Real Name: apparently Heater Delight

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial (race unrevealed)

Occupation: Adventurer;
   former businesswoman, prostitute, slave

Group Membership: none

Affiliations: Aalbort, Aaron (former master), Eros/Starfox (lover), Howling Wolf, Pip the Troll, Quasar (Wendell Vaughn)
   former lover of Black/Dark Roger
   former property of
Pro-Boscis the Procurer and the Rescorlans;

Enemies: Annihilus, Azunbulxibar, Black/Dark Roger, Blastaar, Pro-Boscis, Rescorlans (Axel and others)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "The Bimbo" (Blastaar's description)

Base of Operations: Mobile throughout the universe

First Appearance: Warlock I#12 (April, 1976)

Powers/Abilities: Heater has the ability to make men go ga-ga over her. She's an attractive woman, apparently highly skilled in the arts carnal.
   She may have the ability to alter her physical form's skin tone and hair color, either as a natural element of her alien physiology or via technological means (see comments).

   She formerly used a Pleasure Cruiser.

Height: 5'4" (by estimation)
Weight: Unrevealed
Eyes: Blue (see comments)
Hair: Variable; most frequently blonde or brown (see comments)

(Warlock I#12 (fb) - BTS) - An alien of an unidentified species, Heater was a lover of Eros/Starfox in the past. At some point she was sold into slavery, and purchased by Pro-Boscis the Procurer, who used a bracelet to trap her within a Pleasure Cruiser, and force her to serve as one of his prostitutes.

   Heater managed to contact Eros, but since she didn't his pretty face bruised and knew that whoever freed her would have to fight Pro-Boscis, she asked him to stand back so she could recruit someone else to do the dangerous part of rescuing her.

(Warlock I#12) - Encountering Pip the Troll on Sirus X, Heater enlisted his aid to free her from Pro-Boscis, promising him unbelievable pleasure if he succeeded. Pip managed to cut the cable holding Heater, but this triggered an alarm, and Pro-Boscis teleported to their location seconds later. Through luck and ingenuity, Pip managed to defeat Pro-Boscis, at which point Eros walked up, and Heater began to kiss him. She gave Pip her former Pleasure Cruiser, then Starfox flew off carrying Heater away before Pro-Boscis could recover.




(Avengers Spotlight#21/2 (fb) - BTS) - Heater set up a nice little business for herself. Eventually, she fell in love with Black/Dark Roger, the Monarch of the Mystery Planet. However, Roger wanted to establish a "hundred year contract" with Heater, and she wasn't ready to settle down. When Roger refused to take "No" for an answer, Heater couldn't think of any other way out, so she sold herself into slavery to Aaron the Aakon (she did later realize that this made her a "ditz-brained space cadet). Eventually, she became the property of Axel the Rescorlan.

(Avengers Spotlight#21/2) - Eros came to Heater's rescue, pretending not to know her, but picking her out for purchase as a companion. However, as he was concerned whether he would have enough credit to pay for her, he drove the Rescorlan into a frenzy via haggling. However, as she left with Eros, Axel regained his senses and sent the rest of the Rescorlans after them. Since Rescorlan technology was temporarily blocking his flight power, Eros leapt into the air, carrying Heater to his father's fastest ship, and the two took off.

(Marvel Comics Presents#22/4) - As Eros and Heater relaxed together while cruising along in deep space, their ship crashed into a damaged spaceship floating disabled nearby. Insisting on joining Eros investigating rather than stay behind in the relative safety of their own vessel, Heater donned a transparent spacesuit and accompanied him onto the derelict, now identified via its registry as the commercial frigate Principle of Reasonable Return. Onboard they encountered Aalbort the Aakon, the last surviving crew member, who informed them that the ship had been invaded by Azunbulxibar and his warriors, and the rest of the crew had died driving them back through a dimensional portal in the hold and trapping them on the other side using redirected meteor shield forcefields. With Azunbulxibar's hordes near to breaking back through, Heater stayed in the background as Eros managed to outwit and banish the warriors, and then she hugged him, proclaiming him, "My hero!"






(Marvel Comics Presents#65/4) - Heater accompanied Eros to a the planet Kotzwinkle, one of the more bustling, yet dignified, center of commerce in the galaxy. She was very impressed when he bought for her a bracelet of cubic zirconium, which was so rare that it could only be found on Earth. Their next stop was to the Check Lounge III to meet up with one of Eros' old friends, the musician Howlin' Wolf. However, as they talked, they were interrupted by Dark Roger, who had tracked Heater down so he could again propose, setting off a Bandovian Star-Fountain which engulfed the room in its sparkling display of lights. When she refused, saying she liked him but didn't want to be tied down, he admitted that the fountain had already transported the entire club to the Caverns of Silence of his Mystery Planet, and threatened to keep her there until she changed her answer. Angry that their gig had been interrupted, the band attacked Roger's men with Howlin' Wolf ultimately transforming into wolf form to drive off Dark Roger and his men. While an impressed Heater rewarded the human-again Howlin' Wolf with a kiss, Eros reversed Dark Roger's device, returning them to Kotzwinkle.

(Thanos vs. Hulk#1 (fb) - BTS) - Heater ran into Pip again, and learned from him that he had recently been earning good money working with Earth's X-Factor (see comments). Annihilus and Blastaar took Heater hostage to force Pip the Troll to use his teleportation ability to kidnap Bruce Banner from Earth.

(Thanos vs. Hulk#1) - When Pip delivered Banner, Blastaar had Heater brought out to them, and Pip hastily teleported away with her to the safety of Starlin's Bar on Knowhere. Glancing round at the bar's disreputable patrons, Heater asked Pip why he'd brought her to such a dive, and he explained that he could get a line of credit there, explaining that rescuing her had cost him most of his money, bar the cash from X-Factor, which was useless on Knowhere. While he explained that kidnapping Banner meant he wouldn't be safe taking her to Earth and that he would need to find someone who could free Banner, Heater glanced round the bar and exchanged a glance with the nearby Quasar, each checking the other out. Heater returned her interest to Pip as he concluded that his best option for retrieving Banner was Thanos, despite her clear reservations at the idea. Telling her he could handle it and to sit tight while he was away, Pip teleported off. Annoyed that he had "ditched" her in such a dump, she glanced over at the now smiling Quasar and asked him if he'd like to buy her a drink.

(Thanos vs. Hulk#4 (fb) - BTS) - Heater and Quasar hit it off and left the bar together within fifteen minutes.




Comments: Created by Jim Starlin and Steve Leialoha.

   It's neither confirmed nor denied that Heater actually had to serve other clients before recruiting Pip's help.

   As confirmed in an interview in Comic Book Artist#18, 23, Heater was named after Jim Starlin's old girlfriend Heather Devitt.

   In heels she's about a head shorter than Starfox, who is 6'1", which provides a reference for her height estimate. For a human woman, I'd thus estimate her somewhere around 130 lbs., given her build, but as she's not human it's impossible to say for sure, as she could be from a species with denser flesh or hollow bones, etc. When initially seen she had blue skin, brown hair, and a tail. When next seen, she had the appearance of a blond-haired, blue-eyed Caucasian female, who liked to wear a lot of blue eye shadow. Later, she was still blond, put switched back and forth from Caucasian skin tones to dark pink skin; since she did this between panels she's presumably either using technology small enough to unobtrusively carry or it may be a function of her alien physiology. Or maybe the colorist was being inconsistent, but since she's also blue sometimes and not others, let's give him the benefit of the doubt.

   After Pip takes Heater to Knowhere she mentions his money he got working with X-Factor; it's unrevealed however exactly how or when she learned of this. It's not impossible she overheard her captors mentioning it, but I can't see why they would find the need to bring it up in conversation. It's possible Pip mentioned it between panels, after he rescued her but before we rejoined the couple on Knowhere, perhaps part of him filling her in on his activities since they last saw one another. However, the impression given is that we're rejoining the pair almost immediately after they depart Blastaar's vessel, as we see Heater asking Pip why he chose to bring her to Starlin's given that it is a dive, something you'd expect her to bring up as soon as they reached the bar. So I think what is most probable is that Pip and Heater ran into one another again prior to the kidnapping, and that's both when she heard him (probably boasting/trying to impress her) bring up his current good finances, and why Blastaar chose to kidnap her as leverage. After all, if the last and only time Pip saw her was when he freed her years earlier from Pro-Boscis, she wouldn't spring to anyone's mind as an obvious good choice for a hostage to coerce him. - Loki

Profile by Snood.

Heater Delight has no known connection to:

Pleasure Cruiser


   It could provide a variety of...comforts, as well as to transport her through air or possibly even space, providing a comfortable atmosphere in spite of outside winds, etc. The Cruiser appeared to be a tesseract, having much more space on the inside than would appear from the outside.


--Warlock I#12





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