Real Name: possibly Synthia Naip (or it could be one of those unpronounceable by the human tongue types of names)

Identity/Class: Extra-terrestrial, race unknown

Occupation: Unrevealed

Affiliations: Ally of Beast, enemy of the Dark Ones

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: The known universe, temporarily Manhattan, New York City

Appearances: X-Factor: Prisoner of Love (1990); (Silver Surfer III Annual#4/2

Powers: Synthia is able to take on the form a beautiful human woman, and possibly other forms as well. She can siphon energy from others to increase her own strength, and can return that energy after using it to recharge herself. She can stimulate mental and/or physical attraction in others. She possesses certain telepathic powers and can alter the perceptions of others. Synthia encountered the Beast for what seemed to be several days, but afterwards he realized that no noticeable time had elapsed.

Synthia also apparently possesses certain energy manipulative powers which can be used for offensive and/or defensive purposes, but these are undefined.

History: Synthia is a member of an extra-terrestrial race of crystalline beings. According to her, these beings once filled the cosmos with a seemingly infinite number. However, another race, known only as the Dark Ones, who hate and fear the light and pleasure of the crystalline beings, sought to annihilate them. The crystalline beings were slaughtered, leaving relatively few surviving, who fled the Dark Ones.

Synthia came to Earth, where she siphoned the energies of others to replenish her, initially stealing energy only from those who would side with the Dark Ones. She then encountered Henry McCoy, the mutant known as the Beast, and learned of the existence of mutants, who are otherwise undetectable by her race and the Dark Ones. She seduced him to fall in love with her and convinced him to aid her. When the Dark One attacked, McCoy's surprise assault on it turned the tide of the fight, allowing Synthia to destroy it. In gratitude, she released him from her entrancement, and returned all the energy she had siphoned.

Synthia, or another member of her race (also going by the name of Synthia), was later encountered in space by the Eternal of Titan known as Eros. Eros was awed by her beauty and sought to court her, but she finally convinced him to leave her own by revealing her true crystalline form.

Comments: Created by Jim Starlin.

Clarifications: Synthia has no known connection to:
Synthia 2099, the powerful corporation, @ Ravage 2099#9, 11.

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