Real Name: Spindrifter's Bane

Identity/Class: Extra-dimensional (Cloudsea) magical creation

Occupation: Antagonist

Affiliations: Creation/Agent of Kurudred the Blood Drinker;
    possibly the "
Cockroach Conspiracy"

Enemies: Spindrifter and Spider-Man;

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Thunder Cockroach (english translation of the name given to it by Spindrifter); Spindrifter's Bane

Base of Operations: Cloudsea Dimension

First Appearance: Marvel Graphic Novel#22: Spider-Man: Hooky (1986)


Powers: The Tordenkakerlakk was powered by a spell that enabled it to increase in power after each defeat. It could do this without apparent limits. It could only be destroyed if Spindrifter tapped into her full potential for power and broke the spell of Eternal Youth previous placed upon her. For whatever reason, it did seem to be unable to destroy Spider-Man's webbing.












History: Over two centuries ago, the extra-dimensional sorcerer Kurudred and his brother Gorath Tenclaws were condemned to death by the band of sorcerers known as the League of Three Threes. The League was uncertain how to handle Kurudred's twelve year old daughter, Marandi. They feared that she would grow up in the family tradition, but were not comfortable in killing a little girl. Kurudred, realizing that League would eventually kill her unless they were sure she would not grow up evil, used the last of his power to cast a spell of Marandi, preventing her from growing older.

















After 207 years of adventures, Marandi returned to the Cloudsea dimension. Shortly thereafter, she began to be plagued by the Tordenkakerlakk, a giant insect which she named, translated as "Thunder Cockroach." Initially, Marandi was able to repel this creature, but it would always return, somewhat larger and more powerful. Marandi began to fear that the Tordenkakerlakk was the Spindrifter's Bane, and that it would eventually kill her.










Marandi traveled to Earth and recruited Spider-Man, whom she knew as a young boy, to assist her. She brought Spider-Man to the Cloudsea dimension, where she explained her plight, believing that the creature was a creation of Elmak, another sorcerer who had been killed by Kurudred: a curse on his murderer's family. Spider-Man managed to defeat the Tordenkakerlakk, but it would reform, more powerful than before every time he stopped it.










Spider-Man eventually realized that only Marandi would be able to stop the Tordenkakerlakk, and he feigned injury to force her to confront it. With his encouragement, she did summon the will to muster sufficient magical power to cause it to dissipate. Spider-Man explained to her that he had figured that Kurudred himself had actually created the Tordenkakerlakk to act as a catalyst to force her to overcome his spell of eternal youth when it would be safe for her to grow up. This had occurred with the recent death of the last member of the League of Three Threes. With the spell broken, she would finally begin to become an adult.













Comments: Created by Susan K. Putney and Bernie Wrightson.

You should definitely find and read this story: It's excellent

The Perilous Painter could perhaps access and tap into the magical energy of the Tordenkakerlakk, recreating and controlling it on earth as a powerful weapon for the Cockroach Conspiracy.







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