Real Name: Robert Doherty

Identity/Class: Extradimensional/Alternate Reality (Earth-741) human (British Empire citizen)

Occupation: Agent of the British Empire, possibly former soldier or RAF (see comments)

Group Membership: [Captain Britain] Corps, U.K.S.G. (United Kingdom Space Group)  

Affiliations: Jamie Braddock, Kommandant Englander-846 (Helga Geering), Michael (Merlyn), Joseph Rendel, Roma, Saturnyne;
    monitored by Einstein (may be an enemy rather than ally, but I suspect not)

Enemies: American terrorist cell (Mick named), the Fury, the Lady of Qianlong, Mad Jim Jaspers, Mastermind, Mastermind's Warpie army (AC-DC, Fern, Giggles, Lump, Quill, others);
    formerly Captain Britain-616 (Brian Braddock)  

Known Relatives: None 

Aliases: None  

Base of Operations: London, U.K., British Empire, Earth-741;
    formerly Imperiatrix Project, outside Nairobi, Kenya, British Empire 

First Appearance: Mighty World of Marvel II#13 (June 1984)

Powers/Abilities: Initially Captain Empire possessed enhanced speed, strength and agility, though not apparently to superhuman levels (a peak human athlete rather than outright superhuman, much like Captain Britain originally was). He also carries a revolver, and is an excellent shot. 

    He later gained the ability to fly, and presumably was enhanced to superhuman strength and durability levels, like most of the Corps.  

Height: 5'9" (by approximation)
Weight: 155 lbs. (by approximation) 
Eyes: Unrevealed
Hair: Gray; formerly red/brown (see comments)

History: (Paper Empire#1) - Robert Doherty hailed from Earth-741, a world where the British Empire remained one of the dominant world powers into the latter half of the 20th century.

(Paper Empire#1 (fb) - BTS) - He was granted superhuman powers by the sorcerer Michael, and became Captain Empire. 

(Paper Empire#1) - Though he officially maintained a secret identity, even out of costume he was easily recognizable by his distinctive handlebar moustache.

(Paper Empire#1 (fb)) - He had not been Captain Empire very long when the British authorities were tipped off that American terrorists were planning to sabotage the nearly completed Channel Tunnel, setting explosives on top of some scaffolding to blow the roof up, intending to trigger a flood. Captain Empire was sent to stop them, but the terrorists decided to fight rather than surrender peacefully, hoping to buy their bomber time to set his explosives. Taking a punch from Captain Empire, one of the terrorists fell backwards, colliding with the bomber, who was knocked over the edge of the scaffolding and fell to his death. Having never killed anyone before, Captain Empire stopped in shock, then spotted that the bomb had fallen too and was lying, broken and damaged. Dropping from the scaffold to check on it, Empire called back at the remaining terrorists, asking how long they had until the bomb detonated. Uncertain, the terrorists replied that they didn't think they had long, and Empire snatched up the bomb, determined to get it out the tunnel before it destroyed years of work. Warned by an instinct or premonition he suddenly threw the bomb ahead of himself, moments before it detonated, an action that saved his life. Caught in the explosion nevertheless, he was buried under rubble for a couple of hours before he was dug out. While recovering in hospital he was informed that he had carried the bomb above sea level, and thus saved the tunnel from flooding and more serious damage. Stuck in bed for three months recovering, he figured it wasn't all bad - he had a pretty nurse who carried out his bed baths.

    While in the hospital, he was visited by Roma, who informed him that Michael had died, and brought him to Otherworld for the funeral.

(Mighty World of Marvel II#13) -  Captain Empire joined many of his fellow Corpsmen in attending the mage's funeral at Otherworld's Starlight Citadel on Otherworld. After the ceremony he was introduced in passing to Captain Britain-616 by Captain England-522, but before the conversation could go further Roma interrupted, wanting to speak to Captain Britain alone.

(Paper Empire#1 (fb)) - As Captain Britain-616 walked away, Kommandant Englander-846 took stock at having met the now famous representative from Earth-616 who had defeated the multiversal menace Mad Jim Jaspers. Perhaps trying to impress the Amazonesque Englander, Captain Angleterre-305 suggested he didn't "look like much," but disapproving of this disparaging attitude, Captain Empire shot him down, pointing out that it was what he had done that really counted. This earned the teutonic Corpswoman's approval, and she leaned familiarly on Empire's shoulder, causing Angleterre's face to fall. He and Empire exchanged glares, then Angleterre stormed off, announcing that he could tell when he wasn't wanted. Laughing at this, Englander told Empire she had never liked Angleterre anyway, then asked Empire why she had never seen him before. He told her he had only recently been given his powers, and asked if there had been events similar to this before. Englander responded that they had come together a couple of times, but never like this. As the conversation stalled, Empire's eyes flickered down for a second, glancing over Englander's muscular chest. Noticing, Englander asked him if he would like to go to bed with her, stunning Empire with her directness. Almost automatically, he asked her "pardon?" and, thinking he had not heard her clearly, she began to repeat the question in a louder voice. Desperately embarrassed and worried others would hear, Empire hastily shushed her, but she continued relentlessly, now loudly adding that she had been told she was very good at it. Flustered, Empire turned her down and tried to change the subject, asking a now smirking Englander what things were like on her parallel. 

(Paper Empire#1) - Six months after the Channel Tunnel incident, the Imperiatrix Project (to send a rocket to the moon) was subjected to break-ins by foreign agents from rival powers (Japanese, Russians, Americans and others). Over the next six months, a dozen such incidents were suffered, and though all were intercepted, U.K. Space Group asked Captain Empire to assist with the obvious security problem. Unaware he was being covertly observed, he met UKSG's Joseph Rendel at London Conurb Central Station, who briefed him on the problem, and the pair boarded a train to the launch site in Nairobi, Kenya. Going via continental Europe, they entered the Channel Tunnel, prompting Captain Empire to recount how he had come close to dying there the previous year. He also inwardly recalled his visit to Otherworld, chastising himself in hindsight for passing up Kommandant Englander's offer. At Rendel's suggestion, the pair left their compartment to go to the dining car, but in the corridor he was recognised as Captain Empire by a woman going the other way. Rendel laughed, declaring that Empire's secret was out, but Empire fumed away inside, since his mission was supposed to be a secret. Seemingly impressed, the woman asked where the hero was going, and when he told her Nairobi, she excitedly told him she was too, as part of the famous Professor Wilton-Stamps ' archeological team. Excusing herself, she walked away, and Empire glanced over at the clearly smitten Rendel. Turning to Empire, Rendel expressed his wish to be able to attract women the way Empire appeared to, but Empire told him women were more trouble than they were worth.   

(Paper Empire#2) - Captain Empire took the train to Africa. On the train he met Professor Wilton-Stamps, but the Professor collapsed unexpectedly (see comments).

(Paper Empire#3) -  Captain Empire took over security for the moonshot, and spent long days ensuring the base was safe. After working several days without a break, Captain Empire finally got a day off, only to be called back when a bomb was discovered in the Imperiatrix rocket's silo. Racing back, he arrived just before it was disarmed, and ordered a sweep of the base in case any other bombs had been planted. He then called a meeting of the base personnel in the base auditorium, and scanned the faces of the crowd from the stage trying to spot any sign of who the saboteur might be. Nervous, the saboteur, Kevin Wilson, believed Empire's eyes had focused in on him and panicked. Grabbing a guard's gun, he shot at Empire, who ducked behind the podium. Wilson fled the auditorium, hoping to reach the silo and set it off, with Empire in pursuit. Unfortunately Wilson reached his destination before Empire could catch him. When Empire called to him to stay away from the device, Wilson swung round to fire, and Empire shot him between the eyes, but the dying man managed to activate the bomb's timer as he fell. 

    Though it didn't immediately detonate, the base's explosive expert confirmed that it couldn't be disarmed again, nor could they risk moving it. However, one of the staff suggested they move the Imperiatrix instead. Though the rocket was not yet ready to go all the way to the moon, Rendel suggested they launch it into orbit, then bring it safely back down after the bomb had detonated. With no way to be sure just how long they had, the personnel hastily readied Imperiatrix for launch. Once it was ready, one of the rocket crew suggested Empire accompany them for the flight, joking that he could take care of them in outer space. Initially unsure, Empire agreed after Rendel pointed out this would be the chance of a lifetime. Imperiatrix was successfully launched into orbit, its flight monitored not only by the base crew, but also by a German ship off Zanzibar, whose captain was enraged that his agents had failed to destroy the rocket, and a reptilian alien working for a humanoid woman (the Lady) on a distant world, who ordered her minion to activate their warp systems. Imperiatrix was caught in a space warp, and flung across the galaxy, the experience knocking all on board unconscious. The first to rouse, Empire woke Rendel, but when they looked outside they discovered to their shock they were now orbiting a strange world with two moons. 

(Captain Empire#4) - Hoping to figure out exactly where they were, the crew landed the Imperiatrix on the alien world. They emerged and stood on top of the Imperiatrix to see lush vegetation and no immediate signs of civilization, though to their consternation one of the team found a flower native to Earth, leaving them to wonder how it had gotten there. Suddenly the ship shifted beneath them, then stopped again. Rendel suggested it was just the rocket settling down into the tree beneath it a bit, but sent Captain Empire down to check, though the hero was less than happy to be "volunteered" without his consent. 

    Checking, Empire found they were resting atop some massive branches, but figured they were sturdy enough for the ship to be safe. A voice speaking an alien language shouted something behind him, and he turned to see a humanoid figure dressed in a dark outfit that obscured all its features pointing a strange gun at him. He raced forward, dodging the blast, and swiftly overpowered his attacker. Still shocked at the idea of having encountered an alien, he brought his captive to the top of the ship to show to the rest of the crew, but they suddenly came under fire. Using Imperiatrix's guns, the crew returned fire, until another group of aliens arrived to drive the first away. 

    The leader of the newcomers made a friendly approach to the Imperiatrix crew, offering them sanctuary in his city Qianlong, and using antigravity technology, the aliens flew the Imperiatrix there. En route Captain Empire questioned the alien leader about their attackers and the world they were on, and was told their rescuers were peacekeepers serving "the Lady" who made their planet. After the crew enjoyed a peaceful night's rest, the next morning the Lady requested Captain Empire visit her tower. The moment he confirmed himself to be Captain Empire, her guards electrocuted him into unconsciousness, and the Lady ordered him strapped into a strange machine...

...and the rest of the story remains untold, but Captain Empire did eventually make it home. (see comments) 


(Excalibur I#44) - Captain Empire served as one of the judges panel in Otherworld when the Corps decided to court-martial Captain Britain-616 for breaking multiple operational directives, most notably attacking one of his own teammates. Britain's representative, Captain U.K.-238, tried to argue that her client was unaware of the regulations governing the Corps, but Justicer Bull-23238 insisted ignorance of the law was no excuse, Captain England-522 noted that the defendant was clearly an unruly brute, and Empire concurred, stating that "th' bounder should be flogged." 

    After Hauptmann Englande-587 presented the prosecution case, Captain Britain-616 rejected the court's authority, enraging the judges including Captain Empire. Treating this as a declaration of guilt, Officer Saxon-9108 sentenced Captain Britain-616 to immediate execution, and the courtroom descended into chaos as the Corps members in attendance all attacked the defendant en masse in a rush to enforce the ruling.  

(Excalibur I#45 - BTS) - The ensuing battle ended abruptly when Omniversal Majestrix Saturnyne arrived to deliver a decree from Supreme Omniversal Guardian Roma, ordering the Corps to cease punitive action against Captain Britain-616 and restore his freedom.


(Excalibur I#125) - Captain Empire attended the wedding on Otherworld of Captain Britain-616 to Meggan Puceanu-616.

(Excalibur II#1 - BTS) - When Otherworld was attacked by weaponized Warpies from Earth-616 under the command of the rogue computer Mastermind-616, Captain Empire was among the Corps members who rallied to its defence, but were devastated by their opponents.

(Excalibur II#1) - Unaware of the attack and still on Earth-616, Captain Britain had a nightmare where dozens of Corpsmen, including Captain Empire, demanded to know why he had forsaken them. 

(Excalibur II#2) - Many Corps members fell in battle, including Captain Empire, who was left for dead, lying in the snow. Only his fellow Corps member Crusader X-2122 remained fighting, until Captain Britain-616 and his allies arrived in Otherworld to lend a hand. 


(X-Men: Die By The Sword#3 (fb) - BTS) - Captain Empire (and many of the other fallen Corps members) either recovered from his wounds or was resurrected.

(X-Men: Die By The Sword#3) - When Otherworld was again threatened, this time by a resurrected Mad Jim Jaspers, who had begun turning everyone who stood in his way into ersatz versions of the Fury, the Corps was again summoned to the Starlight Citadel's defence. Captain Empire joined his fellows at the Citadel as Saturnyne sent them into battle.

(X-Men: Die By The Sword#2 - BTS) - The Corps attacked Jaspers and his Furies.

(X-Men: Die By The Sword#3) - Jaspers devastated the Corps, and nearly turned Captain U.K.-238 before her teammates intervened. As Justicer Bull-23238 dragged Captain U.K. to safety, Captain Empire moved up to attack Jaspers.

(X-Men: Die By The Sword#3 or 4 - BTS) - Captain Empire was either incapacitated, slain or turned into a Fury. 

(Uncanny X-Force I#22 (fb) - BTS) - Detecting an approaching threat to all reality, Merlyn had the reality warping Jamie Braddock restore the slain Corps, presumably including Captain Empire.

(Uncanny X-Force I#20-23 - BTS) - Captain Empire presumably took part in defending Otherworld once again.

(New Avengers III#30 (fb) - BTS) - The Corps began investigating the collapse of the multiverse, drawing the unwanted attention of the Ivory Kings, who targeted and destroyed them. Captain Empire was presumably either slain during the conflict or killed when his reality was destroyed. (see comments) 

Comments: Created by Alan Moore and Alan Davis.

    After first appearing as a throwaway cameo in Captain Britain's strip, Captain Empire got his own story in the fanzine Paper Empire, written and published by Dominic Regan with Alan Moore's permission. In that story he was identified as Robert Doherty, and the Marvel Handbook entry for the Corps subsequently confirmed that was indeed Captain Empire's real name. I've only got three of the four parts, and lack Paper Empire#2, so if anyone who reads this has access to that issue, please get in touch with either a synopsis, or even better, a scan! What information I have about the plot of issue#2 comes from the recap in#3. Paper Empire renamed itself Captain Empire with the fourth issue, which also proved to be the last, ending his story mid-adventure. The Lady of Qianlong's motivations for stealing the Imperiatrix and its crew from Earth remain a mystery, but since she seemed specifically after Captain Empire, she might have had a grudge against Merlyn or the Corps.

    One nice thing about Paper Empire is that it handles the Corps properly, something stories by Marvel, especially those done after Alan Davis' Excalibur run, rarely do. Many Marvel tales treat the Corps as throwaway antagonists, slightly varying in appearance but otherwise identical and expendable - in many cases artists have even altered their costume colorings to make them more homogeneous. The Corps suffers from the inverse ninja law. Individually, they are immensely powerful, but as a group they are there to make the "real" hero look outnumbered and so more impressive when the Corps are beaten but the "real hero" prevails, or they are there to die in great numbers in order to demonstrate how powerful the villain is, so that the "real" hero (again) looks more impressive when they win the day. The Imperial Guard notably suffer from the same problem. And like the Guard, because writers consider them as background and plot devices, they are killed off with ridiculous regularity, only for the ones seen to die frequently turning up alive and well in subsequent stories. Hence why the Guard have now become an organization of easily replaced legacy characters, further devaluing them as individuals. The Corps, at least, has a history of being able to resurrect their members. What Dominic Regan and a handful of other writers (such as Alan Davis) do right with the Corps is to treat them as interesting individuals in their own right, and with their own stories to tell. Regan didn't just treat Empire with respect, but also made Kommandant Englander and Captain Angleterre distinct characters. It's the differences between them that provide the story potential so rarely realized in Corps appearances. It's one of the reasons I personally object to the term "Captain Britain Corps." They were just the Corps to begin with; Captain Britain was a minor member, not someone the other members would identify themselves as being a pale copy of. It wasn't until the term had become common among fans that the Corps began to be called Captain Britain Corps in the comics. It makes a bit more sense now, ever since Captain Britain became their leader, but even so I'm not fond of the term - it robs the members of their individual identities.  /rant

    At one point in Paper Empire#1, Captain Empire mentions he nearly "went for a Burton" during the Channel tunnel incident. In the real world, and so presumably also Earth-741, this originated as RAF slang for dying, especially by drowning. Though by no means definitive proof, given his character and world as well, it's hardly a big leap to assume that Captain Empire was once in the British Armed Forces, possibly the RAF. The incident happened "June last year," which at time of publication was 1984, but obviously that date should probably be considered a topical reference - however, it is useful to note in terms of comparing the tunnel construction dates in Earth-741 to those other realities (like our own).

    When he has his "incident" with Kommandant Englander, it is possible he wasn't checking out her bosom, but rather noticing the swastika thereon - though a dotted line from his eyes hits her chest below the swastika, which seems to suggest that yes, he was checking her out. If instead it was the swastika that caught his attention, then arguably his turning her down might be partially down to a dislike for Nazis. However, it is also possible that he had no idea what Nazis were. One of the causes of the decline of the British Empire was the cost of fighting two World Wars. It's feasible that these never happened on Earth-741, which would also account for Britain, Russia and Japan all remaining Empires.

    Captain Empire first appeared in a black and white strip, which was later colored for reprinting in X-Men Archives, January 1996. In that story, his moustache was shown to be a brown, perhaps with a tinge of red. Prior to that, in 1991 he had reappeared in Excalibur I#44, where his moustache was definitely gray. And it was gray again in Excalibur volume 2 (2001), then brown in X-Men: Die By the Sword (2007). However, though his appearances in Paper Empire/Captain Empire were black and white, in Captain Empire Part IV, he is identified as the "red-haired one." Perhaps the unseen events that took place after that issue turned his hair prematurely gray, or several decades passed for him between that adventure and his appearance in Excalibur. He certainly looked old while lying on the battlefield in Excalibur volume 2. As for how his hair stopped being gray? Perhaps a consequence of being resurrected, assuming he'd died in that battle. Or maybe he's just dying his hair now, out of vanity. 

    Though most people presumed that virtually all of the Corps were slain by the Warpies in the Excalibur miniseries, it was entirely possible that many were merely incapacitated. Regardless, even if slain, they were clearly either resurrected or had identical doppelgangers recruited to replace them, as evidenced by some of those seemingly slain individuals, such as Captain Empire, being seen alive and well in X-Men: Die By The Sword... just in time to be slain by Jaspers or his Furies. But again, they got better. Captain Empire wasn't seen to die in DBTS, but the only confirmed Corps survivors of that battle were Captain Britain-616, Albion-70518, Captain U.K.-238, Justicer Bull-23238 and Maid Britannia-8406. But once AGAIN, they got better. Though he wasn't among the resurrected in Uncanny X-Force, we were not only told that Jamie Braddock had restored the Corps using his powers, but saw at least one Corps member whose death was explicitly shown in DBTS, Brother Brit-Man-65, alive and well again in Uncanny X-Force. Many of the Corps were again slain in that story, this time by the forces of the Goat demon Horoam'ce, and then the Corps was wiped out bar two members, Spider-UK-833 and Captain Britain-616 in New Avengers, but given how often the Corps' entire roster has been destroyed, only to come back from the dead (even more than most superheroes do), it's probably a safe bet Captain Empire and his comrades will be back sooner or later.

    All that said, it might be argued that there have actually been multiple versions of Captain Empire, each from a similar but nevertheless different reality. This would explain away the changes in costume and hair color, and how he has been seen to be slain a few times yet back alive and well later. However, its no great stretch for it to be the same guy each time - Captain Britain-616 has undergone several costume changes in the same amount of time, AND had multiple resurrections, and the changing color of his hair (or rather, his moustache) can be put down to artistic errors or (in-universe) for the reasons listed a couple of paragraphs above. As such, and for simplicity's sake, I've treated the appearances as all being the same individual.

    Captain Empire has never been shown to have interacted with Jamie Braddock, but I've listed Jamie in Empire's affiliations anyway. Jamie was acknowledged as having restored the Corps after Jaspers slew them. Empire was almost certainly amongst the victims and hence among those Jamie resurrected, and anyone who brings you back from the dead has to be counted as an ally I feel.

Profile by Loki.

Captain Empire has no known connections to:


    A world where the British Empire remains dominant, Earth-741 is also a world where trains still run on steam. The Channel Tunnel was constructed in the early 1980s and finished by 1984 (in the real world, though the idea had been mooted as early as 1802, the decision to finally build wasn't confirmed until 1985, tunneling began in 1988 and it wasn't completed until 1992) with a glass-roofed coastal entrance at the British end. In the United American Republics, the liberal President Norma Jean Kennedy won the elections in 1984, initiating greater friendship with the Empire. Nippon and Russia both maintain their respective empires, while Spain, Portugal, Germany and the UAR all have colonies in South America, where they are struggling to stamp out the re-emergence of ancient tribal death cults across the continent.

    Einstein's companion called it "Merlin's patchwork world," though why isn't revealed.

    The partial world map to the right shows the British Empire in black.

    In certain respects, Earth-741's Britain lives up to the better stereotypes of British honour: Captain Empire asks Rendel if any of the captured spies have given up the identities of their employers, and Rendel states that they are professionals and so would only do so if they were tortured - at which point Empire sighs and notes "and we don't do that sort of thing," and Rendel replies with conviction "Definitely not!" 

--Paper Empire#1 (Paper Empire2-3; (Reality-741, but not Earth-741) Captain Empire Part IV


    An intelligent mouse capable of speaking via an electronic device, Einstein worked with or for a skull-faced robot or cyborg, and they monitored events on Earth-741. Einstein mapped out connections between seemingly unconnected occurrences using Merlin's "computer" (which he said in quotes, suggesting it somehow wasn't what would normally be considered a computer), trying to see through the "manipulation" to figure out what was really happening. 

--Paper Empire#2

Joseph Rendel

    An operative of the UK Space Group, Joseph Rendel accompanied Captain Empire to Nairobi and later joined him on the Imperiatrix rocket for its emergency launch into orbit, and subsequent unplanned interstellar trip. 

--Paper Empire#1 (Paper Empire2-3, Captain Empire Part IV

The Lady

    Ruler of the city Qianlong on a distant alien world, and alleged creator of said world, the Lady had sinister plans for Captain Empire.

    But we never found out what they were. 

--Paper Empire# (Captain Empire Part IV

images: (without ads)
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Paper Empire#1, p12, pan5 (headshot)
Paper Empire#1, p7, pan11 (caught in an explosion)
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Paper Empire#3, cover (spacesuit)
Excalibur I#44, p1, pan 1 (as a judge at Captain Britain#s trial)
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Excalibur II#2, p2, pan1 (fallen on an Otherworld battlefield)
X-Men: Die By The Sword#3, p4, pan4 (with the Corps prior to Jaspers' attack)
Paper Empire#3, cover (Earth-741 world map)
Paper Empire#3, p1, pan5 (Einstein and friend)
Paper Empire#3, p8, pan2 (Rendel)
Captain Empire Part IV, p15, pan4 (the Lady)

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