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Real Name: Not applicable

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Dimension of Manifestations) living fractal

Occupation: Pawn, spider-totem;
    former warrior of the Magus

Group Membership: None;
Church of the New Darkness/Cult of Carnage (Carnage/Cletus Kasady, John Jameson, Shriek/Frances Barrison, others), Spider-Army (Arachnido, Jr. of Earth-15349, Lady Spider/May Reilly of Earth-803, Octo-Spidey/Peter Parker of Earth-11983, Scarlet Spider/Ben Reilly of Earth-98311, Scarlet Spider/Kaine Parker, Silk/Cindy Moon, Sp//dr/Peni Parker of Earth-14512, Spider-Boy/Pete Ross of Earth-9602, "Spider-Fist" of Earth-19156, Spider-Girl/Anya Corazon, Spider-Girl/May Parker of Earth-982, Spider-Ham/Peter Porker of Earth-8311, Spider-Horse/Widow of Earth-31913, Spider-Jameson/John Jameson of Earth-78327, "Spider-Man" of Earth-15151, "Spider-Man" of Earth-51142, Spider-Man of Earth-66115, Spider-Man/Hobie Brown of Earth-138, Spider-Man/Hulk of Earth-200527, Spider-Man/Miles Morales of Earth-1610, Spider-Man/Patrick O'Hara of Earth-31913, Spider-Man/Pavitr Prabhakar of Earth-50101, Spider-Man/Peter Parker, Spider-Man/Peter Parker of Earth-7122, Spider-Man/Peter Parker of Earth-80219, Spider-Man/Peter Parker of Earth-96211, Spider-Man/Takuya Yamashiro of Earth-51778, Spider-Man 2099/Miguel O'Hara of Earth-928, Spider-Man J/Sho Amano of Earth-7041, "Spider-Pool" of Earth-96250, Spider-Prime/Kevin Green of Earth-93060, Spider-UK/Billy Braddock of Earth-833, Spider-Woman/Ashley Barton of Earth-807128, Spider-Woman/Gwen Stacy of Earth-65, Spider-Woman/Jessica Drew, Spider-Woman/Jessica Drew of Earth-1610, Spiderman of Earth-313710, Spiders Man of Earth-9997, numerous others); "Maximum Carnage" (Carnage/Cletus Kasady, Carrion/Malcolm McBride, Demogoblin, Shriek/Frances Barrison), Magus' doppelgangers (Captain America doppelganger, Iron Man doppelganger, Wolverine doppelganger, numerous others)

Affiliations: Anthropomorpho, Bloodshed (Wyndell Dickinson), Bushman (Raul Bushman), Church of the New Darkness/Cult of Carnage, Conundrum, Coyote, Foolkiller (Greg Salinger), the Freak (unidentified vagrant), Gale, Hippo (Mrs. Fluffy Lumpkins), Joystick (Janice Yanizeski), Karn of Earth-001, Knull, Magus (Adam Warlock "evil" counterpart), Magus' doppelgangers, Man-Bull (William Taurens), "Maximum Carnage," Mister Hyde (Calvin Zabo), Panda-Mania, Pyromania (Nolan), Snatcher, Webber, Wild Whip, Will o' the Wisp (Jackson Arvad);
    formerly Spider-Army

Enemies: The Avengers (Captain America/Steve Rogers, Hawkeye/Clint Barton, Spider-Man/Peter Parker, Thing/Ben Grimm, Wolverine/James Howlett), Black Cat (Felicia Hardy), Johnny Blaze, Chuck, Cloak (Tyrone Johnson), Clyde, Dagger (Tandy Bowen), Deadpool ("Wade Wilson"), Deathlok (Michael Collins), the Deathspawn, Ed, Father Martin, Firestar (Angelica Jones), Ghost Rider (Dan Ketch/Noble Kale), Guardsmen, Hag, Michael Hall, Hobgoblin (Jason Macendale, Jr.), the Inheritors of Earth-001 (Bora, Brix, Daemos, Jennix, Morlun, Verna), Iron Fist (Danny Rand), Iron Man (Tony Stark), Iron Rangers (Firebrick, Royal Blue), Misty Knight, Mercury Team (Agony/James Murphy, Lasher, Phage/Rico Axelson, Riot/Howard Ogden, Marcus Simms), Morbius (Michael Morbius), Becky Morrell, Cole Morrell, Eric Morrell, Hannah Morrell, Nightwatch (Kevin Trench), the NYPD Extreme Emergency Team, Randolph, Scorn (Tanis Nieves), Scream (Andi Benton), Troll, Venom (Eddie Brock), Mary Jane Watson;
    formerly Carnage (Cletus Kasady)

Known Relatives: Anthropomorpho (creator), Captain America doppelganger, Hellspawn, Iron Man doppelganger, Moonshade, Wolverine doppelganger, numerous others (brethren)

Aliases: "Beast," "Boy," "Bug," "Cutie-Eyes," "James Dean," "the 'Dope'elganger," "Doppel," "Dopple," "Doppy," "Junior," "Mindless One," "Precious," "the Simple-Minded Brute," "Smiley," the Spider-Doppelganger, the Spider-Man Doppelganger, "Spider-Mockery," "Sweetheart"

Base of Operations: New York City, New York, USA

First Appearance: Infinity War I#1 (June, 1992)

Powers/Abilities: Doppelganger is a living fractal, at least originally able to assume the form and attributes of any being real or abstract, but this ability appears to no longer exist to the extent it once did after it took physical form.

Shaped into the basic form of a twisted Spider-Man counterpart, Doppelganger has superhuman strength sufficient to pick up cars with its bare hands, speed and agility equal to that of Spider-Man's, and its limited shapeshifting ability provides it with superhuman durability, as it can survive all but the most severe injuries by shifting its form to recover. This shapeshifting ability also allows it to slightly alter its form such as transforming from a more humanoid to arachnoid form or regrowing lost limbs. It also typically possesses three pairs of arms, the first pair originating from standard shoulder height, the second pair originating around the middle of the ribcage, and the third originating from the lower abdomen, closer to the bottom of the ribcage. It possesses two fingers and a thumb on each hand and two toes on each foot with a dewclaw-like claw originating from its heel.

Doppelganger possesses razor-sharp claws and teeth that allow it scale most solid surfaces and rend most substances. It can also project razor-sharp organic webbing to ensnare foes.

Doppelganger once possessed a psychic link to Demogoblin, allowing Demogoblin to send Doppelganger orders from afar. Demogoblin could even revive Doppelganger from serious injuries due to their link. This link apparently disappeared upon Demogoblin's death and whether it has been reestablished with Demogoblin's resurrection in a different body remains to be seen.

Height: (Original form) variable; (as Doppelganger) 6'5"
Weight: (Original form) variable; (as Doppelganger) 230 lbs.
Eyes: White
Hair: None


(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Spider-Man 2005 - BTS) - The being later known as Doppelganger was created by Anthropomorpho, ruler of the Dimension of Manifestations, as a living geometric fractal pattern within the Dimension of Manifestations, able to assume the form and attributes of any being real or abstract.

(Quasar I#38 (fb)) - The evil Adam Warlock counterpart known as the Magus made a deal with the Dimension of Manifestations' ruler Anthropomorpho to transform fractals into evil doppelgangers for every superhero on Earth. The Spider-Man Doppelganger was one of the first to be transformed, emerging from the Dimension of Manifestations alongside doppelgangers of Earth's heroic Wolverine, Iron Man and Captain America.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Spider-Man 2005 - BTS) - The Doppelganger received limited mental conditioning and gained the capacity for slight behavioral changes.

(Fantastic Four I#366 (fb) - BTS) - The Doppelganger Spider-Man was tasked with destroying its heroic counterpart on Earth.

(Infinity War I#1/Spider-Man I#24) - As the heroic Spider-Man swung through New York City, his Doppelganger stalked the hero, watching him from a distance.

(Infinity War I#1) - Gritting its teeth and drooling as Spider-Man swung by, the Doppelganger swung off to pursue its heroic counterpart.

(Fantastic Four I#366 - BTS/Spider-Man I#24) - Eventually, the Doppelganger attacked Spider-Man, an act watched from afar by the Magus.

(Spider-Man I#24) - Surprised and unsure what exactly the Doppelganger was, Spider-Man hurled Doppelganger over the side of a building to buy himself time to figure out what was going on. Landing on its back, the Doppelganger got back up, shoved cars out of its way with ease, then crawled up the wall of the building towards its prey. As Spider-Man realized he would eventually have to fight the Doppelganger and decided to take the fight away from Hobgoblin and Demogoblin, who were fighting each nearby, the Doppelganger caught back up to the hero. Spider-Man escaped the Doppelganger, however, by aiding Hobgoblin in escaping Demogoblin then hitching a ride on the Hobgoblin's glider via web line. Doppelganger quickly caught back up and severed Spider-Man's web line with its own razor-sharp webbing that also grazed the Hobgoblin's arm. Spider-Man and the Hobgoblin then reluctantly teamed up against the Doppelganger and Demogoblin, with Spider-Man battling the Doppelganger hand-to-hand. Knocking the Doppelganger out, Spider-Man turned to see how the Hobgoblin was doing, only to find the Hobgoblin pointing a gun. The Hobgoblin then fired, hitting the revived Doppelganger, whom Spider-Man was unaware was lunging at him. The gunfire knocked Doppelganger completely backward into the air.

(Infinity War I#1/Spider-Man I#24) - Doppelganger landed atop the fence and was impaled on one of the fence posts. A battle-weary Spider-Man looked at the fallen creature, wishing he had more answers as to what the creature was.

(Spider-Man I#24) - Unbeknownst to the departing Spider-Man and Hobgoblin, Demogoblin returned and scooped up the Doppelganger, remarking on how the Doppelganger might be of use in his campaign against evil.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#112/4 (fb) - BTS) - Demogoblin placed the lifeless Doppelganger in the walk-in freezer of the closed Alberto's upscale restaurant for cold storage.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Spider-Man 2005 - BTS) - Demogoblin unknowingly infused the Doppelganger with supernatural energy, allowing it to remain on Earth while the other Magus-serving doppelgangers disappeared following the Magus' defeat.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#112/4) - As the Doppelganger's frozen form lay in the freezer, Demogoblin wondered aloud why the Doppelganger did not disappear like the other duplicate heroes had. Figuring fate had deposited the Doppelganger into his lap, Demogoblin mused on how best to make use of the Doppelganger before flying off to search the area where Doppelganger first appeared, hoping to find clues on how to resurrect the impaled creature.

(Web of Spider-Man I#93) - After being taken into custody, Demogoblin reached out psychically in hopes of somehow reviving the Doppelganger. Somehow awakened by the psychic summons, the Doppelganger emerged from the deep freezer in the former Alberto's restaurant.

(Web of Spider-Man I#94) - The Doppelganger made its way to Demogoblin, who ordered Doppelganger to strike at any sinners in his name along the way. Upon arrival at the police station, Doppelganger attacked two police officers and the newly-freed Demogoblin ordered Doppelganger to come along as he prepared an attack on the Hobgoblin.

(Web of Spider-Man I#95) - As Spider-Man swung by the church Demogoblin was using as a base with the Hobgoblin in tow, Demogoblin emerged from the church to go after Hobgoblin, remarking that Doppelganger could do what it wished with Spider-Man as long as Demogoblin was able to kill Hobgoblin. Pursuing Spider-Man and Hobgoblin alongside Demogoblin, the Doppelganger soon leaped at Spider-Man but Spider-Man, having sensed danger due to his Spider-Sense, dropped lower in the air, causing Doppelganger to smack into the side of a building. Doppelganger quickly caught back up to Spider-Man and Hobgoblin, who had stopped on a nearby rooftop, and Doppelganger regrouped with the arriving Demogoblin to confront Spider-Man and Hobgoblin. Doppelganger soon leaped at Spider-Man, who kicked the creature into Demogoblin. When Spider-Man tried to swing away, however, Doppelganger fired a strand of razor-sharp webbing that cut Spider-Man's web line. Doppelganger then accompanied Demogoblin to the church where Spider-Man and Hobgoblin had landed to ensure the two had perished. Finding only the pastor, Demogoblin was warned to leave the hallowed ground and Doppelganger responded by leaping to attack the pastor. Demogoblin grabbed Doppelganger's leg and halted the attack, insisting that the holy man not be harmed, only the sinners. When Spider-Man returned to check on the pastor, Demogoblin, continuing to hold back Doppelganger, offered the pastor's life in exchange for Hobgoblin's. Before any more could be said, symbiote Spider-Man foe Venom erupted up from the sewers beneath the church carrying captured Deathwatch agents Hag and Troll and Doppelganger immediately attacked Venom. As Doppelganger and Venom battled, Ghost Rider and Johnny Blaze emerged from the hole in the floor, surrounded by Deathspawn creatures. The Deathspawn grabbed the still-bound Hobgoblin and returned to the sewers and Doppelganger and Venom both rolled down into the sewers as well, followed by the pursuing Spider-Man, Ghost Rider and Blaze.

(Ghost Rider/Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance I#5) - Doppelganger continued battling Venom until the Deathspawn captured it. Doppelganger was later found by Ghost Rider, Blaze and Venom stuck to a sewer wall alongside the similarly captured Demogoblin, Hobgoblin, Spider-Man and Father Martin.

(Web of Spider-Man I#96) - Doppelganger was freed from the wall by Demogoblin and nearly killed Hobgoblin before Demogoblin stopped the creature, insisting that he would kill Hobgoblin. As Demogoblin focused on Hobgoblin, Doppelganger sensed someone nearby and wandered off. Finding Venom, Doppelganger immediately lunged at Venom, pummeling and spraying the villain with its jagged webbing. Doppelganger continued savagely fighting Venom until he was summoned back by Demogoblin to assist against Spider-Man, who had arrived to save Hobgoblin's life. Venom pursued and knocked Doppelganger head first into the sewer floor. Doppelganger quickly recovered and webbed up Venom, who responded by hurling Doppelganger into Demogoblin. Spider-Man then jumped between Demogoblin and Doppelganger, kicking them both apart.

(Web of Spider-Man I#98 (fb) - BTS) - Doppelganger was dragged off into the sewers by the Deathspawn alongside Demogoblin.

(Web of Spider-Man I#98) - Remaining in the sewers, Doppelganger howled in pain as rats swarmed him. Soon, two surviving Deathspawn entered Doppelganger's form.

(Spider-Man Unlimited I#1) - When the villains Carnage and Shriek escaped Ravencroft Asylum, Carnage spotted what he thought was Spider-Man and dropped down to investigate, only to be attacked by the savage Doppelganger. Carnage immediately pinned Doppelganger against the wall with a symbiote tendril but Shriek took a liking to the monstrous creature, eventually stopping Carnage from killing the Doppelganger. Reluctantly agreeing to let Doppelganger become part of his murderous crew, Carnage suggested Doppelganger could keep Shriek busy while he attended to some personal business. When Shriek and Doppelganger subsequently saw Spider-Man swinging through the city, Shriek fired a sonic blast from the shadows to lure Spider-Man down then sicced Doppelganger on the hero. Spider-Man dodged Doppelganger's first attack, leading to Doppelganger faceplanting against a rooftop vent. Spider-Man then dodged Doppelganger's subsequent swipe and punched Doppelganger, leaving the creature open for a kick. Doppelganger then managed to get a punch in, knocking Spider-Man off-balance, but Spider-Man responded by webbing up Doppelganger's legs, causing it to trip. The two continued fighting with Shriek occasionally trying to hit Spider-Man with her sonic blasts until Spider-Man managed to web up Doppelganger. When Spider-Man subsequently punched Shriek, Doppelganger recovered and hit Spider-Man with a devastating kick before grabbing Shriek and fleeing the scene.

(Web of Spider-Man I#101 (fb) - BTS) - Unbeknownst to Doppelganger, Demogoblin had begun tracking the creature, aware of the dormant Deathspawn creatures still residing within Doppelganger's form.

(Web of Spider-Man I#101) - Having gotten Shriek safely away from Spider-Man, Doppelganger began to turn back to take care of Spider-Man itself and despite Shriek's pleas that there was no need to turn back since they needed to meet back up with Carnage, Doppelganger dropped Shriek and swung back towards Spider-Man, unaware he had been rescued by the vigilantes Cloak and Dagger. Knowing Doppelganger was aware that her sonic powers would cushion her fall, Shriek admitted to herself that she could not fully control Doppelganger's bloodlust for killing Spider-Man and suggested she might have to trim its claws personally once they were finished with Spider-Man. Eventually tracking Spider-Man down, Doppelganger burst through the window of Holy Ghost Church and attacked Cloak, Dagger and Spider-Man. Moments later, Shriek appeared as well and caved the roof in, warning that they would talk about Doppelganger's punishment for leaving her later. Having survived the cave in thanks to Cloak's teleportational powers, Spider-Man, Cloak and Dagger soon reentered the fray and Doppelganger immediately leapt to attack his heroic counterpart. Dagger aided Spider-Man by hitting one of Doppelganger's claws with a light dart and Spider-Man webbed up two more claws and punched Doppelganger in the teeth. Recovering from his battle with Shriek, Cloak then followed up by attempting to pull Doppelganger into the folds of his cloak but he was interrupted by the arrival of Carnage, who pulled Shriek and Doppelganger from the heroes' clutches. When Dagger fired a light dart at Shriek, Doppelganger responded by firing razor-sharp weblines at Dagger. Cloak came to Dagger's defense and the Doppelganger continued trying to hit Cloak with webbing despite the webbing passing harmlessly into Cloak's cloak. The Doppelganger continued trying to web Cloak anyway until Dagger hit one of his claws with a light dart once more. Shriek soon managed to hit Dagger with a sonic blast that nearly took out Spider-Man as well and when Carnage struck Shriek for nearly killing his "prey" Spider-Man, Doppelganger turned to attack Carnage in retaliation. Shriek fled during Doppelganger's distraction and Carnage scooped up Doppelganger in a symbiote tendril and pursued Shriek, determined to remind her who the boss of their little group was. As the trio swung away, they missed Demogoblin, who was lurking in the shadows after having tracked Doppelganger there.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#378) - Carnage, with Doppelganger in tow, ultimately caught up to Shriek and Carnage angrily reminded her that Spider-Man was his alone to kill. Fiercely protective of Shriek, Doppelganger lunged at Carnage but was easily swatted aside. Cowering, Doppelganger remained by Shriek's side as she assured Carnage that she was on his side. The trio then set out on a murder spree and when a police officer arrived on the scene of one of their murders, Shriek ordered Doppelganger to take care of him. Doppelganger responded by wrapping his barbed webbing around the police officer's neck and yanking hard on the web, effectively killing the officer. Later, when Venom tracked down Carnage in New York, Carnage unleashed Shriek and Doppelganger against the symbiote anti-hero.

(Spider-Man I#35 (fb) - BTS) - Using his psychic link with Doppelganger, Demogoblin continued to track the creature as he joined Carnage and Shriek as they departed following their defeat of Venom.

(Spider-Man I#35) - Doppelganger accompanied Carnage and Shriek to a storehouse for rock show props, at which point Carnage suggested Shriek have Doppelganger drop the guards. Demogoblin soon appeared on the scene, admitting he had tracked Doppelganger there, and proclaimed Carnage and Shriek to be his next victims. As Demogoblin attacked Carnage and Shriek, Doppelganger remained in place, unsure whether to help Shriek or Demogoblin. Upon learning that Demogoblin planned to kill all sinners, Carnage suggested Demogoblin instead join them and Demogoblin accepted the offer to join Doppelganger, Carnage and Shriek's murder spree in an effort to expedite his quest. Before the assemblage could depart the scene, however, a vengeful Cloak appeared and announced his plans to avenge Dagger, prompting Carnage to order Doppelganger to finish Cloak off. Spider-Man, with his allies Venom and Black Cat, arrived soon after to rescue Cloak and Shriek quickly ordered Doppelganger to assist her against Black Cat. Doppelganger responded by catching Black Cat's leg with a strand of barbed web but Black Cat managed to cut the web free with her claws. Carnage soon ordered Demogoblin to set fire to the warehouse roof, bringing it down, and Doppelganger followed Carnage, Shriek and Demogoblin as they escaped during the roof collapse. Spider-Man and Venom tried to pursue the criminals but the weakened Venom collapsed and Spider-Man quickly noticed Black Cat had been buried in the collapsed roof.

(Spectacular Spider-Man I#201) - Doppelganger accompanied Carnage, Shriek and Demogoblin as the gang escaped via the skies but when Carnage attacked Demogoblin for suggesting they plan their next attack, Doppelganger cowered behind Shriek and watched when Shriek broke up the fight with a sonic blast. Doppelganger continued cowering as Shriek told Carnage to think of Demogoblin and Doppelganger as his "sons," able to be molded into "manhood" by Carnage. Once Carnage was sufficiently calmed by Shriek, Doppelganger accompanied Carnage and his gang in a reign of terror across New York City.

(Web of Spider-Man I#102) - Doppelganger joined Carnage, Shriek and Demogoblin in attacking the Deep nightclub. Drawn to the bloodshed, Venom, Black Cat and Cloak's new ally Morbius led them to the Deep, where they engaged Carnage, the Doppelganger and their allies. During the battle, Cloak attempted to pull Doppelganger into his cloak but the thrashing creature made itself nearly impossible to contain. When Spider-Man arrived to help even the odds, Doppelganger immediately rushed towards its heroic counterpart but it was knocked back by Venom, who then slung the Doppelganger around by its razor-sharp web line until Shriek hit Venom with a sonic blast. Eventually, Carnage ordered Demogoblin to set fire to the entire damaged club and Doppelganger hopped onto Demogoblin's back as the villains made their escape.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#379) - Doppelganger participated in an attack on the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where it destroyed artifacts alongside Carnage and Shriek despite protests from Demogoblin, who felt the destruction was pointless. When the NYPD Extreme Emergency Team showed up to stop the villains, the decaying Carrion assisted them and Doppelganger then joined its allies in slaughtering the Extreme Emergency Team. Doppelganger later joined its allies in killing civilians on the streets of Manhattan until the cyborg Deathlok arrived to stop their horrific spree. After Deathlok knocked aside Carrion, grounded Demogoblin and evaded Shriek, Doppelganger jumped onto Deathlok and began pummeling the hero. Not wishing to waste time for his computer to analyze Doppelganger and recommend an action against the creature, Deathlok simply kicked the Doppelganger away, prompting Shriek to fry his circuits by blasting him into a neon sign.

(Spider-Man I#36) - While giving Doppelganger some bones, Shriek pointed out to the argumentative Demogoblin that while the abandoned Brooklyn Orphanage did not have victims for Demogoblin's punishment of sinners, both Doppelganger and Carrion seemingly couldn't seem to resist the potential found in using the Orphanage as a base of operations. When Shriek asked Carnage for a tour of the Orphanage, Carnage jumped inside and Doppelganger followed via a web line with Shriek and the others. Carnage's tour was soon interrupted by the arrival Spider-Man and his allies and Doppelganger growled at their arrival. During the subsequent fight, Venom blasted Carnage and his allies Doppelganger, Shriek, Carrion and Demogoblin with a sonic blaster, launching them through the wall of the Orphanage. The battle continued in the rubble of the Orphanage, with Doppelganger attempting to attack Venom, and eventually, both Doppelganger and Demogoblin went for Spider-Man, who jumped up, causing Doppelganger and Demogoblin to smash into one another. As Spider-Man, Venom and Firestar went in to force Carnage's symbiote from his body, Black Cat hit Doppelganger with her Cat's Cable and swung the creature into Shriek. Doppelganger then regrouped with its allies as Carnage re-bonded with his symbiote.

(Spectacular Spider-Man I#202/History of the Marvel Universe II#4) - As Carnage gloated at how his symbiote was now a part of him, Doppelganger regrouped with Shriek and together, Carnage's gang of allies attacked the heroes. While Spider-Man and Firestar lingered back, not wishing to resort to deadly force, Doppelganger and Shriek were attacking Morbius. Spider-Man and Firestar eventually (and reluctantly) re-entered the fray, with Spider-Man hitting Doppelganger in the face with web.

(Web of Spider-Man I#103) - Doppelganger joined Carnage and his allies in a random act of violence in New York City, unaware that Spider-Man had managed to recruit Captain America, Deathlok and Iron Fist to their cause of stopping Carnage and his allies. During their rampage, Doppelganger and its allies located Morbius, Black Cat and Cloak and attacked while Carnage tortured the injured Venom at the Statue of Liberty. Black Cat managed to kick back Doppelganger but it returned the favor by pouncing on and downing Black Cat. Before the villains could kill Black Cat, however, the vigilante Nightwatch swooped in to save her. With Nightwatch's help, the heroes managed to force Doppelganger and the other villains to flee.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#380) - Morbius and Nightwatch pursued Doppelganger and Demogoblin to the Statue of Liberty and smashed the two villains through the Statue's torch, finding Carnage and Carrion torturing Venom inside. Doppelganger and Demogoblin then battled Nightwatch and Morbius, with Doppelganger focusing on Morbius, while Carnage gloated that Venom had the best seat in the house for the fight. When Doppelganger came close to hurling the injured Morbius from the busted torch, Nightwatch hurled Demogoblin into Doppelganger, forcing the creature to drop Morbius, whom Nightwatch retrieved before fleeing the scene. When Demogoblin complained that Carnage had not assisted them, Carnage ordered Demogoblin to shut up and ordered Demogoblin and Doppelganger to locate Shriek while he continued his torture of Venom. Soon finding Shriek battling Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron Fist, Deathlok and Firestar, Demogoblin and Doppelganger jumped in to assist Shriek with Doppelganger shredding the Spider-Man webbing binding Shriek. The heroes rushed to defeat their new assailants and Doppelganger first Deathlok with a blast of razor-sharp webbing before focusing its attack on Iron Fist. Doppelganger then shifted its attack back to Deathlok before the Midtown Manhattan civilians also turned on Shriek and her allies. In response, Shriek upped the power of her emotion-manipulating sonic blasts to the point of causing pain to even Doppelganger and Demogoblin, manipulating the bystanders to instead turn on the heroes.

(Spider-Man I#37) - Shriek, Doppelganger, Carrion and Demogoblin watched as the bystanders attacked Captain America, Spider-Man, Firestar, Deathlok and Iron Fist. When Shriek monologued at how everyone always hurt her, Doppelganger cowered and Shriek assured the creature that she was not yelling at it. Shriek then asked why the heroes had not tried to save her in all the years she had been hurt, prompting Doppelganger to inch threateningly closer towards the encroaching heroes. Shriek responded by telling Doppelganger that there was no need to punish the heroes, as she only needed to exert her powers once more to turn more bystanders against the heroes. Upon doing just that, Shriek suggested Doppelganger and the others move to a different perch to enjoy the chaos in peace, prompting Doppelganger to pick up Shriek and web-swing off alongside the flying Carrion and Demogoblin. Eventually, Shriek grew tired of watching the heroes and waiting on Carnage to finish torturing Venom and she remarked to Doppelganger and the others that it might be time for them to leave. Before they could depart, however, Carnage arrived.

(Carnage: Black, White & Blood#1 (fb)) - Carnage and Shriek briefly embraced before Doppelganger signaled the impending arrival of Spider-Man and his allies. Doppelganger then readied itself as Carnage proclaimed the heroes couldn't hurt them.

(Spider-Man I#37) - The insane Carnage soon noticed that Shriek had seemed to be killing without permission and he entangled her in symbiote tendrils, causing Doppelganger to become defensive. When Carnage slammed Shriek into the rooftop they were standing on, Doppelganger attacked Carnage by wrapping a webline around his neck and pulling. Angry that some of his squad were revolting, Carnage responded by impaling Doppelganger with symbiote tendrils then kicking the creature off the roof onto the ground below, seeming killing Doppelganger.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Spider-Man 2005 - BTS) - The two Deathspawn departed Doppelganger's seemingly lifeless form. While Carnage and his crew were defeated shortly after, it was unclear whether Doppelganger had actually survived its supposed death at Carnage's hands.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#384 - BTS) - While a captive of the Jury, Spider-Man learned that he was being punished for his indirect role in creating Venom and he thought back on his alien costume, the origins of Venom and Carnage, as well as Carnage's subsequent recruitment of Doppelganger, Demogoblin and others in his recent murder and chaos spree.

(Web of Spider-Man I#117 - BTS) - When he encountered his clone, a frantic Spider-Man announced that it didn't matter if the impostor was the extradimensional Doppelganger, some sort of technological replicoid or even the shapeshifting Chameleon, he was not Peter Parker.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z TPB Vol. 3 - Doppelganger update text - BTS) - Doppelganger recovered from its seeming death.

(Carnage I#3 (fb)) - While being treated at the Ravencroft Institute for the Criminally Insane, Shriek kept claiming she saw Doppelganger at her window and painted pictures of Doppelganger, leading those in charge to want Shriek put on thorazine against the wishes of Shriek's psychiatrist, Dr. Tanis Nieves.

(Carnage I#1) - Doppelganger was seen swinging through the city by Tony Stark, who immediately contacted Spider-Man for assistance. When Doppelganger attacked an armored car, Iron Man intervened and ordered Doppelganger to put all of its hands up. Doppelganger responded by covering Iron Man in webbing and leaping away just as Spider-Man arrived on the scene. When Iron Man explained the look of Doppelganger to Spider-Man, Spider-Man immediately recalled Doppelganger from Carnage's reign of terror years earlier and suggested they wouldn't have to worry about the maddened crowds that were present during the earlier massacre since Doppelganger's powers did not affect people like Shriek's had. As if on cue, an angry mob soon formed behind the heroes and when a frantic Dr. Tanis Nieves pleaded with Doppelganger to stop the armored car, Doppelganger webbed up the car, preventing it from moving forward, but its presence was soon detected by the arriving Iron Rangers. When the Iron Ranger Royal Blue fired on Doppelganger, Dr. Nieves tried to leap into the path of the blast to save Doppelganger but the blast nonetheless connected, severing Dr. Nieves' arm in the process, and blew a hole through Doppelganger's side. Doppelganger then collapsed onto the road as Iron Man and Spider-Man tried to determine what exactly the armored car was carrying that was so important, unaware that the car was transporting Shriek.

(Carnage I#3 (fb) - BTS) - Doppelganger's body was secretly taken to Hall Industries for study, where it was kept in a freezer.

(Carnage I#3) - Personnel working for Hall Industries performed an autopsy on Doppelganger, determining it to not truly be alive but rather, an inorganic being. The employees hoped to find some sort of breakthrough they could patent before the law caught up with them but when the bio-outbreak alarm went off, one employee was told to get Doppelganger back to the freezer while they checked on the alarm. Realizing they had no time, Doppelganger was left behind as the employees rushed out and it soon revived despite having lost limbs in the earlier attack by Royal Blue. Crawling on the walls of Hall Industries, Doppelganger sought out Shriek, who had been taken from her cell by Clyde and another security guard. Doppelganger attacked the guards but was beaten multiple times, prompting Shriek to take down the guards with a sonic blast.

(Carnage I#4) - Doppelganger accompanied Shriek to the unconscious Dr. Nieves and remained by her side as the insane Shriek confronted the waking Dr. Nieves, accusing her of trying to steal her boyfriend Cletus Kasady due to Dr. Nieves' brief possession by the Carnage symbiote. Doppelganger remained by Shriek's side as Shriek attempted to get Dr. Nieves to indulge her dark side to feed the Carnage symbiote embedded in her prosthetic arm and it later cowered behind Shriek when Dr. Nieves amputated her prosthetic arm with a shard of glass. Shriek then attached the prosthetic arm to herself and Doppelganger accompanied her to meet with Carnage, carrying the captive Dr. Nieves.

(Carnage I#5) - Doppelganger remained loyally by Shriek as she reunited with Carnage and began projecting madness into the city civilians. When Dr. Nieves retook control over the portion of the Carnage symbiote that resided inside of her prosthetic arm and used it to attack Shriek, Doppelganger rushed to Shriek's defense, only to be kicked aside by Dr. Nieves, who now called herself Scorn. Much like a dog, Doppelganger ran to Carnage and drew his attention towards Scorn, who helped defeat Carnage. As Carnage's symbiote biomass melted away, Scorn, Spider-Man and Iron Man realized Cletus Kasady had escaped, leaving only the symbiote biomass behind, and Doppelganger was later seen acting as a pet of sorts to Cletus Kasady, where he aided in torturing industrialist Michael Hall.

(Carnage, USA#1) - As part of Carnage's plan to take over an entire town, Doppelganger accompanied Cletus Kasady to Doverton, Colorado, where Kasady was caught partially devouring meat from a processing plant before spreading his symbiote through the town's meat.

(Carnage, USA#2) - When Carnage brought the captured little boy Cole Morrell to the Brass Rail Bar alongside the symbiote-controlled Avengers and the scared Cole remained silent, Carnage reminded him of his insane attempt to become a "family man" and pointed out how he had gotten Cole a pet in the form of Doppelganger. Doppelganger remained by Cole's side as Carnage then told the symbiote-controlled Avengers of his intentions to play the winner of their game of pool.

(Carnage, USA#3) - Doppelganger was devouring meat inside the Ralsby Meat Packing Plant in Doverton when it heard noises and became suspicious. Doppelganger was almost immediately attacked by the symbiote-bonded war dog called Lasher but Lasher's handler, the invading Mercury Team's Marcus Simms, ordered Lasher to let Doppelganger go. Lasher did as ordered and the hissing Doppelganger scurried off, with Simms remarking to his teammates that a wounded dog always returned home.

(Carnage, USA#4) - After Simms' Mercury Team was noticed in Doverton by Carnage, Doppelganger joined Carnage and the symbiote-controlled Avengers in attacking the Mercury Team, pouncing on Simms while the symbiote-controlled Wolverine fought Lasher. Spider-Man soon arrived on the scene with a group of surviving Doverton residents and he webbed Doppelganger as part of his assistance against Carnage's forces.

(Carnage, USA#5) - During the battle, Mercury Team ordered a localized strike on Doverton that leveled most of the city and as the town was bombed, Doppelganger fled alongside several spawns of the Carnage symbiote.

(Spider-Verse I#2/5 (fb) - BTS) - After regrowing its missing limbs, Doppelganger was recruited into the Multiversal Spider-Army against Earth-001's vampiric Inheritors.

(Spider-Verse I#2/5/History of the Marvel Universe II#6) - Doppelganger joined in a massive assault on the Inheritors and he was flung away from the Inheritors as other members of the Spider-Army piled onto the villains. As the battle progressed, Doppelganger regrouped with the other assembled spider-totems.

(Amazing Spider-Man III#14) - Doppelganger continued the fight against the Inheritors alongside the Spider-Army.

(Web of Venom: Cult of Carnage#1 (fb) - BTS) - After Shriek became the head of Doverton, Colorado's Church of the New Darkness, she began employing Doppelganger to rip the spines out of town residents who had once been bonded to portions of the Carnage symbiote as offerings to their god.

(Web of Venom: Cult of Carnage#1) - Former Doverton sheriff Eric Morrell prayed in the Church of the New Darkness and, as he prayed, a cloaked Doppelganger approached. When Morrell gave himself over to the Church's god Knull, Doppelganger revealed itself and ripped out Eric's spine. As Shriek preached of the offering of Eric's spine, Doppelganger presented the spine to the leader of the Church/Cult: Carnage.

(Absolute Carnage: Lethal Protectors#1 (fb) - BTS) - Like most of the Cult of Carnage, Doppelganger came under the influence of the symbiote god Knull (see comments).

(Absolute Carnage: Lethal Protectors#1) - Doppelganger accompanied other Cult members to Ravencroft Institute for the Criminally Insane, where it ripped out the spine of one of the patients and used the blood to paint a pentagram on the ground. The Cult then offered the spine to Carnage as an offering and Carnage accepted. Carnage then turned towards Doppelganger, Shriek and the Knull-controlled John Jameson and asked which one of them would retrieve their "guest." Jameson volunteered and brought forth Misty Knight and Doppelganger then watched as Misty was forced to witness Carnage's killing of Shriek. Doppelganger remained as Carnage resurrected Demogoblin in Shriek's body and Misty Knight escaped in the distraction.

(Absolute Carnage vs. Deadpool#1) - Doppelganger was present with the Cult of Carnage as Carnage berated the Knull-controlled John Jameson for allowing Misty Knight to escape their clutches. Carnage's rantings were interrupted by clapping, prompting Doppelganger to swiftly turn around and see the mercenary Deadpool. Carnage immediately ordered the Cult members to kill Deadpool and while they were chasing the mercenary, Doppelganger accompanied Carnage to punish Jameson.

(Ruins of Ravencroft: Dracula#1 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, Doppelganger was captured and sent to Ravencroft Institute for the Criminally Insane. It was removed from Ravencroft while the facility was being rebuilt.

(Ruins of Ravencroft: Dracula#1) - Once the new Ravencroft facility was completed, Doppelganger and several other bound super criminals were led from buses into the new facility.

(Ravencroft I#4) - Doppelganger escaped Ravencroft alongside numerous other supervillains.

(Extreme Carnage: Scream#1 (fb) - BTS) - Doppelganger was apparently captured and held in an Alchemax facility.

(Extreme Carnage: Scream#1) - Doppelganger escaped the Alchemax facility, killing several Guardsmen, before it was confronted by the symbiote host Scream (Andi Benton), who asked if Doppelganger knew where to find Demagoblin. When Scream ordered Doppelganger to leave the Guardsmen alone, Doppelganger attacked her, only to be easily incapacitated by Scream's symbiote "hair."

Comments: Created by Jim Starlin, Ron Lim and Al Milgrom.

Despite Shriek and others' using the pronoun of "he" to refer to Doppelganger, Doppelganger is more of an "it" since it was originally a genderless living fractal. It took on a male form only because it was made to resemble an "evil" duplicate of the male Spider-Man. In its true, original form, it was genderless.

Doppelganger had profiles in the Marvel Encyclopedia HC Vol. 4: Spider-Man (2003), the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Spider-Man 2005 and the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z HC Vol. 3 (as well as the TPB edition).

While it was never stated when exactly the two Deathspawn wraiths left Doppelganger's form, the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Spider-Man 2005 reveals that they only briefly inhabited Doppelganger's form, which confirms that they did eventually leave. At the time of that 2005 profile, Doppelganger's most recent appearance was during the "Maximum Carnage" event, during which it was once mentioned that the Deathspawn were still inside Doppelganger. Since we know that the Deathspawn were still inside Doppelganger's body during "Maximum Carnage," it stands to reason that the Deathspawn likely departed Doppelganger's form at the time of its "death" at the hands of Carnage towards the end of the "Maximum Carnage" storyline. As to what the point of the Deathspawn being inside Doppelganger in the first place was, your guess is as good as guess is they were part of a dropped plot line that never came to fruition...

In Carnage I#1, Spider-Man recalls the "Maximum Carnage" massacre and a giant battle between the heroes and villains is seen in Spider-Man's mind's eye. Unfortunately, this particular battle scene could not have occurred during the "Maximum Carnage" storyline, as it depicts Captain America, Spider-Man, Venom and a silver-skinned male with a red tank top & gloves (not sure who this is supposed to be...maybe a miscolored Molten Man? Molten Man appeared during the "Maximum Carnage" storyline but wasn't a main participant in any of the battles...) battling Demogoblin, Carnage, Shriek, Carrion and Doppelganger amidst a crowd of maddened civilians. Now not only are some of the characters not clearly defined/identified in this flashback but this particular battle could not have occurred in the timeframe depicted, as Captain America didn't join up with Spider-Man until later in the storyline and while he did accompany the heroes into a crowd of maddened civilians as they tried to reach Demogoblin, Shriek, Doppelganger and Carrion, Carnage and Venom were not present during that battle. Carnage was at the Statue of Liberty torturing the captive Venom at that point. When Carnage did finally show up, he argued with his own crew, eventually "killing" Doppelganger, while the heroes freed the civilians. At no point in the "Maximum Carnage" storyline was Carnage and Doppelganger battling the heroes together amidst the maddened crowd at a time when Captain America was working with Spider-Man. So it stands to reason that this flashback must be a reflection of Spider-Man's mistaken recollection the events that had occurred years  prior to that...

Similarly, a flashback to the "Maximum Carnage" storyline seen in Carnage: Black, White & Blood#1 shows Carnage's team (including Doppelganger) readying themselves to fight Spider-Man's full team (including later additions Captain America, Iron Fist and the "resurrected" Dagger). The only point in which this flashback could've occurred is immediately after Carnage's arrival to meet with his group (after torturing Venom at the Statue of Liberty) but before he strangles Shriek and seemingly kills Doppelganger. Carnage is crazy so it wouldn't necessarily be out of character to share a brief embrace with Shriek before snapping at the sight of her having killed people without him. If this flashback does indeed occur there (where I've placed it in Doppelganger's history) then Carnage would've told his team the heroes couldn't hurt them as the heroes were making their way through Shriek's emotion-manipulated civilian army. Carnage would've then snapped at Shriek, prompting Doppelganger to come to her defense and get itself seemingly killed. The flashback in Carnage: Black, White & Blood#1 does show Carnage's team leaping down to confront the heroes but Doppelganger is not seen in that panel, presumably due to having been killed moments earlier...

It was unclear whether Doppelganger was under the thrall of Knull in Web of Venom: Cult of Carnage#1 or if he was simply again serving Shriek, who was under Knull's thrall as a Church/Cult leader. Doppelganger was definitely under Knull's thrall by its appearance in Absolute Carnage vs. Deadpool#1, as we see Knull's trademark spiral designs in Doppelganger's eyes in that issue.

Profile by Proto-Man.

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