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Real Name: McShane (first name unrevealed) 

Identity/Class: Human (UK citizen)  

Occupation: Gangster, nightclub owner 

Group Membership: Unidentified Glasgow gang

Affiliations: Bobbie;
possibly the McCloud Brothers (see Comments)

Enemies: Dai Thomas, Captain Britain (Brian Braddock), Meggan Puceanu;
possibly the McCloud Brothers (see Comments)  

Known Relatives: None 

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: McShane's, a nightclub in Glasgow, Scotland 

First Appearance: Captain Britain II#14 (February, 1986) 

Powers/Abilities: None

History: (Captain Britain II#14 ) - McShane was a Glaswegian gangster who ran a nightclub. As part of a plan to draw out an assassin targeting Glasgow's gangsters, Captain Britain and his girlfriend Meggan posed as out-of-town mobsters trying to move in on Glasgow. The first location they targeted was McShane's, where McShane made it clear he was not interested in making his business a subordinate to theirs. Meggan responded that she was not interested in his opinion, and that as long as he understood her organization was taking over, they would get along swimmingly. In response and considering them nutters, McShane told his bouncer, Bobbie, to show them the door, but when Bobbie tried to do so, Captain Britain smashed the club's bar to pieces with a single blow, then proceeded to wreck the rest of the joint while the two crooks stood watching in shock. The two undercover superheroes then departed the club, with Meggan telling the stunned McShane and Bobbie to remember what she had said, and insincerely apologizing about the mess. 

Comments: Created by Alan Davis (script and pencils) and Mark Farmer (inker). A Marvel UK character.

As a Glasgow gangster, McShane would either be an ally or an enemy of the unseen McCloud Brothers who were sending Shoulders McGill and Silver Death to eliminate their rivals. McShane still being alive might be because he was working with the McClouds, or simply because they hadn't gotten around to targeting him yet.

Bampots, the name used by McShane to describe Meggan and Captain Britain, is a Scottish insult, identifying the person described as an idiot or crazy. 

McShane is based on John McShane, then co-owner of the A.K.A. comic shop in Glasgow, and a noted comics historian. As well as being close friends with Alan Davis, he is also one of the founders of Fat Man Press, the independent comics company that was the first publisher of John Wagner, Alan Grant and Robin Smith's Bogie Man (where, iirc, he had another cameo appearance, though not as a gangster this time), and helped found the original Toxic comic; Mark Millar credits A.K.A. Books as being the shop that got him addicted to the comics medium. Bobbie, the bouncer, was one of A.K.A.'s shop's staff (I used to shop there), though sadly I can't recall his name. Around the same time as this story was published, Gary Erskine, who went on to draw Captain Britain and Dai Thomas in the Knights of Pendragon mini-series, worked in Forbidden Planet, the rival comic shop along the road - which, unlike the previous statements, has nothing to do with this entry, but I felt is interesting trivia.

Bobbie is based on Bob Napier, the other co-founder of the now defunct A.K.A. comic shop in Glasgow.
--Kid Robson

Profile by Loki.

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Bobbie was McShane's bouncer / enforcer, a towering 6'6" (he was the same height as Brian Braddock) mountain of muscle. When McShane told him to show the two interlopers the door, he confidently told Captain Britain to go outside the club, presumably expecting to fight him there and deeming his opponent a "pretty boy" who would not be too much of a challenge, but to his clear shock Captain Britain instead smashed the bar into kindling with a single karate-like blow. He and McShane continued to watch, intimidated, as the hero wrecked the rest of the club with ease, then wordlessly stood by as Meggan and Captain Britain calmly departed. 



--Captain Britain II#14



McShane's was a nightclub owned by the Glaswegian gangster McShane. While posing as an underworld enforcer, Captain Britain smashed the bar and much of the interior into small pieces. 


--Captain Britain II#14

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Captain Britain II#14, p6, pan2 (main image)
Captain Britain II#14, p6, pan5 (headshot)
Captain Britain II#14, p6, pan4 (Bobbie)
Captain Britain II#14, p6, pan5 (Bobbie headshot)
Captain Britain II#14, p6, pan1 (McShane's)

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