Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human athlete, Frenchman

Occupation: Chief guard for Dovecote

Affiliations: agent of Dovecote; ally of Steven Tuval; enemy of Captain America I (Steven Rogers) and Snowfall

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Dovecote...a mountaintop citadel "on the top of the world"

Appearances: Captain America I#238 (October, 1979); (239

Powers: Widowmaker was a large and powerful middle aged man, probably possessing near peak human physical abilities. He is a master of many forms of combat, especially wrestling.

History: Widowmaker's past is largely unrevealed, other than the fact that he has been trained and acted as a warrior for thirty years straight. At some point he came into the employ of the men of Dovecote.

When Captain America came to Dovecote to rescue Snowfall, Widowmaker represented the last threat to stopping him from entering the citadel. Exhausted from his mountain climb, the freezing cold, and several battles, Captain America fell victim to Widowmaker, who overpowered him, threw him to the ground, and began to smother him in the snow. Snowfall, however, cast an image over the monitor of Steven Tuval, her captor. this image made it appear that Cap and Widowmaker were shaking hands. Infuriated at this seeming betryal, Tuval screamed at Widowmaker over the speaker, which distracted him enough so that Cap could get free, punch him in the stomach, and then knock him out.










Clarifications: Widowmaker has no connection to :
the steed of Pecos Bill, @ Captain America I#383

Comments: Created by Peter Gillis.

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