Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Industrial Saboteur

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Former employee of Liquigas, later sought revenge on them

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Pyron the Thermal Man

Base of Operations: New Jersey

First Appearance: Avengers I#206 (April 1981)

Powers/Abilities: Pyron possessed the ability to control flame for a variety of effects. He could control the progression of a raging inferno, preventing it from spreading in any direction but that which he desired. He could project and generate flames, the extent of which is unknown, although it was sufficient to melt the titanium steel frame of the android Jocasta. He could siphon the flame from other sources into himself. He used this power to render Johnny Storm, the second Human Torch powerless in his presence. He transformed geysers of water into steam and then pillars of fire. He may have possessed superhuman strength and durability, as he caught Captain America's shield with a single hand. He possessed vulnerability to flame retardant, as well as to energy attacks, such as Jocasta's eyebeams. Most beings were unable to get close enough to him to launch any attack

History: (Avengers I#206 (fb) ) - Pyron was originally an industrial saboteur, who frequently used explosives to destroy competitors of his employers. His life changed when he was hired by the Liquigas Company to torch a chemical complex. He planted thermite explosives on some of its chemical tanks, but found out too late that Liquigas had preset the explosives to explode prematurely, killing him as well in order to eliminate any witnesses.

(Avengers I#206) - The chemicals and the fire combined to somehow mutate the saboteur into Pyron, who then took control of the fire and directed it towards the Liquigas Company complex in order to gain revenge for their treachery. The Avengers arrived on the scene to stop him, but most proved unable to even approach him. Iron Man overloaded his cooling units and was trapped within a deep freeze state. The Vision was unable to return to normal density without risking instantaneous incineration. Captain America, the Beast, Jocasta, the Scarlet Witch, and Wonder Man donned "super-dense asbestos" fire resistant suits to confront him, but were rapidly overpowered and faced death by fire. The Wasp managed to get close enough to Pyron with another asbestos suit, then exited the suit in her tiny form, flying right next to him, and hurling a chemical foam capsule into him. The foam instantly seeped into his pores and incapacitated him, as well as conveniently snuffing the entire inferno as well. Pyron was incarcerated, and agreed to testify against his former employers at Liquigas. The Wasp was most concerned about how she would explain her heat burn to her husband Hank in December.

Comments: Created by Bill Mantlo and Gene Colan.

Pyron was a powerful foe, and he almost certainly retains some or all of his power. He certainly has reappearance potential if anyone (Kurt, Erik, Roger...) is interested.

Apparently it was only the element of surprise that allowed the Wasp to get close enough to him. It's hard to believe Wonder Man, Jocasta, or anyone else in the fire resistant suit couldn't have gotten close enough to him to hit him with the capsule. It made a nice one issue story when I eleven years old.

Clarifications: Pyron the Thermal Man is not to be confused with:

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Avengers I#206, p15 (main image)

Avengers I#206 (April, 1981) - Bill Mantlo (writer), Gene Colan (pencils), Dan Green (inks), Jim Salicrup (editor)

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