Real Name: Neil MacKenzie

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Physics lecturer at Thames University, London

Group Membership: Faculty of Thames University, London

Affiliations: Tutor to Brian Braddock 

Enemies: Chief Inspector Dai Thomas (antagonistic differences of opinion rather than outright enmity)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Professor MacKenzie (see comments)

Base of Operations:  Thames University, London

First Appearance: Captain Britain Weekly#5/1 (November 10th, 1976)

Powers/Abilities: Dr.MacKenzie was presumably highly knowledgeable about physics.

History: (CB I#5/1) - Dr.MacKenzie was present when superhero Captain Britain awakened following his battle with supervillain Hurricane, who had been destroying the Thames University campus. As the hero stood up, Dr.MacKenzie advised him to take it easy after the beating he had taken. Then Courtney Ross, a student at the university, asked him if he had seen Brian Braddock, another student, but the Doctor was forced to admit he had not.

Later the students aided the rescue services and Captain Britain in trying to free people trapped in the rubble of buildings which had collapsed during Hurricane's attack. Chief Inspector Dai Thomas arrived and started to verbally attack the hero for his part in the destruction, but Dr.MacKenzie stepped in. He pointed out that Hurricane was the one who started the attack, and that Captain Britain merely defended it, saving many lives in the process. While he gave the angry cop an ear-bashing, the hero took the opportunity to slip away and change back into his civilian identity. The arguement was still going strong when Brian Braddock appeared. The elder academic broke off his verbal duel with Thomas to express relief that his student was uninjured, then joined with everyone else to look when Sandy York announced to everyone that he had photos of the battle.  

Comments: Created by Chris Claremont (writer) and Herb Trimpe and Fred Kida (artists).

Though everyone refers to him as "Doctor MacKenzie", he describes his job to Dai Thomas as being "Professor in Physics". At least at the university I went to, the only real difference between a Doctor and a Professor was largely a combination of seniority and job title gifted by their employers. Even though it looks like he prefers to be called Dr.MacKenzie, if he holds a professorship, he would also be entitled to refer to himself as Professor MacKenzie. Hence I've listed that as an alias, even though we never see him called that. 

Profile by Loki

CLARIFICATIONS:  Not to be confused with


Captain Britain Weekly#5/1, p.3, panel 3

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