Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Extra-temporal (Earth-Killraven) human mutate

Occupation: Freedom Fighter

Affiliations: Allies: Killraven and his Freemen (Carmilla Frost, Hawk, M'Shulla Scott, Old Skull), Adam and Eve 3, 031

Enemies: The Martian Masters and their agents: Atalon, Crucible Guardians, Death Breeders, the Keepers, Sacrificer

Known Relatives: Meloney/Melonie(sister, aka Eve)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Lake Michigan, USA; formerly the Death-Birth Facility, Chicago, Illinois (both in the alternate future timeline of Earth-Killraven, @ 2019 AD)

Appearances: Amazing Adventures II#27 (November, 1974); (28(fb), 27, 28, 29, 31

Powers: Volcana could generate and project heat and flames, in temperatures in the range of several thousand degrees Fahrenheit. She used a weapon which fired miniature spears, which she would often set afire before launching. She is excellent physical condition and experienced in some forms of combat.

History: The woman who would become Volcana Ash was born in an alternate timeline (Earth-Killraven), in which the Martian Masters invaded and took over Earth @ 2001 AD.

(AmzAdv28(fb))-The invading Martian Masters destroyed her home when she was a young girl. The fate of her parents is unknown, but she and her sister Melonie were taken to the Death-Birth facility, which was where human infants were bred for the purpose of consumption by the Martian Masters. Melonie became an Eve, the name for all women used in the breeding program. Volcana, however, became a subject of experimentation, and she was bombarded with ultra-violet (and perhaps other types of radiation) rays, which triggered a change in her. Using her newfound powers, she escaped the facility. After her escape, she was stalked by the Death Breeders who sought to re-capture her.

(27-29, 31)-Volcana encountered Killraven and his band of Freemen when they approached the Death-Birth Facility. She joined with them in raiding and destroying the facility. She located her sister in the process, but Melonie's memories of the past had been wiped out by the Masters, and she failed to recognize Volcana. Volcana stayed with the group for a short time, while they fled the facility to protect Adam and Eve 3, 031, whom they had saved from the facility. Volcana helped to defeat Atalon, the Crucible Guardians, the Death-Breeders, and the Sacrificer who pursued them. When Eve delivered her baby, Volcana left Killraven and his band behind to journey beside Adam and Eve, in hopes that she would again locate her lost sister. She parted from Killraven with a kiss that insured he would not soon forget her.



Comments: Created by Don McGregor and Craig Russell.

Volcana constantly flirted with Killraven, and she helped him to briefly remember that there's more to life than war.

There's supposed be a new Killraven series...I'd love to see Volcana in it (and I bet Killraven would as well).






Volcana Ash should not be confused with:
Volcana, Marsha Rosenberg, the on-again-off-again girlfriend of the Molecule Man, @ Secret Wars I#3
In addition, she is not known to have any relation to:
Brandy Ash, daughter of Skip, who fought against him alongside Daredevil, @ Daredevil I#271
Skip Ash, father of Brandy, owner of Factory Farm, which created Number Nine, @ Daredevil I#267

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