Real Name: Val-or

Identity/Class: Moloid subterranean mutate

Occupation: Defender of Moloids

Affiliations: Moloid Subterraneans

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "the orange one"

Base of Operations: Subterranea

Appearances: X-Factor Annual#3

Powers: Val-or possesses several mental powers. He is a telepath, enabling him to read minds, communicate mentally, and even command those of low intellect or mental power. He is also a projecting empath, able to project his own of the emotions of others into other beings. He could use this power to draw on the hatred of an attacker to rally his allies into a fighting fury. His powers will presumably develop over time.

He also possesses human-level intelligence. This is beyond the normal for the Moloids, which possess intellects roughly on the level of a domestic dog.

History: Val-or is a member of the Moloid race, a subdivision of the subterranean races created milennia ago when the Deviants ruled Subterranea. Val-or is a mutant, possessing powers beyond the normal for his race. He was born into a totally non-speaking community, but developed the ability to read thoughts and command the minds of others. As neither he nor the rest of the Moloids had clear needs of wants, it was initially difficult to separate himself and his needs from theirs.

His differences and abilities became apparent during the events known as the Evolutionary War. The High Evolutionary sent his Gatherers and Purifiers to sterilize the Moloids, perceiving them as an evolutionary dead-end. Val-or felt the anger and hatred of his attackers, as well as his own people's fear and rage at their attack. He unconsciously used his power to combine and amplify the ambient emotions to drive his people into a frenzy to fight off their attackers. Although he was identified and overpowered, the mutant group known as X-Factor I assisted the Moloids, and succeeded in driving off the Gatherers and Purifiers. Impressed with the development of one such as Val-or, the High Evolutionary terminated his order to sterilize the Moloids.

His encounters with X-Factor enabled Val-or to understand conscious thought processes and to form ones of his own. Hank McCoy, the Beast, offered to train Val-or, but he elected to stay with his people, using his power to help them.

Clarifications: Val-or is not to be confused with:

Val-Larr, champion of Luminia dimension, @ Iron Man I#26

Comments: Created by Louise Simonson and Terry Shoemaker.

The Evolutionary War was, I believe, the first of a series of Annuals that ran summer-long plots.

Whatever became of little Val-or? Was he killed during the Subterranean War? Nobody knows.













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