Real Name: Krollar

Identity/Class: Extra-terrestrial (unknown race) giant monster

Occupation: Warrior

Affiliations: Mega Monsters (Rhiahn, Triax); agent of Megans; enemy of Godzilla and Red Ronin

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile throughout Milly Way Galaxy

Appearances: Godzilla#12 (July, 1978); (13, 14

Powers: Krollar was an immense creature, on par with the size of Godzilla, and possessed the strength to be expect for its size (Class 100). It was covered with a thick carapace to protect it from attacks. It possessed numerous legs and could burrow and travel through the earth in a rapid fashion. It could chew through solid rock, and could also forcibly expel what it had consumed to act as a consussive attack. It possessed a retractable horn, which it could use either as a weapon, or to root itself into the ground if something was attempting to pull it out. It could also fly, although its top speed and duration are not known. It's powers were further enhanced, to an uncertain degree by the Energex ray of the Megans.

History: Like the other Mega-Monsters, Krollar was taken from its native planet and forced into serving as a warrior against the Beta-Beasts, agents of the Betans. Nothing is known about Krollar prior to its arrival on Earth, where it was sent by the Warlords of Mega, in a plan to conquer Earth to use for resources in the war against the Betans. The intial plan was to have the Mega Monsters wipe out the most powerful threats against takeover. Another Mega Monster, Triax, was sent to battle Red Ronin, but when the Betans sent Godzilla to assist Ronin, the Megans sent Krollar, and the other Mega Monster, Rhiahn against them as well.

After a somewhat even battle, Red Ronin was incapacitated by Rhiahn, and the Megans further enhanced the powers of the Mega Monsters via their Energex Ray. Krollar proved to be a physical match for Godzilla, but ultimately he fell victim to Godzilla's radioactive fire, and its life signs faded from the Megans' computers.

Comments: Created by Doug Moench and Herb Trimpe

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