Real Name: Duke Mannery

Identity/Class: human, magic-user

Occupation: mayor of Malevolence, Maine

Affiliations: leader of Malevolence sect of Demon-Fire, specifically Sister Saint; employer of Monte Harris

Enemies: Brock Killbride, Morbius, Amanda Saint

Known Relatives: none

Aliases: none

Base of Operations: Lighthouse in Malevolence, Maine

First Appearance: Vampire Tales#4 (1974)

Powers: Mannery used his staff to transform into the form of Blood-Tide. While in that form, he was composed of a seaweed-like material with a big conch shell for a head. He could teleport and was able to mesmerize others. His only vulnerability in the form of Blood-Tide was to his own staff.

History: Duke Mannery was a popular mayor in Malevolence, Maine for an undisclosed length of time. At some point, he was seduced into the cult Demon-Fire by promises of immortality. He ascended in power within the cult, becoming leader of the sect in Malevolence.

(VampTales#4, 5) - Amanda Saint, along with the living vampire Morbius, came to Malevolence, searching for her mother, whom she knew was involved with a demonic cult. Blood-Tide send Amanda's mother, cult member Sister Saint, to slay Amanda and Morbius. When that failed, he sent a mob of cult members after them. He eventually confronted Morbius himself, overpowered him, and was prepared to slay him when local man, Brock Kilbride, knocked his staff from his hands.

Blood-Tide regained his staff and fled back to his Lighthouse to regroup. However, Morbius, Amanda, Kilbride, and his girlfriend Arlene Randolph tracked him to the Lighthouse and confronted him again. Morbius deduced his dependence on his staff, tore it from him, and skewered him with it. Blood-Tide returned to his human form, shocking Kilbride, who was a fervent supporter of Mannery. Kilbride criticized Mannery, who pulled out a gun and shot him, before dying himself.

Comments: Created by Don McGregor and Rich Buckler.

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