Real Name: Azunbulxibar

Identity/Class: Extra-dimensional (race unknown), technology and/or magic user

Occupation: Warrior, Conqueror, leader of unnamed warrior race

Affiliations: Leader of a group of warriors;

Enemy of Starfox/Eros; Heater Delight, Aalbort and the crew of the Principle of Reasonable Interest

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Extra-dimensional realm

Appearances: Marvel Comics Presents#22/4 (June, 1989)

Powers: Azunbulxibar presumably possesses superhuman strength and durability, but the extent of these is unrevealed. He is believed to be highly skilled at both armed and unarmed combat. In addition, he has access to powerful weaponry, although it is unclear whether these are powered by technology, magic, or a combination of the two. An example of this is the Hyper-Ram, which appears to be a medieval style ram, but is capable of apply sufficient force to traumatize a force field designed to repel meteors.

History: The details of Azunbulxibar's life are unrevealed. He is the leader of an extra-dimensional warriors. He refers to himself as the "Divine" Azunbulxibar, indicating he is at least worshipped as, if not in fact, some form of deity to his people. He has conquered his entire world and has had dreams telling him to conquer others as well.

An accident aboard an interstellar ship, the Principle of Reasonable Interest, in the Earth dimension caused a Dimensional Randomizer to open a portal to Azunbulxibar's realm. Seizing the opportunity, he led a squadron of warriors aboard the starship, slaughtering the crew. The ship's captain succeeded in trapping the warriors in a hold portal, containing them with a meteor shield, although the effort cost him his own life. The only survivor on the ship was an Aakon accountant named Aalbort.

The interstellar adventurer, Starfox, along with his companion, Heater Delight, came across the ship, which was dead in space, and decided to investigate. They encountered Aalbort, who explained the situation to them. Starfox's efforts to use his pleasure power to calm the warriors was a failure, and their attacks threatened to break the meteor shield. Starfox then had a discussion with Azunbulxibar himself, and convinced him by looking out a ship portal that the only life and matter in this dimension was aboard the ship, and that only emptiness existed without. This was disheartening to Azunbulxibar, who sought further conquest. Starfox convinced Azunbulxibar that he could send him to a world where he could battle to his heart's content, and sent he and his squad of warriors to a world where an army of warriors stood ready. It wasn't until after Azunbulxibar and his squad were through and the Randomizer had been deactivated that Quasar revealed he was sending them back to their own planet, and the warriors they saw were their own.

Comments: Created by Peter Gillis and Dave Cockrum.

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