Real Name: Pastor Wildmoon (first name unrevealed)

Identity/Class: Enhanced human, deceased

Occupation: Pastor

Affiliations: Unwitting host to a native of the Baloneyverse, formerly led/oppressed the town of Mount Pressure under the religion Organism

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: First Church of the Magnetic Anomaly, Mount Pressure, Vermont

Appearances: Sensational She-Hulk#13(March 1990) (13(fb), 13(dies)

Powers: Pastor Wildmoon drew power from the extra-dimensional entity with which he had an unwitting symbionic relationship. He could generate the Pressure, a severe an immobilizing headache, which he did within anyone who violated the laws of Organism. He usually followed up with the Holy Quash, which meant the summoning of a large rock to fall from above and crush the victim, usually to death.

History: Pastor Wildmoon was originally a conventional clergyman in the town of Mount Pookie. He was disgusted by violence and impurity which he felt were seducing the nation into an improper lifestyle. He spoke out against and organized boycotts of publishers and television sponsors, but was unsuccessful due to first amendment rights, among other things. This all changed when the anomaly fell from the sky, blinding Wildmoon with the blinding light of truth, and imbuing him with power.

Having the power to enforce his beliefs, he founded the religion of Organism, which prohibited the improper use of all organism of perception and promulgation. Any who broke the rules, via improper speech, actions, etc. became victims of the Pressure and possibly the Holy Quash. In short time, Wildmoon has the entire town converted to Organism, even changing the name of the town from the suggestive Mount Pookie to the more appropriate Mount Pressure.

What Wildmoon failed to realize, was that the power did not come from the heavens, but from an extra-dimensional explorer. The anomaly was, in fact, a compaction receptacle, the first of many to arrive on earth, summoned by the mundane mystic Dr.Angst I. This receptacle contained the failed pocket universe known as the Baloneyverse. One of the natives, an explorer, had adapted to survive on both the warm cuts of his realm and psychic energy. This explorer had taken residence within the form of Wildmoon, and was slowly increasing in power with each of Wildmoon's Pressure or Quash.

The She-Hulk and Louise Mason became temporarily stranded in Mount Pressure when they flew over it the anomaly shorted out the power on her flying car. They quickly learned of the oppression of the town and confronted Wildmoon in his Church. He told them his origins, and when they mocked him, he subjected them to the Pressure. However, this energy increased the power of the entity within him, such that it burst forth from his form, ripping him to shreds. The explorer then summoned the Holy Quash (actually 6-8 of them) against She-Hulk. However, having overcome the Pressure, she was free to move, and stayed by his side, so that the Quashes landed on both of them. She-Hulk, being quite durable, survived the Quash. The explorer did not.

Note: Created by Steve Gerber.

This story served as a prelude to the Cosmic Squish Principle, involving Dr.Angst. I'm don't think any other members of the Baloneyverse possess the mental powers of the explorer that inhabited Wildmoon. The rest of them just like to run around and eat warm meats, such as the sausages floating around in their realm, or any living being that enters it.

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