Real Name: Dr.Chan Liuchow

Identity/Class: Associate of magic-users

Occupation: Professor in chinese history at University of California, Berkeley; former student in ancient Chinese history

Affiliations: Legion of the Night, enemy of chinese communists, Fin Fang Foom, and Aan Taanu

Known Relatives: father (Chinese), mother (American)

Aliases: none

Base of Operations: Berkeley, California; formerly Taiwan/Formosa

Appearances: Strange Tales I#89(1961),
(Legion of the Night#1,2

Powers: none. Advanced knowledge of ancient Chinese history. Experience with mystical energies and beings

History: Chan was a student in Taiwan which at the time had been the last major outpost of the Chinese Nationalist government, which had been overthrown on mainland China in its Communist Revolution. Chan's father was fervidly opposed to Communism and was angered by his son's refusal to join the Chinese Nationalist Army, which he hoped would oppose the mainland government.

Chan, however, secretly had his own plan for battling the Chinese Communists, who were then planning an invasion force to conquer Taiwan. To this end, he used his knowledge of ancient Chinese history to locate and journey to the Valley of the Sleeping Dragon. Within a cave he found the slumbering form of the immense dragon Fin Fang Foom. Chan brought with him two herbs from the legends, one to awaken the dragon, and another to send it into endless sleep.

After awakening the dragon, Chan threatened to put him back to sleep. He then fled the dragon on horseback, leading it to the coast where the Communist invasion force was massed. Fin Fang Foom destroyed the invasion force in his efforts to find Chan, who then again fled the dragon, leading it back to its former crypt. He then managed to brush the other herb against the dragon's lips and send it back into a slumber it would remain in for may years to come.

In more recent times, Chan was a professor at U.C. Berkely, when he sensed activity of Fin Fang Foom. He returned to the Valley in time to see Fin Fang Foom burst free, apparently under the control of the demon Aan Taanu. Chan was summoned back to the apartment of Charles Blackwater by the entity known as Omen. There was joined by several others of similar mystic experience to form the Legion of the Night. Chan accompanied the Legion on its journey to the astral realm of Aan Taanu. Chan battled the demon's hordes alongside Katherine Reynolds and Omen while others succeeded in halting the demon's plans, banishing him, and preventing his offspring by a mortal woman from being born.

Chan decided to remain with the Legion to defend the earth against other mystic threats.

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