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Real Name: Joseph "Joe" MacTaggert

Identity/Class: Human (UK)

Occupation: Politician;
former soldier

Group Membership: British Parliament;
formerly Royal British Marine Corps

Affiliations: Wallis (butler)

Enemies: Proteus (Kevin MacTaggert), Charles Xavier

Known Relatives: Moira MacTaggert-Kinross (wife, deceased), Kevin MacTaggert (son, deceased)

Aliases: "One-I-Hate"

Base of Operations:  Edinburgh, Scotland

First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men I#127 (November 1979)

Powers/Abilities: Before his reality warping son Proteus took him for a host, Joe MacTaggert possessed no superhuman powers. He was a strong-willed, brash and at times arrogant and violent former military commando turned politician who wasn't beyond manipulating or threatening people to accomplish his goals.

Height: Unrevealed
Weight: Unrevealed
Eyes: Blue
Black, white at the temples

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(Uncanny X-Men I#389 (fb) ) - Glasgow native Joe MacTaggert was a lance corporal in the Royal British Marine Corps when he met and fell in love with Oxford student Moira Kinross. When Joe met Moira's Oxford classmate Charles Xavier, he immediately disliked him, perhaps unconsciously sensing the bald American harbored romantic feelings for his lady. Xavier, not even using his telepathy, picked up on Joe's dislike towards him but decided to challenge Joe for Moira's hand. Instead, he agreed to accompany them on a weekend bike excursion to the country.

   Their getaway led the trio to a pub near the Devon Coast where they decided to stop for a break. When Moira excused herself for a moment, Joe ganged up on Xavier and confronted him with the fact that Moira needed a proper man to keep her in place, despite her being clan chieftain. Further proving his point that Moira was his woman, he forcibly planted a kiss so intimate it shocked the pub's patrons and made Moira so embarrassed she decided to leave with Joe. Xavier watched them go off in the pouring rain, with Moira forced to share Joe's cycle because she loaned hers to Charles.

   Shortly after leaving the pub, Joe and Moira got into an accident when Joe underestimated the poor weather conditions and crashed his bike. Xavier's telepathy picked up Moira's distress and anxiety as he rode her bike to their rescue. Finding Joe banged up, unconscious but otherwise unhurt, Charles looked for Moira and used his telepathy to reach out to her. When their two minds met, Moira and Charles fell in love. Moira broke up with Joe when he was recuperating in the hospital.

(Uncanny X-Men I#389 (fb) - BTS) - Being shot down didn't deter MacTaggert in the slightest. He remained a presence in Moira's life and when Charles Xavier was summoned to fight a war for his country in Asia, he swooped in and succesfully rekindled their romance. Proposing marriage, Moira accepted and was forced to send Xavier a "Dear John" letter in which she broke the news while he was still deployed as a soldier.

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(Uncanny X-Men I#127 (fb) ) - The marriage between Joe and Moira wasn't a happy one, even as he pursued his career in politics and Moira focused on her work and became an expert in the field of genetics, eventually even winning a Nobel prize.    Joe's political career flourished, aided by the fact he was married to a famed, Nobel winning geneticist. He won a seat in the British House of Parliament and made such a name for himself he was even considered a popular choice for Great Britain's next prime minister. Despite their many accolades, Joe was frequently physically abusive. Moira finally left him when Joe beat her so severly she was hospitalized for a week during a visit to New York.

(Uncanny X-Men I#127 (fb) - BTS) - After leaving Joe and establishing herself on Muir Island, Moira learned she was pregnant with MacTaggert's child. Refusing to tell him, she gave birth to her son Kevin in secret and was horrified to discover he was a mutant, whose reality altering abilities were so potent he needed to inhabit and leech off other people's physical forms in order to survive. Labelling her own child "Mutant X", she was forced to imprison him on Muir Island while she desperately sought a cure.

   Over the course of his childhood, Kevin grew up resentful of Moira, but especially of his father who he dubbed "the one-I-hate".

(Uncanny X-Men I#104 - BTS) - During a confrontation against the X-Men on Muir Island, Magneto walked off in triumph, inadvertently setting in motion a chain of events that caused "Mutant X" to break free from his cell.

(Uncanny X-Men I#127 - BTS) - After spreading a trail of death and destruction and killing one of Jamie Madrox's clones, Proteus took over ferry boat captain Angus MacWhirter's body which allowed him to get off Muir Island and move to Edinburgh to look for his dad. Realizing Kevin was after his father, Moira MacTaggert set off for Joe's residence in Edinburgh.

(Uncanny X-Men I#127) - Moira pushed herself and her jeep to the limit in order to cover the distance between Muir and Edinburgh in record time. MacTaggert's butler Wallis showed her in, after which she was confronted with Joe who was more than a little surprised to see his estranged wife. He tried to charm her, in an attempt to figure out what prompted her sudden visit. When he coldly stated a divorce was out of the question because he still found being married to a Nobel Prize winner useful politically, Moira plainly told him he left her pregnant and that she suspected their son was coming to kill him.

   Enraged at the news she kept his heir from him for over twenty years, MacTaggert moved to hit Moira who pulled a gun on him. Cursing her out, Joe sent her off, assuring that her conscience was clear for telling him. Moments later, just as Joe was trying to reach the local police in order to either get some protection or have his wife arrested, Proteus showed up and claimed Joe's form.

   Proteus, in his new body, confronted his mother who was shocked to find that her son seemed different: his voice and manner were like Joe's. Proteus explained that by absorbing his father, he realized how much they were alike. Proteus reveled in MacTaggert's passion and raw strength, claiming his form would last him a long time.

(Uncanny X-Men I#128 - BTS) - After the X-Men fought Proteus in the streets of Edinburgh, the reality warping mutant was forced to use his powers in such a degree he finally burned out Joe MacTaggert's body. Forced to abandon his father's form, he tried to take over one of the X-Men but was finally dispersed when Colossus used his organic steel frame to disrupt Kevin's energy matrix.

(Classic X-Men I#36/2 - BTS) - Despite the fact very little of their physical forms remained after their confrontation with the X-Men, father and son MacTaggert were buried next to each other in an Edinburgh graveyard.

(Classic X-Men I#36/2) - Accompanied by her lover Banshee (Sean Cassidy), an upset Moira MacTaggert visited Kevin and Joe's graves. Home on Muir Island, she figured that while Kevin's mind and body might be dead, his energy form was still around. By cloning her son's body, Moira theorized the energy would help recreate her son, this time free from the emotional impact that being conceived via rape had caused him. In the end, Banshee convinced her to let the idea go.

(Uncanny X-Men Annual I#15 - BTS) - Joe's Proteus-possessed form was called up by Moira MacTaggert when she informed X-Force, the New Warriors and her Islanders of the threat Proteus might form if villains Harness and Piecemeal succeeded in their scheme to collect Proteus' energies.

(Exiles I#71 - BTS) - A Proteus-possessed Joe MacTaggert briefly appeared on the Panoptichron's screens when Exiles member Heather Hudson called up an overview of how the history of the Proteus of Earth-616 should have unfolded if not for the Scarlet Witch causing the reality altering event known as the "House of M".

(X-Men: Legacy I#211 (fb) ) - Charles Xavier, tortured by vivid, guilt fueled nightmares, dreamed up his twin sister Cassandra Nova who took him on a dream journey across his less than stellar decisions and achievements. In the dream, Xavier subconsciously compared the way he had treated his own son Legion (David Haller) to the way Joseph MacTaggert dealt with Proteus. 

Comments: Created by Chris Claremont (writer), John Byrne (penciller), Terry Austin (inker).

Proteus mentioned that Joe's body lasted longer than others. This might have been due to MacTaggert's exceptional strong will or fine physical shape. Another explanation could be that his genetic makeup was more compatible with his son's (after all, half of it was his).

Profile by Norvo.

Joe MacTaggert has no known connections to:


Wallis was a butler assigned to take care of British Parliant Member Joseph "Joe" MacTaggert's household. The balding servant was courteous and polite, granting Moira MacTaggert access when she came to see her husband to warn him about the imminent threat of his son Proteus. Not wanting to discuss this rather delicate matter in public, Moira requested to talk to Joe alone, who immediately dismissed his man servant, adressing him by his nickname "Wallie".

--Uncanny X-Men I#127 

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Uncanny X-Men I#127, p10, pan2 (Wallis)

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