Real Name: Zeaklar Flatius Belgewater

Identity/Class: Extra-terrestrial (race uncertain, possible native of Pyrofax)

Occupation: Currently unknown; Former handyman

Affiliations: Ally of Silver Surfer; enemy of Bureaucrats of Dynamo City; former member of the vagrants of Tent Town

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Pyrofax; formerly Tent Town, Dynamo City

Appearances: Silver Surfer III#41 (September, 1990); (42, 43

Powers: None. Zeaklar was always willing to help his fellow vagrants, and was smart enough to figure out how to escape from Dynamo City, with assistance from the Silver Surfer.

History: Little is known about the past life of Zeaklar. He was born into poverty and hard times. Somehow, he ended up in Dynamo City, the immense interstellar bureaucracy. Lacking any valuable skills, he quickly ended up in the shanty town, Tent Town. There he eked out a meager existence for three years.

The Silver Surfer, as part of a plot to distract him by Thanos, ended up trapped in Dynamo City, where he too, lacking utilizable skills, ended up in Tent Town. Zeaklar gave the Silver Surfer ideas on how to escape Dynamo City, including selling his dreams to the Sensory Stimulation Network, and then to generate a lightshow for the SSN, in an effort to access the energy to confront I the Great, the ultimate bureaucrat, who directed Dynamo City. Unfortunately, both of these efforts failed, and the Silver Surfer was sentenced for termination.

Zeaklar, recognizing that termination meant ejection into space, realized that the Surfer would regain his powers once in space. He then assaulted one of the guards, in hopes that he would be ejected alongside the Surfer. Things worked out, and despite nearly asphyxiating and/or freezing to death in space before the Surfer realized what was happening, he too gained his freedom. Zeaklar dissuaded the Surfer from taking Dynamo City down, making him realize that the thousands of innocents would likely be killed in the process. Realizing Zeaklar was right, the Surfer and he said his good-byes, and the Surfer dropped him off on Pyrofax, at Zeaklar's request.

Comments: Created by Jim Starlin and Ron Lim.

The Surfer commented that Zeaklar had been trapped in Dynamo City for ten years, while Zeaklar related three years. Zeaklar may have been referring only to his time in Tent Town. If so, his previous activities are unknown.

Zeaklar was an interesting little guy, for some reason. Maybe Kurt and Erik will follow up on him in the Defenders. The Surfer really should make an effort to bring Dynamo City down.

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