Real Name: Ghilaron

Identity/Class: Terrestrial animal mutate

Occupation: Warrior

Affiliations: Dr. Demonicus (creator); Demon Troops, Batragon, Centipoor, Lepirax (allies); Godzilla, SHIELD I (enemies)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None.

Base of Operations: Dr. Demonicus' underground volcano lair in the Aleutian Islands of Alaska (specifically the Lifestone I)

Appearances: Godzilla#4 (November, 1977), 5 (named)

Powers: Ghilaron had the form of an immense reptilian quadruped, roughly 100 feet in length. It possessed superhuman strength, commensurate with its size (@ Class 100), although it was no match for the immense strength of Godzilla. Ghilaron had superhuman durability, although its extent was not tested.

History: Following the successful creation of Batragon, Dr. Demonicus used the Lifestone to create three other monster servants: Centipoor, Ghilaron, and Lepirax. Ghilaron was created by mutating a Gila monster.

After Godzilla slew Batragon, and SHIELD assaulted his base, Dr. Demonicus released his next three creations from the energy cage containing them with the volcano lair. Ghilaron, along with Centipoor, confronted Godzilla, each grabbing one of his arms. After Godzilla killed Centipoor, he focused his attention on Ghilaron, overpowering him and choking him into submission.

Comments: Created by Doug Moench and Tom Sutton.

Clarifications: I don't know if the Lifestone used by Demonicus has any connection to the Lifestone (II) described in Thunderbolts#46.

It was not made clear that Ghilaron was actually killed, so it could still be hanging out, absorbing more power from the Lifestone, and becoming a powerful threat to be used by anyone who knows where to find him (or her).

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