Classification: Extra-terrestrial self-sufficient city, located in the 18D-X-M quadrant

Creator: I the Great, its backers

Residents: I the Great (controller), C2DT42 (deputy process server), Zeaklar Flatius Belgewater (Tent City)

Features: Central Battery, Sensory Stimulation Network, Tent City (an immense shanty town)

First Appearance: Silver Surfer III#40 (August, 1990)

Nature: Dynamo City is the ultimate bureaucracy. It is run by I the Great, a being which is blind, deaf, and mute. It is an Omni-Energy Absorbing Complex, and runs by draining the power of its inhabitants. All forms of energy are collected and stored in a central battery. It is set up so the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

History: Dynamo City was created an unknown period of time ago. The entity known as I the Great is reputed to be its founder. More likely, one or several beings actually discovered I and what it could do and drafted it into their service. Using I's ability to coordinate a virtually limitless number of activities, energies, etc., they built the immense bureaucracy known as Dynamo City. Thanos is known to have encountered Dynamo City at some point in the past.

Dynamo City was first encountered when Thanos sought to gather the Infinity Gems to from the Infinity Gauntlet. He realized the Silver Surfer would interfere with these plans, so he set up the means to keep him occupied until he successfully completed his mission. Thanos managed to set himself up with citizenship in Dynamo City, and then faked his own death at the hands of the Surfer. This led Dynamo City's law enforcement division to form a Board of Inquiry to investigate these events. A droid, C2DT42, located the Silver Surfer in his space travels to request the Surfer's presence before the board. The Surfer refused to attend, until he learned that the Board also had Thanos' last will and testament. C2DT42 opened an inter-dimensional corridor to the city. Upon entering, the Surfer found himself powerless, his power cosmic drained by the City, and he was beaten into submission and hauled before the court. The Surfer's mind was probed and he was found innocent, since the death was accidental. However, since he did not have the funds to pay the exit tax, he was forced to stay in the city until he could make enough money to pay it.

The Surfer attempted to get a job, but as his heralding skills were not need, and his previous career in science had taught him nothing about the technology of Dynamo City, he was sent into manual labor. However, without the power cosmic to regulate it, the Surfer was unable to work out in the hot sun, which threatened to boil him within his silver skin. As a result, he was labeled as a vagrant and sent to Tent City. There he befriended Zeaklar, and learned of the Sensory Stimulation Network. The Surfer agreed to let the Network broadcast his memories over the airwaves in exchange for payment. However, it was all a scam, and after everyone had taken their cut, the Surfer was given only half of what he needed to escape Dynamo City. Enraged, he attempted to attack the host of the show, but was beaten into submission by security drones and cast out on the streets. When he awoke, even the two credits he had earned were gone.

The Surfer concocted a plan to sign up for a show on the Network, and use the energy of the Network to force his way in to see the Great I, hoping to plead the injustice of his case to him. The Surfer succeeded in making his way into I's chamber, exhausting the last of his stolen energy, but found out that I was just a pawn of the rich bureaucrats. He received another beating from the guards.


After another kangaroo court trial (in which his own defense attorney-bot was deactivated), the Surfer was condemned to death, as was Zeaklar, who attempted to fight the guards. However, the preferred method of termination was teleportation into space, which allowed the Surfer to regain his power. However, Zeaklar, who the Surfer quickly saved from asphyxiation and freezing, convinced him that if he attempted to take down Dynamo City, thousands of innocents would likely be killed in the battle against the city's defenses. The Surfer dropped Zeaklar off at the planet Pyrofax and vowed to return to take down Dynamo City someday.

Comments: Created by Jim Starlin and Ron Lim.

This was a somewhat light-hearted adventure, the calm before the storm, preceding the Infinity Gauntlet storyline.

I would really, really enjoy seeing Starlin and Lim write a story detailing Thanos' initial encounter with Dynamo City.





Other appearances:
Silver Surfer III#41-43 (September-November, 1990)

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