Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Dimension of Manifestation) doppelganger

Occupation: Warrior of the Magus

Group Membership: "Infinity War Doppelgangers"

Affiliations: Anthropomorpho, Magus

Enemies: Havok (Alex Summers), Human Torch (Johnny Storm), Strong Guy (Guido Carosella), Vindicator (Heather Hudson), Wolverine (James "Logan" Howlett), Earth's heroes in general

Known Relatives: Wolverine (James "Logan" Howlett)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Currently unknown;
   formerly Magus' fortress in a pocket dimension at the end of a Dimensional Corridor;
   formerly Dimension of Manifestations

First Appearance: Infinity War#1 (June, 1992)

Powers/Abilities: Like all natives of their realm the Wolverine doppelgangers initially were able to shape themselves in an infinite manner until they were forced by the Magus to become distorted replicas of Wolverine. They possessed similar physical attributes to Wolverine and all possessed claws in some manner though not made of Adamantium, but merely of their own transformed matter. If necessary each of them was capable of becoming an identical duplicate of Wolverine to replace him on Earth. They possessed none of Wolverine's mutant healing abilities, nor his Adamantium skeleton. Upon dying they transformed back into their original form before returning to their home dimension.

Height: 5'3" (variable)
Weight: 195 lbs. (variable)
Eyes: Red (variable)
Hair: White or black (variable)

(Quasar#38 (fb) ) - Magus made a deal with Anthropomorpho from the Dimension of Manifestations and acquired manifestation-body doppelgangers for every superhuman being on Earth, including Wolverine, who was one of the first to be created.

(Fantastic Four I#366) - Magus and the Thanos doppelganger watched a few doppelgangers, including Wolverine, battle their counterparts on Earth.

(Infinity War#1) - Wolverine was attacked by his doppelganger while he walked through the snowy wilderness. Wolverine killed the doppelganger by stabbing him in the chest. Standing over the corpse he watched it dissipate and then headed back to New York City.

(Fantastic Four I#368) - A Human Torch doppelganger and X-Men doppelgangers of Colossus, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Storm and Wolverine (the second) attacked the real Human Torch (Johnny Storm). The Wolverine doppelganger made it clear that he was a replacement for the previous Wolverine doppelganger, who had been killed by the real Wolverine, as pointed out by Johnny. The doppelgangers revealed that there was an endless supply of them and later the Wolverine doppelganger made it clear that they were never truly alive and could therefore not be killed. Human Torch burnt the Wolverine doppelganger, revealing its true formless body. The Colossus doppelganger told the Human Torch that the Wolverine doppelganger's death didn't matter because his replacement would arrive soon. Ultimately the Human Torch burnt all the X-Men doppelgangers attacking him, but his own doppelganger escaped through a dimensional gateway.

(Infinity War#5/Wonder Man I#15/Fantastic Four I#369) - A third Wolverine doppelganger participated in a massive battle against Earth's heroes in a pocket dimension at the end of a Dimensional Corridor.

(Infinity War#5) - He got shot at by Vindicator (Heather Hudson)...

(Wonder Man I#15) - ...and kicked in the head by Havok.

(Infinity War#6) - The Wolverine doppelganger fought against Earth's heroes along with the other doppelgangers until Magus removed all the doppelgangers from the battlefield with a snap from the Infinity Gauntlet.

Comments: Created by Jim Starlin (writer), Ron Lim (pencils) & Al Milgrom (inks).

A Wolverine doppelganger was seen on the cover of Wonder Man I#13 (September, 1992), but not in the issue itself.

Profile by Markus Raymond.

The Wolverine doppelganger should not be confused with:

images (without ads)
Infinity War#1, p14, pan5 (main, first doppelganger)
Quasar#38, p20, pan2 (first doppelganger's creation)
Fantastic Four I#368, Cover (2nd doppelganger)
Infinity War#5, p35, top left corner (3rd doppelganger)

Infinity War#1 (June, 1992) - Jim Starlin (writer), Ron Lim (pencils), Al Milgrom (inks), Craig Anderson (editor)
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Wonder Man I#15 (November, 1992) - Gerard Jones (writer), Jeff Johnson (pencils), Dan Panosian (inks), Fabian Nicieza (editor)
Infinity War#6 (November, 1992) - Jim Starlin (writer), Ron Lim (pencils), Al Milgrom (inks), Craig Anderson (editor)

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