Real Name: Ian Fate

Identity/Class: Human magic user

Occupation: Currently unknown; former reporter

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Extra-dimensional race (unnamed), J. Jonah Jameson, Man-Thing (former pawn), unnamed mystic (former mentor)

Enemies: Beast, Defenders, Devil-Slayer, Dr. Strange, Ira "Sunshine" Gross, Cory Payne, Spider-Man, Wonder Man

Known Relatives: Gloria and Brian Fate (wife and son, deceased)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Currently unknown; formerly the "Man-Thing's swamp" outside of Citrusville, Florida; an unnamed extra-dimensional realm

First Appearance: Defenders I#104 (February, 1982)

Powers: Ian Fate had a number of magical powers. According to Dr. Strange, his raw power was of par with Baron Mordo. His training was sufficient to allow him to accomplish a number of feats, such as interdimensional transport, projection of energy bolts, etc. He could also call a the standard mystical entities for further power, ie. the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak (to bind others), the Images of Ikonn (to cast illusions), the Shields of Seraphim (formation of force fields), Tendrils of Taaru (magical bolts), etc. In addition, he once had an army of demon-creatures to serve him. These guys were good for delivering messages, serving as expendable warrior grunts; that sort of thing.

He's not really a bad guy, he's just disillusioned and angry about what happened to him.





History: (Marvel Team-Up I#122(fb)/Defenders I#104(fb)) - Ian Fate was born in England, but came to America as a child and was raised by his cousins. After his parents died, he took journalism as his trade. He was highly dedicated to his career, but he was also happily married and had a son. However, his wonderful life came crashing to a halt when he began doing a series of crime exposes. A crime syndicate boss sent assassin Eric Simon Payne to silence him. Payne believed he was to be assassinating a rival crimelord, which he had no problem doing. Payne planted a bomb in Fate's car, not anticipating that Fate's wife and daughter would be the next ones to use the car. Gloria and Brian Fate were instantly killed.

(Defenders I#104(fb)) - Fate was emotionally broken by the death of his wife and son. The only thing that kept him going was the thought of finding Payne and getting revenge. After accidentally killing the innocent woman and child, Payne retired from his career as an assassin. Instead, he got involved with the mystic cult of Vera Gemini, the Harvesters of Eyes, were he became Devil-Slayer.
After tracking him down using his reporter's skills, Fate realized that in order to best Payne, he would realize to surpass his mystical knowledge. Fate traveled the world and found an exiled Tibetan seer who took him as his disciple. The seer revealed many ageless secret to Fate before learning that his intent was less than spiritual. The seer balked at training him for his intended purpose, but Fate struck him down, and set out to get his vegenance.

BTS - Traveling through the dimensions, Fate encountered a pocket realm that was home to a bunch of demon-like green-skinned semi-humanoids. Fate persuaded these beings to assist him in his revenge. Fate then kidnapped Corey Payne, the estranged wife of Eric.

(Defenders I#104) - Fate sent Devil-Slayer a message telling him he had his wife and requesting a meeting. Fate revealed his plans to kill Corey (now a prisoner in the demon-realm) and challenged Payne to stop him. Payne went to Dr. Strange for assistance in finding Corey, and ended up with the help of Wonder Man and the Beast, as well. This group of Defenders traveled to Fate's pocket realm. Fate engaged Strange, attempting to prove his superiority. After a brief struggle, Strange cast aside Fate's attacks and imprisoned him. Payne, meanwhile, savagely fought his way through the army of demon-creatures, trying to get to Corey before they could shatter the shield surrounding her. He did manage to reach Corey, but as he continued to fight off the demon-creatures, one he had previously wounded attempted to stab him in the back. Corey leapt in the way, taking a mortal wound to protect Payne.

However, upon dying "Corey's" illusion faded. Fate, despite his hatred for Payne, was not able to kill an innoncent woman. He had sent her home, and then abducted "Sunshine" Gross, a heroin addict Payne had been helping. Fate had no problems with the death of Sunshine, who he saw as worthless, and certainly not innocent. Fate had cast an illusion over Sunshine, making him appear to be Corey. Payne attacked Fate, attempting to kill him. Wonder Man stopped Payne, telling him that these events, Fate's insanity, and Sunshine's death were all on his shoulders, for his murders years ago.

BTS - Strange sent Fate to an old associate, a psychiatrist with some knowledge of the occult. This mand thought Fate an unthinking catatonic, and for a few weeks he played the part to the hilt (I don't think he was pretending the whole time). Then, when the proper mystic forces were in balance, Fate cast a dimension spanning spell and made good his escape. He'd hoped to return to the dimension where his loyal demon servants dwelled, but he...made a wrong turn somewhere.

(Marvel Tteam-Up I#122) - Fate, disoriented, ended up in the Man-Thing's swamp, which was Earth's Nexus of All-Realities . He sensed that the Man-thing had suffered much pain, and felt it to be a kindred spirit. Fate brought the Man-Thing (cleverly disguised, of course) to Manhattan, where he sought out his old associate from his career as a journalist: J. J. Jameson. Peter Parker gave Fate directions on how to get to the bugle, but the green trail of slime left by his friend made him a little suspect.
Fate talked to Jameson, telling him his desire to use the newspaper to stop all the pain in the world. Jonah told him that he wished that he could that, too, but that it wasn't possible. Fate flipped out and decked Jonah, prompting a timely intervention from Spider-Man, who'd been observing the situation from a window sill. Fate began firing off mystic bolts in an effort to destroy Spidey, but the Man-Thing sensed the hurtful emotions coming from Fate, and grabbed him in an effort to make the emotional pain stop. This terrified Fate, and (all together, now) "Whatever knows fear...burns at the touch of the Man-Thing." Neither Fate nor Spidey were able to pully Manny away, but the terror coming from Jameson was. As soon as the Man-Thing released Fate, Spidey tackled him, inadvertently knocking him through the wall. Spidey made a web and swung to safety, but Manny went splat on the streets of Manhattan. However, even this wasn't enough to stop him, and the terror caused by his sudden appearance made him go beserk. While Spidey fought the Man-Thing, Jameson talked down Fate, finally asking him how Gloria and Brian would have felt about his actions. Meanwhile, Spidey had pulled out all the stops and was using all of his power to bring down the Man-thing. Deprived of the swamp which gave it life, the Man-Thing crumbled into a trembling heap of slop. Fate came to the Man-Thing's rescue, teleporting it and himself back to the swamp, where he was instantly restored. Fate decided to stay be the Man-Thing's side, and the two of them would save the world with their kindness.

Comments: Created by J. M. DeMatteis and Don Perlin.

The death of Fate's family is said to have been in 1973. While that's topical, it does probably mean that it was meant to have taken place nine years before the Defenders story.

Fate, Payne, Strange...enough, already! I guess it could be worse, that could have brought in Dominic Fortune or Paul Destine'.

So what happened to Ian Fate? Maybe he got spooked by something in the swamp and the Man-Thing torched him?

Clarifications: Ian Fate has no known connection to:

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Marvel Team-Up I#122, p2, pan7 (Ian Fate returns to Earth)
Marvel Team-Up I#122, p3, pan2 (Ian Fate head shot)
Defenders I#104, p17, pan2 (demon creatures)
Defenders I#104, p17, pan1 (Ian Fate VS Dr. Strange)
Marvel Team-Up I#122, p8, pan5 (Ian Fate and Man-Thing in NYC)

Defenders I#104 (February, 1982) - J.M. DeMatteis (writer), Don Perlin (pencils), Joe Sinnott & Al Milgrom (inks), Al Milgrom (editor)
Marvel Team-Up I#122 (October, 1982) - J.M. DeMatteis (writer), Kerry Gammill (pencils), Mike Esposito (inks), Tom DeFalco (editor)

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