Real Name: Randolph Dering

Identity/Class: Human, genetic disorders

Occupation: Forager

Affiliations: Dracula Hunters (Frank Drake, Taj Nital, Rachel van Helsing)

Enemies: None

Known Relatives: Edwin, Lord Dering and Mary, Lady Dering

Aliases: Young Dering, Monster of the Moors

Base of Operations: the Moors outside an unnamed village in England

Appearances: Tomb of Dracula I#6 (1972)

Powers: Randolph does not appear to possess superhuman powers, although he does have above normal strength (athlete to peak human). He is covered by thick hair from head to toe, except on his face (a result of the condition Naevus Pilosis). He suffers from Rachitis, which causes several deformities, including kyphosis ("hunchback"). He is unable (or untrained) to speak. He does appear to be of normal or near normal intelligence, and is peaceful in nature.

History: Randolph suffers from genetic disorders which occur every few centuries via recessive genes in the Dering family line. These conditions make him appear as a shaggy, deformed monster. Ashamed of him, his parents hid him in the ruined chapel in the moors behind their mansion. They sent a girl to feed him each day. Randolph grew to adulthood in secrecy, inspiring legends and fear in the locals, despite his gentle nature.

In recent years, the vampire lord Dracula came to the village, fleeing from the Vampire Hunters. Dracula slew the girl who fed Randolph, resulting in him being blamed for her death. Randolph found her body and brought it to the chapel to hide her. Lenore, another vampire allied with Dracula, slew a young villager. When the Vampire Hunters investigated the deaths, they learned of the existence of Randolph, and agreed that the murders were unlikely to have been caused by him, but more likely by Dracula or another vampire.

The Vampire Hunters tracked Dracula to Hagscroft Castle, in the moors, but he ambushed them and trapped them inside an oubliette (a dungeon with an opening only at the top), covered by a metal disc too heavy for any of them to lift. Dracula intended for Frank Drake and Rachel van Helsing to starve to death in the pit. While trapped in the pit, the two revealed their love for each other. Shortly thereafter, Randolph pulled the lid off pit, and dropped down a rope freeing him. Randolph appreciated the fact that they treated him like a man rather than an animal.

Comments: Created by Gardner F. Fox and Gene Colan.

Rachitis actually is just another name for Ricketts, a nutritional disorder, caused by Vitamin D deficiency, and does cause distortion or twisting of bones. This is not a genetic disorder. Nor does it really make any difference in the story at all whether it's genetic or nutrional.

Naevus Pilosis? Couldn't tell you.

Clarifications: He is not to be confused with:

Tomb of Dracula I#6 (January, 1973) - Gardner F. Fox (writer), Gene Colan (pencils), Tom Palmer (inks), Roy Thomas (editor)

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