Real Name: Yorgon Tykio

Identity/Class: Human, cyborg or android (see comments)

Occupation: Scientist, would-be ruler of AIM

Group Membership: AIM

Affiliations: Dr. Theron Atlanta, Clytemnestra Erwin, Mr. Sylvester, MODOK (former pawn)

Enemies: Iron Man (Tony Stark), Valdemar Tykkio

Known Relatives: Valdemar (brother)

Aliases: "Scientist Supreme"

Base of Operations: Formerly AIM Central, Boca Caliente; formerly the AIM undersea base off the coast of Los Angeles

Appearances: Iron Man I#201 (December, 1985)

Powers/Abilities: Uncertain. He didn't demonstrate superhuman abilities, but her apparently had artifical skin in his face covering something. What it was covering was never revealed, but it was not apparently strong enough to resist gunfire, or it was limited to his head.

Yorgon was a genius, and he was constantly scheming and plotting to turn the plans of AIM to serve his own needs. He also was skilled at armed and unarmed combat, capable of taking down a group of four armed guards single handedly.

History: Yorgon Tykkio is somewhat of an enigma. When first seen, he led the rescue of Dr. Theron Atlanta, the man responsible for temporarily switching the minds of Bethany Cabe and Madame Masque (or a reasonable facsimile), from Stane International after Stane's suicide during his final battle with Iron Man. He next led an an unauthorized attack by AIM Ships upon Avengers Compound, at the time the base of the West Coast Avengers in Los Angeles. Iron Man and the Avengers routed the attack, and the Scientist Supreme of AIM, Valdemar Tykkio was infuriated to learn that his own brain patterns had been verified on the order of the attacks.

After Iron Man learned of the mind transfer, he located AIM's undersea base and raided it, recapturing Dr.Atlanta. Tykkio hid from Iron Man within a control panel, although in the process, the skin in his face was shredded, revealing that it was merely an artificial covering. However, what it covered was not seen.

Yorgon next usurped his brother's plans for the recovered corpse of MODOK. MODOK had been rendered brain dead after an assassination by the Serpent Squad. AIM had recovered his body, and Valdemar had planned to use his as a simple mobile computing unit, which was his original purpose when he was created. Yorgon, however, took mental control of MODOK's form and sent it after Iron Man. After a struggle that nearly killed a room full of people at the Eastwick Convention Center, Iron Man defeated MODOK. Yorgon detonated MODOK's form to prevent Iron man from confiscating it or tracking his own involvement. Valdemar uncovered Yorgon's actions and had him temporarily imprisoned in a cell at AIM's HQ.

Valdemar used an invention of Yorgon's, the Orbiting Lens, capable of focusing the sun's rays into a giant, immensely powerful laser under their precise direction, to attack the island of Boca CalienteAn ally of Yorgon's smuggled an explosive device into his cell, which he used to escape it. Yorgon made his way to the Lens' controls and redirected it in an effort to use it against Washington, D.C. Iron Man succeeded in destroying the Lens and its satellite before it could reach its newest target, and Yorgon was reimprisoned. Nonetheless, AIM's ships were able to attack the weakened island nation of Boca Caliente, forcing its government to surrender to AIM. AIM made the island its new headquarters, also giving them diplomatic immunity with the UN.

Yorgon made an alliance with Stark's co-worker Clytemnestra Erwin. Erwinblamed Stark for the death of her brother Morley at the hands of Obadiah Stane, and allied herself with Yorgon in an effort to get revenge on Stark. With Morley's assistance, Yorgon had a squadron of AIM agents invade and destroy Tony Stark's Space Station with the Omega Bacillus. Erwin was with the AIM agents who broke Yorgon out of his holding cell on Boca Caliente. She delivered what she thought was the briefcase containing Iron Man's armor to Yorgon, but in reality contained a radio transmitter that sent their location and discussion to Iron Man. Yorgon and his men captured his brother, Valdemar, and Yorgon briefly achieved his goal of taking over as Scientist Supreme of AIM. However, Iron Man invaded Boca Caliente and closed in on them. Yorgon decided to cut his losses and flee from Iron Man, but Erwin, bosessed with vengeance, shot him in the back. She only lasted a few minutes longer, and was killed when a crippled AIM plane crashed into the office in which she was working.

Comments: Created by Denny O'Neil and Mark Bright.

What the heck was the deal with Yorgon Tykkio? He was an interesting character, who was suddenly killed with no explanation of the mystery around him. Was he some other character, a cyborg, or what? David Michilinie and Bob Layton had an exceptional run on Iron Man, but they wasted a great character for no reason. Someone find Denny and ask him what Yorgon's deal was! If he was a cyborg, or an android, possibly he could have survived the bullet to the chest. Get Denny to write a follow-up limited series!

I guess that's not going to happen. Here's the story from Ben Herman: Actually, about two years ago, I met Denny O'Neil at a comic book convention.  I brought along a copy of Iron Man #204, the issue where Yorgon Tykkio loses face (so to speak).  I showed that to O'Neil, and then asked him what Yorgon's secret was, and had been intended for the character before O'Neil decided to leave the book. O'Neil responded that it was a very long time ago, and he had absolutely no idea what he had been planning back then.  He did not remember.  And he looked at me funny for asking him such a question. Yes, that is what Denny O'Neil said!  So now we are *never* going to find out the secret of Yorgon Tykkio!  Unless, of course, Kurt "Master of Continuity" Busiek brings him back :)

MODOK was later resurrected during the "Taking Aim" story involving the Cosmic Cube @ Avengers I#387...no shame.

Actually, I don't think that Yorgon Tykkio was a cyborg or an android. In the fourth panel of page 18 of issue #204, his face was drawn without shadows obscuring it, and to me it looked more decayed or deformed flesh than robotic. Maybe his body was decaying somehow, and he wanted to transfer his mind into another body, hence his interest in Dr. Atlanta's work.
--Alexandre Juliao Machado

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