Membership: Devil-Slayer (Eric Payne), Paydirt, Star Sign;
formerly 3-D Man (Delroy Garrett, Jr.), Magnitude (disguised Skrull), Stingray (Walt Newell)

Purpose: To protect Hawaii

Aliases: None

Affiliations: Action Pack (Frog-Man/Eugene Patilio, Prima Donna, Vox), Batwing (Jimmy Santini), Butterball (Emery Schaub), the Cavalry (Red Nine/Wallace Jackson, Stunt-Master/Steve Brooks, Thor Girl/Tarene, Ultragirl/Suzy Sherman), Chuck Chandler, Desert Stars (Johnny Cool, Komodo/Melati Kusuma, Supermax, Two-Gun Kid/Matt Hawk), Enchantress, Firestar (Angelica Jones), Freedom Force (Cloud 9/Abby Boylen, Spinner, Think Tank), Geiger (Delilah Deerborn), Gravity (Greg Willis), Heavy Hitters (Hardball/Roger Brokeridge, Nonstop, Telemetry), Jocasta, the Liberteens (2-D/Darell, Blue Eagle, Hope, Iceberg/Jack, Ms. America), Melee, the Order (Anthem/Henry Hellrung, Aralune/Becky Ryan, Calamity/James Wa, Supernaut/Milo Fields, Veda/Maggie Neuntauben), Prodigy (Ritchie Gillmore), Rage (Elvin Halliday), Scarlet Spider (Patrick), the Skrull Kill Krew (Catwalk, Dice, Moonstomp, Riot, Ryder), Slapstick (Steve Harmon), Whiz Kid

Enemies: Skrulls ("Equinox," Magnitude, numerous others)

Base of Operations: Formerly Lookout Point, off the coast of Hawaii, USA

First Appearance: (mentioned as an unidentified Initiative team in Hawaii): Avengers: The Initiative I#12 (June, 2008);
(fully seen): Avengers: The Initiative I#14 (August, 2008)

History: (Avengers: The Initiative I#12 - BTS) - When Delroy Garrett, Jr. graduated his Fifty-State Initiative training as 3-D Man, he was assigned to the Point Men, Hawaii's Initiative team.

(Avengers: The Initiative I#14 (fb) - BTS) - Stingray put in an Initiative transfer request to join the Point Men for oceanic studies and Naval training.

(Avengers: The Initiative I#14) - Arriving in Hawaii for his position as commander of the Point Men, 3-D Man was greeted by Point Men members Paydirt and Star Sign, who welcomed 3-D Man to Hawaii. Showing 3-D Man the Point Men's headquarters, Lookout Point, Paydirt and Star Sign explained how the Point Men were America's first line of defense against a superhuman attack from East such as Japanese giant monsters or invading undersea armies. As Paydirt and Star Sign showed 3-D Man around, they passed their teammate Devil-Slayer and asked him to come greet 3-D Man but Devil-Slayer told Paydirt to be quiet, as he had been sensed portent doom all day. Brushing off Devil-Slayer's gruff nature, Paydirt and Star Sign led 3-D Man inside Lookout Point, where 3-D Man asked about their other teammate, Magnitude, whom Paydirt revealed was in the gym. The group then communicated with Magnitude in the gym but Magnitude suggested he shower first. Assuring Magnitude there was no need and that he only wished to introduce himself then allow Magnitude to return to his training, 3-D Man was soon met by Magnitude, who 3-D Man immediately saw in Magnitude's true nature, that of an alien Skrull. Announcing that Magnitude was a Skrull, 3-D Man confused the other Point Men until Magnitude publicly revealed himself by knocking Paydirt aside with a fiery blast. Demanding to know how 3-D Man had discovered his ruse, Magnitude learned that 3-D Man's glasses, a gift from the 1950s 3-D Man, allowed him to see Skrulls no matter their disguise. Deducing that Magnitude was a Super-Skrull, 3-D Man warned the other Point Men about Magnitude's abilities and Star Sign attempted to send out a distress call but Magnitude used his magnetic powers to fry Lookout Point's communications array. Devil-Slayer then entered the fray, knocking Magnitude down with a mace and bidding 3-D Man to draw weapons from his Shadow-Cloak. After drawing a pair of swords, 3-D Man was met by "Devil-Slayer" (actually a disguised Magnitude) but 3-D Man saw through Magnitude's disguise once more and killed Magnitude with his swords. Following the battle, Devil-Slayer confirmed that Paydirt and Star Sign were alive and assured 3-D Man that he would house Paydirt and Star Sign within his Shadow-Cloak to stabilize them until he could get them proper medical attention. 3-D Man immediately announced that he had to alert the Initiative of the Skrull infiltration and Devil-Slayer offered to teleport 3-D Man to Camp Hammond in Connecticut while he got Star Sign and Paydirt to a hospital. 3-D Man then stepped through Devil-Slayer's Shadow-Cloak and emerged at Camp Hammond.

(Avengers: The Initiative I#17) - After 3-D Man began a country-wide search for Skrull infiltrators within the various Initiative teams, Devil-Slayer returned to aid his Point Men teammate 3-D Man after getting Star Sign and Paydirt medical attention, bringing the Mavericks member Jocasta along with him.

(Avengers: The Initiative I#18) - In Montana, the two remaining Point Men, Devil-Slayer and 3-D Man, teamed with Montana's Freedom Force, Nevada's Heavy Hitters, Komodo, Jocasta and the Skrull Kill Krew to battle a Skrull posing as Freedom Force member Equinox. Following the battle, 3-D Man checked on Devil-Slayer, who admitted he was weakening due to his Shadow-Cloak being used for troop transport. He also revealed that his Shadow-Cloak likely didn't have many teleportational jumps left but promised that he would do what he must as long as he could. The Point Men then left Freedom Force behind as the Heavy Hitters, Skrull Kill Krew, Jocasta and Komodo entered Devil-Slayer's Shadow-Cloak towards their next target. After learning of the Skrulls' last ditch plan to shunt America into the Negative Zone, 3-D Man split their allies up into six teams then asked Devil-Slayer if he was up for teleporting the teams, to which Devil-Slayer replied that they must hurry. As the teams went through Devil-Slayer's Shadow-Cloak, Devil-Slayer coughed up blood and fell after the groups were teleported.

(Avengers: The Initiative I#21 (fb) - BTS) - Stingray's dream assignment came through and he was made the new team leader of the Point Men following 3-D Man's departure.

(Avengers: The Initiative I#21 - BTS) - When Initiative drill instructor Gauntlet was made head of the Initiative by Norman Osborn, Gauntlet, who did not want the position, attempted to get other senior Initiative members to take the position but Stingray explained that he was now leader of the Point Men in Hawaii.

(Fear Itself: Youth in Revolt#1) - At some point after Stingray departed the team, the Point Men attended a rally held by the young hero Prodigy, who had made head of the new Initiative and was hoping to recruit other young heroes to assist in riots following the Agardian Serpent's appearance on Earth. Following the rally, the Point Men mingled with the other assembled heroes.

Comments: Created by Dan Slott, Christos N. Gage and Steve Uy.

Several online sources list Avengers: The Initiative I#15-16 (& #19) as appearances of the Point Men but 3-D Man was the only member featured in those issues, not the entire team. Similarly, the Point Men are listed online as appearing in Avengers: The Initiative I#22-23 but the only Point Men member seen in those issues is Stingray and those issues are not appearances of the team itself. Therefore, those appearances are not included in this profile.

There were next to no decent shots of the Point Men as a group, especially their most recent roster of only Paydirt, Star Sign and Devil-Slayer, who were seen in a large group shot in Fear Itself: Youth in Revolt#1.

Profile by Proto-Man.

The Point Men has no known connections to:

Lookout Point

Lookout Point was the headquarters for the Point Men. Modeled after the Avengers' former headquarters called Hydrobase, Lookout Point was located off the coast of Hawaii. When 3-D Man first arrived in Hawaii, he was shown around Lookout Point by the Point Men's Star Sign and Paydirt until he discovered that Magnitude was a Skrull infiltrator. The battle with Magnitude soon took out various parts of Lookout Point, including part of the roof and the communications array. Later, after discovering that the Skrulls were going to shunt America into the Negative Zone using connected pylons, Freedom Force member Spinner visited Lookout Point to destroy the Skrull pylon there, only to run out of time for her alternating super powers and be attacked by Skrull grunts. Reactivating her alternating powers, Spinner gained the ability of flight just as she managed to activate explosives that destroyed the Skrull pylon as well as Lookout Point.

Lookout Point was equipped with advanced communications system, a gym and a large open area for meetings or relaxation.

--Avengers: The Initiative I#14 (#19d,

images: (without ads)
Avengers: The Initiative I#14, p10, pan2 (Point Men without Magnitude)
Avengers: The Initiative I#14, p12, pan5 (Point Men battling the Skrull Magnitude)
Avengers: The Initiative I#14, p18, pan1 (Point Men, aftermath of battle with Magnitude)
Avengers: The Initiative I#14, p9, pan3 (Lookout Point)

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Fear Itself: Youth in Revolt#1 (July, 2011) - Sean McKeever (writer), Mike Norton (art), Lauren Sankovitch (editor)

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