne to death; straining, Britain shattered his restraints, catching England and Albion off guard. Britain kicked Albion in the gut while simultaneously bringing his elbow down hard against the back of England's head, and before either could recover Britain began pounding each of them in turn, giving them little chance to catch their breath. The courtroom descended into chaos as security robots and the Executive joined the fight on opposite sides.


(The Daredevils#8) - As the three Captains remained focused on their personal battle, ignoring the war raging around them, England chastised his opponent, querying whether he knew what he was getting into. Britain began to angrily declare he did, until he realized part way through his statement just how absurd the situation was; nonplussed, he paused and asked England if he had ever gotten halfway through a sentence only to find himself unable to believe he was saying it. Responding "no," England smashed his off-guard adversary across the face with his staff.

(The Daredevils#8 - BTS) - Captains England and Albion were either overpowered or simply separated from Britain in the chaos, and Britain, Saturnyne and the Special Executive escaped back to Earth-616.

(Mighty World of Marvel II#13) - Captain England was summoned to Otherworld's Starlight Citadel by Roma to attend the funeral of her father, Merlyn, and stood between Captain Albion and Maid Britannia-8406 as Roma informed the assemblage that the Omniverse owed its survival to the heroic actions and sacrifices of Captain Britain-616, Captain U.K.-232 and Saturnyne-9.

(Mighty World of Marvel II#13/Universe X#2 (fb) - BTS) - Captain England stood with head bowed in mourning next to Captain Albion as Merlyn's funeral cortége passed by the gathered mourners and through an archway.

(Mighty World of Marvel II#13) - At the reception following the cremation of Merlyn's remains, Captain England approached Captain Britain, who greeted him hesitantly, recalling their last encounter. However Captain England acknowledged their previous conflict but requested they bury their differences. Putting his arm round the still uncertain Britain's shoulder, England informed him that he and UK had done well, and told Britain he would introduce him to the other Corps members present. England took Britain over to Captain Albion, who he already knew, and presented in turn Captain Airstrip One-744, Captain Commonwealth-920, Captain Angleterre-305, Captain Empire-741, and...

(Mighty World of Marvel II#13/Paper Empire #1 (fb)) - ...Kommandant Englander, but before he could mention her Earth's number they were interrupted by Roma, who took Captain Britain away for a private conversation.

(Excalibur I#43 - BTS) - Long after the funeral, Captain Britain was accused of breaking Corps rules, and several Corpsmen were sent to Earth-616 to arrest him and bring him back to the Starlight Citadel on Otherworld, where the Corps were now based.

(Excalibur I#44) - Captain England served as one of the judges at Captain Britain-616's court-martial. When defense counsel Captain U.K. tried to argue her client's case by pointing out that he had been ignorant of the Corps rules he had broken, another judge, Justicer Bull, reminded her that ignorance of the law was not an excuse, and Captain England concurred, stating of the defendant "'Tis plain he be an unruly oaf." Captain England sat attentively as prosecutor Hauptmann Englande laid out the charges leveled against the miscreant, but when England concluded his case for the prosecution, the frustrated Captain Britain decided the court had already made up its mind before the trial even began and openly rejected the court's authority. This prompted the judges to leap up in anger, including Captain England, who literally roared (see comments). Lead judge Officer Saxon pronounced Captain Britain guilty and sentenced him to immediate execution, and the court erupted into chaos as all the Corpsmen present leapt to attack the defendant.

(Excalibur I#45 - BTS) - Captain England was presumably still present in the courtroom as the brawl continued, but was unseen, perhaps either already incapacitated or else simply unable to reach Captains Britain and UK through the throng of other Corpsmen already attacking them.

(Excalibur I#125) - Captain England attended the wedding and, presumably, the subsequent reception of Captain Britain-616 and Meggan Puceanu in Otherworld (see comments).

(Top Ten I#8) - Captain England and Captain Albion visited Earth-10, passing through the Transworld Transport Terminus as they arrived (see comments).

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Hardcover#2 (fb)) - They were on a joint mission to Neopolis (see comments).

(Excalibur II#1 - BTS) - Otherworld was attacked by weaponized Warpies from Earth-616 under the command of the rogue computer Mastermind-616. The Corps was rallied to defend it, with most falling in battle; Captain England was likely among the defenders who fell (see comments).

(X-Men/Magneto: Chaos Engine: Book Two) - After Doctor Doom-616 used a faulty Cosmic Cube to alter his Earth, unwittingly merging it with Earth-892, Magneto-616 seized the Cube to make his own change/merger. Doom sought to escape via teleportation, but Psylocke-616 (Betsy Braddock., Captain Britain-616's sister) grabbed him as he departed and became an unintended passenger. The reality mergers triggered alarms within the Starlight Citadel, and the teleportation beam detected and intercepted. Captain England was among the Corps members present when the pair materialized, and watched as Psylocke, at Roma's urging, telepathically probed Doom seeking a way to repair the damage. When Doom, already weakened by his encounter with Magneto, collapsed, Captain England and Captain U.K. stepped forward to catch him, and together they carried him to the Citadel's Chief Physician for a medical check. The Captains witnessed the Doctor calmly ignore a barbed insult from his disgruntled assistant Henry P. Stanton, and when Stanton left the room, Captain England told the Doctor that Stanton was a troublemaker, advising him to keep an eye on the man. Thanking England for the warning, the Doctor then instructed the two Captains to move to the observation lounge, where they could keep an eye on their prisoner without getting underfoot.

(X-Men/Magneto: Chaos Engine: Book Two - BTS) - When their shift ended, Captain England and Captain U.K. handed over guard duties to Captain Wales and Captain Commonwealth.

(X-Men: Die By The Sword#3-4 - BTS) - When Otherworld was again threatened, this time by a resurrected Mad Jim Jaspers, who had begun turning everyone who stood in his way into ersatz versions of the Fury, the Corps was again summoned to the Starlight Citadel's defense. Captain England likely joined his fellows at the Citadel as Saturnyne sent them into battle, then fell in battle like the majority of the Corps (see comments).

(Uncanny X-Force I#22 (fb) - BTS) - Detecting an approaching threat to all reality, Merlyn had the reality warping Jamie Braddock restore the slain Corps; if Captain England had been slain by Jaspers, this was presumably how and when he was revived (see comments).

(Uncanny X-Force I#20) - Otherworld fell under attack by the forces of the demon goat Horoam'ce, secretly possessing a future Jamie Braddock-616. The Corps and Otherworld's native forces rallied in its defense, but thousands fell to the invaders. As the enemy army came dangerously near the Starlight Citadel, the Corps decided to put Fantomex-616 on trial for murdering a child version of the monstrous Apocalypse (see comments). After Corpsmen snatched the accused from his native Earth, Captain England escorted Fantomex to the courtroom, and when Fantomex stated he believed the Corps had no authority to imprison him, Captain England responded that he had good news then, since they actually planned to execute him. England then informed Fantomex that Jamie Braddock-616 was to be the lead prosecutor, while he, Captain England, was defense counsel. England called Fantomex as the defense's first witness, warning him to behave, but when Fantomex lost his temper upon hearing Jamie's opening statement declaiming his crime and lunged forward shouting his rebuttal, England restrained his struggling client. Saturnyne, presiding over the trial, angrily ordered Fantomex to sit, and England pushed him down into a chair, forcing him to comply. After Jamie spent a few more minutes orating, Saturnyne informed the court she had made her decision, verbally shooting down Captain England as began to point out that he'd yet to present the defense. Insisting Fantomex had already confessed to his guilt during his outburst, she sentenced Fantomex to immediate eradication from existence, retroactive molecular destruction that would erase his personal timeline so he would never even have been born. Captain England protested again, noting this was an unusually severe punishment, but Saturnyne ignored him.

(Uncanny X-Force I#21) - Betsy Braddock, Captain Britain-616's sister and also Fantomex's teammate and lover, had been brought to Otherworld by her brother and witnessed the kangaroo court in action. Acting swiftly, Betsy broke Fantomex from the execution chamber. As the pair exited, they were confronted by Corpsmen, led by Captain Britain and Captain England, but Betsy stunned them with a telepathic blast, and the fugitives made their escape from the Starlight Citadel. Upon recovering, Britain planned to pursue, but was stopped by England, who had just received bad news from the battlefront that Horoam'ce's forces had just made major advances. The report also revealed that Horoam'ce appeared to be using the three Orbs of Necromon, weapons supposedly safely stored within the Starlight Citadel since Necromon's defeat. Checking Merlyn's chamber alongside Captain Britain and Jamie Braddock, Captain England confirmed the Orbs were not only still present but had never been removed. Before their investigation could proceed further the entire Citadel shook, heralding an attack by slain Corpsmen raised as undead by the Orb of Necromancy.

(Uncanny X-Force I#22) - Captain England and Captain Britain fought alongside one another against their undead compatriots, aware that if the Citadel was overrun then there would be Omniverse-wide devastation.

(Uncanny X-Force I#23 (fb) - BTS) - Ignoring England's advice, Britain raced off to rescue his wife Meggan from elsewhere in the conflict.

(Uncanny X-Force I#23) - Captain England and the other defenders moved inside the Citadel, seeking to keep Horam'ce's demons and undead out, and to protect the doors within that led to other realities. The invader soon breached the walls, and -- despite facing overwhelming odds -- England stood back to back with Jamie, swearing to fight to the end. Luckily for them, seconds later reinforcements arrived as Britain returned with Meggan and X-Force-616 in tow.

    They put up a valiant effort, until Horoam'ce himself arrived on a flying platform. With a gesture, the goat demon launched a boulder through the defending group, scattering them like bowling pins and stunning them all; England took the brunt of the impact, and recovered just after the battle was finally won. While he was down, Horam'ce had nearly succeeded in spreading his infection across the Omniverse, but when the remaining defenders discovered his true identity as Jamie's future self, Horoam'ce was stopped by the brutally expedient method of killing the younger Jamie, an action carried out by an unwilling Britain while under his sister Betsy's telepathic control. England watched as Britain cradled his slain brother's corpse and the two surviving siblings exchanged angry retorts blaming the other for what they had been forced to do. 

(Uncanny X-Force I#24) - Captain England attended Jamie's funeral in Otherworld (see comments).

(New Avengers III#30 (fb) - BTS) - Captain England was presumably slain along with the majority of the Corps when the Beyonders launched an all out attack on the Starlight Citadel (see comments).

Comments: Created by Alan Moore and Alan Davis.

    In Mighty World of Marvel II#13, Captain England introduces Captain Britain to several other Corpsmen. It's possible that he'd only recently met them himself when all were summoned to Merlyn's funeral, but it seems more likely he's known them for a while; the commentators at Saturnyne's trial namedrop other Corpsmen while trying to figure out who Captain Britain is, in a way that would only make sense if not only were they fairly aware of at least the concept of the Corps, but also expected their audience to know too. Hence it would make no sense if Captain England was unfamiliar with the rest of the Corps. Additionally, he describes the group to Captain Britain as "t'lads," which suggests he gets on with them fairly well.

    Captain England's world wasn't identified as Earth-522 initially, but Captain Albion was stated to be from "the Earth next door" which was then noted as Earth-523; the Corps entry in the Alternate Universes Handbook confirmed Captain England to be from Earth-522. The subsequently expanded (from 1 to 4 pages!) Corps entry in the hardcover handbooks also provided Captain England's real name. It should be noted that in The Daredevils#8 Captain Britain describes Captain England as "an alternate version of myself"; he may simply have meant alternate version of Captain Britain rather than alternate version of Brian Braddock, especially as it's unlikely he could be certain that Captain England was his doppelganger - he'd only seen him masked and England has a very different accent. However, it is also possible that Henric Lockwood does look like Brian Braddock if you removed the mask and beard; just because his name is different (more so than other Brian Braddock doppelgangers) doesn't make this impossible. If he is a Brian doppelganger then this would mark the first time Brian met one; the next time it happened was when he encountered Kaptain Briton.

    For those not used to British accents, Captain England's verbal ticks suggest a Yorkshire accent, meaning he probably sounds a lot like actor Sean Bean (his accent's toned down a bit in the first clip) - or, bizarrely, Patrick Stewart (the accent you normally hear Stewart use in places such as Star Trek isn't his native one, but was learned during his Royal Shakespeare Company days).

    In Excalibur I#44, when Captain Britain-616 rejects the authority of the court, Captain England literally shouts "Roar" (or maybe he's meant to BE roaring, but if so they wrote the word rather than an onomatopoeic roar) - given that lions are England's heraldic animals, and Captain England has a lion's head medallion on his chest, this might be a bizarre affectation, but it could also be that his powers are somehow lion-themed, in which case his ever-present beard may actually be his version of a mane. It amuses me to think that perhaps Captain England summons his powers in the same manner as the original (Fawcett/DC) Captain Marvel or Marvelman/Miracleman, except instead of shouting Shazam or Kimota he has to yell "Roar!"

    In Excalibur I#125, Captain England seems to be present in the chapel, seated in the row just in front of Justicer Bull; I say seems because the image is so small that it might conceivably be someone else, and he's only identifiable by what looks like his beard. In X-Men: Die By the Sword#1, the first Corpsmen turned into a Fury is Striker Llewellyn; he looks virtually identical to Captain England and if he hadn't been very clearly identified by name then I'd have thought it was Captain England. The possibility that it was Captain England using a new codename existed - after all Brian Braddock briefly changed from being Captain Britain to Britannic (or Britanic - the spelling was inconsistent) - but Llewellyn is decidedly Welsh name, which doesn't mesh well for someone whose codename specifically ties him to a different country within the U.K. The handbook entry for the Corps confirmed Striker Llewellyn to be a different Corpsman.

    The Corps deciding to put Fantomex on trial makes little sense, especially in terms of the timing. Even if they really felt his crimes were so heinous he needed to be punished, you'd think arresting him would be low priority at least until after you stopped the invasion of Otherworld that was happening at that moment. While the writer probably meant it to be no more complicated than it appeared in the comic, past evidence that Merlyn plays ridiculously convoluted games to stop those he feels threaten the Omniverse (which Horoam'ce clearly did) means we can intuit a better reason for this seemingly bizarre lack of priorities. I'll get into the details of my theory in the Corps profile, but suffice to say I think it can be argued that there was more happening than we got told.

    It's not definite that the unmasked shot used above is Captain England. It's from Jamie's funeral, and is the first and so far only time we've seen Captain England without his helmet, but it's also not his usual costume. However, he's also the only Corpsman with a beard who would be even likely to attend the funeral, so I guess he felt turning up at Jamie's service with his nipples on display would have been poor taste and so donned an outfit more suitable for the somber occasion.

    Captain England isn't seen in Excalibur vol.2, X-Men Die By the Sword or New Avengers III#30, but all of these involved the entire Corps being called in to defend Otherworld from a major threat and then being decimated. Since Captain England has been shown to be one of the first Corpsmen to show up at any sort of assemblage, he was likely present and suffered the same fate as all the others, which has been reflected in his history above. Luckily for him, the Corps have a habit of reviving their dead (or at worst replacing them with virtually identical alternate reality counterparts). Similarly he's not visible in either Journey Into Mystery IV#39-41 or Fantastic Four III#7-8, two further times when multiple Corps members were called to Otherworld; however, these appeared to involve smaller numbers of Corps members, so while he might have been present off panel I've left them off his history. It is, of course, possible that he was absent for all of these events.

    The Alans Moore and Davis run on Captain Britain that originally appeared in Marvel Super-Heroes, The Daredevils and Mighty World of Marvel got its first color reprinting in the U.S. in X-Men Archives featuring Captain Britain; Captain England's appearances in The Daredevils and MWOM were in X-Men Archives#4 and 7 respectively, and those reprints were the source of the color images from the story used above. The image of Earth-522 used below originally appeared on p5 of the Captain Britain story in The Daredevils#6, but was missed from the X-Men Archives reprints for some reason; the color version below instead comes from the subsequent 2002 Captain Britain TPB. Additionally the second page of the CB story in MWOM#13, depicting the funeral procession of Merlyn with Captain England among the mourners, was reproduced at a different "camera angle" with a few small changes in pallbearers in Universe X#2 - the new angle means Captain England is off-panel, hence the BTS listing above. Additionally additionally, one panel of Captain England introducing Captain Britain to fellow Corps members was reproduced in the fanzine Paper Empire#1; see Captain Empire's entry for more info on that title.

    Obviously Captains Albion and England appearing in Top 10, a non-Marvel title, was an unauthorized cameo. If it had depicted characters more commonly associated with 616, such as Spider-Man or Captain America, they might be considered local counterparts to the Marvel versions, but both the Corpsmen are regular interdimensional travelers, are appearing in a location specifically identified as being used by individuals from other realities, and were being used by one of their original creators, so this profile considers it an official appearance - and the Corps entry in the hardcover handbooks referenced this cameo, confirming as much. Other characters passing through the Transworld Transport Terminus in the very same panel who might also be the "real" versions thanks to a history of interdimensional travel include:
    from Marvel: Howard the Duck, Loki, Nightmare, Age of Apocalypse (Earth-295)'s Sabretooth, Wild Child and Rogue;
    from DC: Amazo, Bat-Mite, Mr. Mxyztplk (Golden Age version, hence the slightly varied spelling), Morpheus/Sandman (traveling with Nightmare), Mirror Master, Earth-3's Superwoman, Power Ring, Ultraman and Alexi Luthor;
    from Star Trek: Mirror Universe Kirk, Spock and Uhura;
    from Alan Moore's 1963: The Tomorrow Gang's Hiroshiman and U.S.S.R (Ultimate Soviet Super Rogue);
    and from movies: Lola.

    There are plenty of other cameos in the terminal but the only ones of possible relevance are what appears to be both the Fury and Linda McQuillan (Captain UK) a few panels later; Linda is wearing a coat over her costume and no helmet, as if in disguise and on the run, while the Fury seems to be trying unsuccessfully to avoid being spotted by her by hiding nonchalantly behind a newspaper (I suspect it's the one that referenced Sir James Jaspers' anti-superhuman speech) and wearing a hat pulled down over its head. While I'd happily consider everyone else the "real" versions, this uncharacteristically subtle behavior by the Fury suggests we're looking at a different version from any seen elsewhere; it might still be the "real" Linda McQuillan though, as she too has a history of hopping between realities. Perhaps Captains Albion and England had been sent to Neopolis to help her stop another Fury counterpart?

Profile by Loki.

Connected to the rest of the [Captain Britain] Corps.
Other than this, Captain England has no known connections to:


Earth-522 was a high tech world and the home of Captain England. From the highly varied attendees at Saturnyne's trial, it was a world clearly well used to interdimensional and probably extraterrestrial beings. When Saturnyne was placed on trial by the Dimensional Development Court (DDC), they used Earth-522 as the venue. It may have been the DDC's base world, a.k.a. the Hub (see comments), and was also frequently visited by alternate reality counterparts to Captain England such as Captain Albion, Captain Commonwealth, Captain Airstrip One and more.

Comments: Since the Dimensional Development Court chose to hold Saturnyne's trial on Earth-522, it is probably also the Hub, the DDC's home Earth seen and named in Excalibur I#24; however this is not outright confirmed.

    The handbook hardcover's Corps entry does state that 522 formerly housed the DDC, but this doesn't confirm the Hub is 522 - in the real world the European Parliament regularly switches between meeting in Strasbourg and Brussels, and has additional offices in Luxembourg, while the international court is in the Hague, so there's no guarantee that the DDC was limited to using a single Earth as its base.

    If Earth-522 is the Hub then per comments from Phoenix (Rachel Summers) many of the people living on Earth-522 are telepathic; however, Captain England hasn't shown any indication of being a telepath, so either he's keeping it under his hat (helmet) or he's an exception to the rule. It should be noted that despite a lot of people incorrectly conflating the two, the Hub is NOT Otherworld; the confusion seems to have arisen from Saturnyne and the Corps apparently being based on the Hub in Excalibur I#24 and that same issue identifying the Hub as the DDC base, and then Saturnyne and the Corps being based on the Starlight Citadel in Otherworld in virtually every subsequent story. However, that is because Saturnyne and the Corps split their time between the two, at least to begin with. I'll go into this in more detail in Saturnyne and Roma's Appendix entries.

    Similarly, the Earth where Saturnyne confronted Mandragon in Mighty World of Marvel II#13 and blackmailed him to regain her throne was probably the Hub, and so probably Earth-522, but again this isn't a certainty.

   Because of this uncertainty, I've only here covered in the history the info that is definitely pertinent to Earth-522. The Hub should get its own Appendix entry down the line.

--The Daredevils#6 (The Daredevils#7, 8; (probably) Mighty World of Marvel II#13, Excalibur I#24

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X-Men Archives featuring Captain Britain#4, p24, pan2-5 (responding to Captain Britain's moment of existential angst)
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