Lexington Loopner

Real Name: Lexington Loopner

Identity/Class: Civilian, Executive

Occupation: CEO of Psuedonix INC

Affiliations: Allies: Sharyn (executive assistant and former romantic interest), Nosferata (client), She-Hulk

Enemies: Pseudo-Man

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Mister L

Base of Operations: 4 East 68th Street, Manhatan, New York City; also spends time in Washington, D.C.

Appearances: Sensational She-Hulk#8 (December, 1989); (11(fb), 8, 10, 11, 19

Powers: None. Pseudonix offers a wide range of virtual reality-type technology, known as Pseudonic Images, to drown the public in symbols of its clients. This imaging can be used to blanket an entire city, creating realistic holograms, which can actually fool most people into believing they are real and physically interacting with them.

History: (She-Hulk#11(fb))-Loopner established himself and his corporation Pseudonix, as a media advisor, and is extremely wealthy. One of his former clients, Clark Finark, lost an election when it was discovered that his parents, hippies most likely on acid, had claimed he was an extra-terrestrial on his birth certificate. Finark's opposition exploited this, and Finark lost the election. Finark blamed Loopner and stole a helmet from Pseudonix to become Pseudo-Man. (Shulk#8, 10, 11)-Looper sought the aid of the She-Hulk to defend him from Pseudo-Man, who was unleashing his powers against he and Pseudoniz. Loopner offered She-Hulk his services free of charge, to make her a wealthy woman, if she would stop Pseudo-Man. She-Hulk did stop Pseudo-Man, but declined Loopner's services.

(Shulk#19)-Loopner and Pseudonix were hired to publicize the name of the vigilante, Nosferata. Loopner hired the She-Hulk, in her role of attorney Jennifer Walters to act as his representative in a meeting with the law offices of Dewey, Cheatham, and Howe.

Comments: Created by John Byrne, fleshed out by Steve Gerber and Brian Hitch. Byrne left the title after featuring Loopner in a brief cameo in which he was seeking the She-Hulk.

Clarifications: Loopner is an obvious loose parody of/homage to Lex Luthor of DC (whom I believe Byrne was writing in the pages of Superman at the same time as his first appearance).











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