Real Name: Batragon

Identity/Class: Terrestrial animal mutate (deceased)

Occupation: Warrior, weapon of Dr. Demonicus

Affiliations: Dr. Demonicus (creator); Demon Troops, Centipoor, Ghilaron, and Lepirax (allies)

Enemies: Godzilla

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Bat-Dragon Freak (affectionate nickname from the Demon Soldiers)

Base of Operations: Dr. Demonicus' underground volcano lair in the Aleutian Islands of Alaska (specifically on the Lifestone within the volcano mound)

Appearances: Godzilla#4 (November, 1977)

Powers: Batragon was an immense creature, dwarfing even an oil tanker.  Its size granted it vast strength (@ Class 100, enabling it to lift/press in excess of 100 tons) and durability.  It could fly and had sharp talons capable of rending through several inches of thick steel.  It could heal its injuries by exposure to the Lifestone, but it also would die if it remained distant from the stone for any significant length of time.

History: (Godzilla#4, 5 [fb]) - Batragon was the first creation of Dr. Demonicus, transformed from a regular bat by the energy of his Lifestone.  Quickly learning that his creations could not survive without the Lifestone, Demonicus sought to forge an immense arc from the Lifestone, on which he and his creations could travel and takeover the Earth.  In order to power the machinery necessary to forge the ark, Demonicus required large amounts of oil.  In turn, Demonicus sent Batragon to disable an oil tanker so that his Demon Soldiers could then collects its precious fossil fuel cargo.  However, this attack drew the attention of Godzilla, who was swimming under the ocean waters in that vicinity.  Godzilla attacked Batragon, burning it and nearly dragging it underwater before it escaped his grip.

Batragon fled back to Demonicus' base, with Godzilla trailing behind.  Batragon's wounds were healed by the Lifestone, but when Godzilla approached it, it broke free from its pen and attacked him.  Batragon succeeded in knocking Godzilla off the volcano, but was then quickly overpowered and slain by him.



Comments: Created by Doug Moench and Tom Sutton.

Batragon was somewhat savage and difficult to control.  It shredded an oil tanker it was sent to disable, causing half of the oil to be lost on the ocean surface.  It also was a pawn of its own fighting instincts and lack of intelligence.  It didn't have the sense to stay away from Godzilla even after its quick beating from their first fight.

It's unknown if the Lifestone used by Demonicus has any connection to the Lifestone described in Thunderbolts#46.

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